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  1. An alarm clock which will go off at 9:01 .... Or one minute past the hour you set the hour hand to. This is just one of the many neat things possible with PTE and modifiers. In case anyone wants this as a style - it's posted below: Minor upgrade - you may move hour hand to any position so alarm will sound at one minute visually past whatever hour you have it set on.... Just click on "hour hand" in Objects and Animations after applying style, then rotate the hour hand as desired. Click on "Frame One" and move, size and position alarm clock on image as needed. AlarmClockOneMinute - Ver 9.ptestyle
  2. Lin Evans

    One Of The Neat Things Possible With PTE 9

    Hi JMG, Sorry - I missed this question - here is the style for the clock with all hands which can be moved to set time: Best regards, Lin Alarm Clock - For Version 9 - One Minute.ptestyle
  3. O.K., I'm about done with easel styles. Two basic type - conventional which is about a 4x3 aspect ratio and wide angle which is 16x9 aspect ratio. This little show demonstrates both. The easels can be moved, sized, twisted, leaned, and tilted with the controlling frame. The wide angle is designed for 16:9 but can be used with any aspect ratio as can the conventional one by adjusting the size and placement of the background image and/or the painted on easel image. Best regards, Lin Easel Paint 3.ptestyle
  4. Lin Evans

    Blocks set' style

    Bravo Jean-Cyprien !!!! Another masterpiece! Best wishes and Merry Christmas! Lin & Ruby pup...
  5. This style features an easel with a 16:9 aspect ratio canvas. Select Two or any even number of 16:9 aspect ratio images. Apply Style. Original style runs two minutes and 35 seconds. Sample is accelerated by 200% and runs 82 seconds (one minute 22 seconds). Do NOT change speed in the style to change overall speed. This style is done with video masking so to shorten the run time, go to Objects and Animations and the Properties Tab - Select the video (paintwithbrush 2) and then press Time Range Button and change speed up to 200%. Then in Objects and Animations press Slide Options button and change Slide Duration to 82 seconds for the 200% speed paint. Lin Easel Paint 3.ptestyle
  6. Just a Fun Little Project... Lin High Res PC Zipped EXE http://www.lin-evans.org/pte/easelpaintdemoPC.zip High Res Mac Exe http://www.lin-evans.org/pte/easelpaintdemomac.zip Select Two Images. The first image will be the background and the second image will be painted on the easel. If you want the same image for the background and in the painted image, use the same image twice. Adjust the position and size of the easel assembly with the controlling frame. If there is any part of the white canvas still showing after the painting is done, adjust the size and/or position of the image under the bottom mask... In Easel Paint 2 - I cleaned up the PNG tripod to eliminate the slight white "ghost" around the legs... Otherwise same. Easel Paint.ptestyle Easel Paint 2.ptestyle
  7. Lin Evans

    Paint It - A Style To Be Developed Further

    Thanks Pascal - yes the dynamic filter definitely offers perfect synchronization of animation where with video masks that is a situation which is problematic.... Best regards, Lin
  8. Hi Folks, This is a style which I think offers some promise for further development. It's not difficult to do and if anyone wants to know how to do it, just respond and I'll explain in detail. This is a rough concept and it can be much improved if someone wants to take the time. PTE has some great features which lend themselves to things we have yet to explore in greater detail... So here's the style. Just load one or more 16:9 aspect images and apply. Best regards, Lin Paint It.ptestyle Paint It White Canvas.ptestyle
  9. Lin Evans

    Little Project For Tonight

    Hi Manuel, Cool !!! That works !!! Lin
  10. Lin Evans


    Jacques, Jacques Pourriez-vous poser votre question sur le forum français (lien ci-dessous) car il y a très peu de francophones ici et je dois utiliser Google Transate pour traduire. Il y a des questions auxquelles il faut répondre et beaucoup d'utilisateurs français expérimentés. Je pense que l’un d’eux pourrait trouver la cause de votre problème plus rapidement. On dirait que PicturesToExe a installé les styles, mais pour une raison quelconque, vous ne les voyez pas. Voici le lien vers le forum Diapositif où vous pouvez vous connecter et poser votre question pour peut-être une réponse plus rapide. Lin http://www.diapositif.net/forum/index.php
  11. Lin Evans

    Little Project For Tonight

    Wideange, Manuel, Danna, Thanks - it's a fun project which I think may offer other possibilities. We haven't yet really explored much in the way of video masking so this is a start. Because of the difficulty in synchronizing png objects with the video speed and because different computer resources make it difficult to know just what's happening on other systems, there are some problems using speed changes in a style which has a png object trying to track the video movement of the native cursor in the software used to create the video mask. I'm still thinking on this - it's a work in progress. I turned off the normal cursor in Photoshop to only the small + which is about invisible on the easel style. On the earlier two styles I'm tracking the motion of the cursor manually with the "hand png" and it's rather a nightmare. One of our French users changed the speed and immediately noticed that the synchronization between the hand and the cursor were lost. I've tried adjusting the video speed as well as changing the display time and/or moving the keyframes in concert, but I think it's a lost cause. Better for now to not change the speed in the style I think. Best regards, Lin
  12. Lin Evans

