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  1. Lin Evans

    The Storm Season

    Excellent use of images and dramatic background sound Barry. Nice job... Best regards, Lin
  2. Lin Evans

    Fading audio

    Yes Chris. Mute the video then in Project Options add the video as an audio. When you click on the Audio Tab of Project Options then the ensuing Add Audio File, you have the option of changing the default Audio File to a Video by clicking on the little blue box with the down arrow on the right. Once you have added the Video as an audio, a waveform will appear in the timeline and you can fade - in , fade - out, adjust the audio on the video in any way you like just as you would an mp3 audio. See user's manual... Lin
  3. I had to laugh recently because a video was circulating on the web about a Chinese Physicist who had invented a cloak of invisibility. It was a nice little video which had fooled many halfway intelligent people - too many in fact. I then created the little slide of my plastic sheet which I pulled over a cougar and made her invisible then promised maybe a little video demo. Today I was rather tired - I mowed my front yard, edged and swept it and felt like disappearing - getting old I guess. So I decided to have a tiny bit of fun and made this little video so I could disappear in my front yard. For a fun project, it's a really simple thing to do with PicturesToExe. The things needed are a still camera (which can take video's), a tripod and a plain green sheet. Find a nice background (something much nicer than my front yard) and set the camera on a tripod and focus and zoom as desired. Shoot a still image then turn on your video and walk into the frame with your green sheet. Maybe it would be a fun thing for your kids or grand kids - make them disappear? They love this kind of thing. Just take your video and your still image into PTE and if you can't shoot the video and still at the same aspect ratio, you'll need to trim/crop/size to make them identical. Load the still then go to Objects and Animations and load the video. Use the mini viewer or pull the keyframe to get a good frame of your green sheet with the video selected and on the Properties Tab, click on the Chroma Key and use the eyedropper to select your green sheet. Adjust the value a bit higher than the default of five (I used 12). Add a leading blank slide and perhaps a trailing blank for comments - mute the sound on the video and put in your own audio comments or if the sound on the video is good, leave it. That's all there is to it folks! Happy invisibility Playing... Lin NOTE: If your video from your camera doesn't function in Version 9, try it in Version 8 and convert it. The conversion will work in Version 9 most every time. I've noticed my videos from my Nikon P900 which are a mov format are sometimes not recognized by Version 9 but play fine in Version 8. In my own camera (Nikon P900) I have to set the still image to zoom to 120 to match the video capture. The camera apparently does an internal zoom out without changing the actual physical position of the lens zoom. You can set the opacity on PTE to completely adjust the video and still image so that they perfectly coincide if necessary... To avoid all this, you CAN simply take two identical videos - one of simply the background and one of the object, person, pet, etc., to become invisible. Then use the two videos as you would the still image and video... either way works fine. It's best if your background doesn't contain lots of green like mine - easier to key out the green without interference. Also when using two videos, the keying must be done on the "top" video in O&A where when using a still image the video will be on the bottom rather than the top layer.
  4. Lin Evans

    The PTE Cloak Of Invisibility Video

    Hi Nelson, Really good green screen results requires a more dedicated Video editor than PTE. The Chroma Key capabilities are not terribly sophisticated. By using a tool like Adobe After Effects it's possible to completely eliminate the sight green halo around objects including the green plastic or cloth used for the effect. Unfortunately in PTE we don't have that level of control yet - perhaps in PTE 10, but the important thing to me is that it "can" be done and it's fun to play with. It's best if the background is other than mostly green. I didn't have a good place for a quick sample so used my yard which is far from ideal. Having all that extra green tends to complicate things. Actually, PTE can use any color for the key so when doing this exercise with lots of green in the picture, wear clothes with zero red and use a red cloth for the chroma key extraction sheet. I'll try to make another using red and post it later. Best regards, Lin
  5. This was the first HD Video I've made (made with the latest version of PTE) which I believe equals the EXE file in every way. It's a remake of my "What Can I Do" demo of PTE with some added material. It was done at full HD 60 fps and it's big - 1.274 gigabytes zipped mp4 for anyone interested. If you have the bandwidth and want to see it I would appreciated comments about the video quality. I played it on my 30 inch 2560 x 1600 display with Win 8.1 on a high performance high RAM system and it looks excellent. http://www.lin-evans.org/pte/whatcanido2018.zip Best regards, Lin
  6. Lin Evans