    Little Project For Tonight

    Hi Manuel, Actually the canvas on the easel already has canvas texture. If you increase the size of the easel with the controlling frame you can see it easily. When the easel is smaller, the canvas is also smaller so the texture is more difficult to see. Best regards, Lin
  13. Lin Evans

    Paint It - A Style To Be Developed Further

    Bonjour Petitsaxo, Oui, avec ces styles de caractères où une combinaison de masquage vidéo est utilisée avec les images clés, si la vitesse est modifiée, les images clés ne seront pas correctement synchronisées pour ce qu'elles contrôlent avec le masque. Il est peut-être possible d'ajuster les images clés en fonction de la quantité exacte d'augmentation ou de diminution du changement d'heure, mais il peut être difficile d'être exact. J'ai remarqué la même chose et suggère de ne pas changer la vitesse dans le style. Meilleures salutations, Lin Hi Petitsaxo, Yes, with these type styles where there is a combination of video masking used with keyframes, if the speed is changed, the keyframes will not have proper synchronization for what they control with the mask. It might be possible to adjust the keyframes by the exact amount of increase or decrease of the time change, but it may be difficult to be exact. I've noticed the same thing and suggest not changing the speed within the style. Best regards, Lin
  14. Lin Evans

    séquence with PTE

    Thanks Maurice - great to see you back and to hear of all the new shows !!! Looks GREAT! Best regards, Lin
  15. Lin Evans

    Little Project For Tonight

    High Resolution Video Sample Created With Style... Lin https://youtu.be/Px-vzyxfITo
  16. Lin Evans

    Paint It - A Style To Be Developed Further

    Hi Tom, Possibly, but the type mask I'm creating is to "reveal" rather than "create." I think it might be possible to create effects that could be used in PTE using other software such as Photoshop, but I'll have to ponder for a while whether it would be efficaciously possible with PTE - at least at the present time - to act as an instrument of creation for that type animation. In a future version Igor has agreed to allow PTE to export a screen as a jpg and if that could be expanded to export a PNG complete with layers, then it opens all kinds of doors such as one thing which I would LOVE to see and that is the ability to "combine" styles. Right now if a style is applied to the result of a style, the original result is cancelled. So if I were to say create a style which created a sepia image from a color image, then applied a border and burred background to that product, the result would be a color image with a border and blurred background. By allowing PTE to export a screen to a jpg, which would convert the original sepia to a jpg rather than a manipulated in PTE sepia, the sepia with blurred background and border would be created. Carrying this further, remember that in PTE 8, we could export text as a PNG preserving two layers - the alpha layer and the image. We lost that ability with PTE 9 because the improved text rendering made it functionally unnecessary. Now if in version 10, for example, we could export a multi-layer PTE creation as a PNG with the layers preserved, then we could apply another style to that and by copy/pasting the original keyframes we could combine multiple styles into new and more complex styles which would be a tremendously powerful feature. Best regards, Lin
  17. Lin Evans

    Paint It - A Style To Be Developed Further

    A Sample Of How This Concept Could Be Used Along With Other PTE Possibilities. I Have No Creative Skills, But Perhaps One Of Our People With That Talent - Maybe Barry, Mur, Tonton, Or One Of Our Other Very Talented French Users Could Go With This Concept And Develop Other Styles?? Lin
  18. Lin Evans

    Paint It - A Style To Be Developed Further

    Or if preferred on White Canvas... Lin
  19. Lin Evans

    Adding file titles on the images.

    Any image where you want the image title shown only needs to use the comments and text template. It's been a feature of PictuesToExe for many, many, many years. Best regards, Lin
  20. Lin Evans

    Mp4's over the Internet

    Barry, if you don't zip them, many web host servers will play them rather than allow download from an FTP perspective. It's best to zip unless you have a very fast host server. I can't say about file sharing services because I only use them to download and never upload to them. But if you have your own website and upload an mp4 to the server and give the user a link, in most cases unless the host has some rule about not allowing "any" play over the web the mp4 will play rather than download... Best regards,, Lin
  21. Lin Evans


    A little show of some of our Colorado sunsets using your Confetti style in the ending along with Dave's "flip playing card": !!! Best regards, Lin
  22. Lin Evans


    Hi Pascal, What a super cool effect !!!! Bravo !!!! Best regards, Lin
  23. Lin Evans

    Text Object

    You click on the "apply to all slides" button after making your changes. This applies the new font and other characteristics to all slides in your current project. I'm not certain what you mean by "legends?" Perhaps this is a language thing and "legends" are "comments" in other language translations? This feature is for "comments" (in the English version) and that includes the various "templates." This is not for manually inserted "text" but there is no legitimate reason that I know why you can't use the comments feature for the vast majority of text use because you have the same ability to select "text comment" in the objects list and do with it just as you would with ordinary text. Best regards, Lin
  24. Lin Evans

    (Solved) Missing Waveform Button

    This is a normal "Slides" image - to see the waveform, you need to click on "Timeline" - What happens when you click on Timeline? Best regards, Lin