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Hi Barry, I suspect that the majority of people who use satellite internet and have to pay a penalty for uploads and downloads which go over their allotted capacity are here in the USA and of our frequent forum participants, there really are a numerical minority from the USA. I don't know this for a fact, but I also suspect that the USA represents a much smaller percentage of PTE users than those from the UK, Australia, and Europe so being concerned about a relatively huge file size was really my concern for people I know. The vast majority of my own personal friends are not PTE users nor do most live in or close to cities. Other than my next door neighbor, whom I talk with mostly on FB, my closest friend lives 160 miles south of me and has satellite internet so I can't even link her to my shows other than on FB or YouTube. My closest relative lives about 1200 miles from me and the few friends with whom I communicate on a regular basis live very, very far away. I try to keep my own shows small enough that they can be posted to FB or YouTube but I've not been happy with the quality of either if there is any serious degree of animation. I was pleasantly surprised that even with all the animation and video in the demonstration on this last test, the actual video was, at least to me, virtually indistinguishable from the EXE version. However, I realize that trying to stream such a large show over YouTube or FaceBook is a recipe for disaster for all my non PTE friends who have slow internet so the great smoothness would probably be lost due to the bitrate not being amenable to their bandwidth in a streaming format. I have no problems myself with downloading or uploading a large file because I have multiple systems and can continue working while a three hour or more upload is happening. On the other hand were I on a satellite internet it would definitely be a huge problem. Sadly, many satellite internet plans here charge a substantial premium if one goes over their allotted capacity. In addition, for example, trying to upload or download a huge file often results in failure. Perhaps this fail is due to some glitch such as drops on a cell phone, but uploading 500 meg of a gigabyte or more file size and having to start over is not fun and it happens frequently enough that most here in the USA who have satellite service simply will not attempt to upload or download huge files even if their internet plan doesn't penalize them by capacity. I will check with some of my friends and see what the actual cost of exceeding their plan capacity is and post it. Lin Later: Below is the least expensive plan I could find for satellite service in my area. Their plans run from $49.99 per month for a 10 gigabyte limit without penalty (this one doesn't charge extra, but slows your service to a crawl if you exceed capacity) to 129.99 per month for a 50 gigabyte plan. The download speed is up to 25 Mbps and the upload speed is up to 3 Mbps. At this speed it would take six hours or more to upload my test file. There are provisions for higher capacity without penalty for certain off-peak hours but most people are sound asleep at these times. My two friend who have this service in my state tell me that they have never gotten anywhere near 25 Mbps on their download but generally get about 5 Mbps and the upload speed rarely goes over 2 Mbps.
  7. Lin Evans

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    The issue is that what is possible in some areas is nearly impossible in others. Here in the USA in or around large cities there is cable internet and in some places such as the nearby town I mentioned even gigabit symmetrical (download and upload are the same speed) which is fantastic if you have it. On the other hand, where I live and in many parts of the USA all that is available is DSL and in many rural places only satellite internet which is extremely expensive and very slow. You are often charged a huge premium if you exceed your allotted download or upload limits. The USA like Australia is a huge place, but our population is much greater and in our western states very scattered so that we have thousands of tiny communities which only have copper wire so fast internet isn't available from fiber optic and many do not have cable available. This leaves either dial up with DSL where it's available and in many, many cases satellite which at best is relatively poor. The bottom line is that many of my friends can't download huge files. It's not because of the time, it's because of the cost. I assume that sometime in the future (years) there will be fast and reasonably priced internet available, but I doubt it will happen during my life. The issue with AV competition is something I have no experience with at all since it's as rare as hen's teeth in about any area I've lived in on this continent to even find AV competitions. There was interest many years ago as well as many camera clubs, etc., but not any more. There is probably a good reason why Slideshowcub has file size limits and it may well be due to costs. I pay about $50 per month for my own web host which is unlimited for storage but more expensive than many would probably find comfortable. There is most likely much less expensive storage available, but using it would require losing things on sites I've participated on since the late 1990's and should it be that I couldn't keep my current URL, all images, etc., links to these photo sites would be broken by moving all my code and images to lesser expensive storage so I keep it even though I really can't afford it. Years ago I lost my lin-evans dot com and had to take lin-evans dot org and it was weeks of editing on sites like dPReview to update links. Usually one can keep their domain but when it's sold by your host and you change hosts it can get dicey at times.... Lin
  8. Lin Evans

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Thanks! I figured it was already too big and that most would not have the bandwidth to download it. In a few years I'm guessing that more will have fiber optic lines and fast internet in this country. As I said earlier, I'm jealous of the town about ten miles south of me where everyone has gigabit symmetrical. They can download or upload a full HD movie in 10 seconds. Hard to understand when it take hours for me to upload a 1.27 gig video. I have plenty of computing power (32 gig's RAM, etc.) on my Win 8.1 system but I much prefer using my XP system. I've completely resisted Win 10 - I doubt I'll ever load it - just too many problems. Maybe if I were 20 years younger I would give it a try, but I doubt I'll last long enough to "have" to download it. I may try a 20p at 40Mbps just for fun, but the one I created works perfectly so I'm not certain I would notice any difference. Best regards, Lin
  9. Lin Evans

    Simulating Elliptical Motion

    Nice job Dave - Yes, it was JPD who first suggested this many years ago. One of my old tutorials (number 33) covers it also but the addition of the style will make it much easier for new users to understand and serve as a blueprint to build their own versions by substituting their own PNG objects for the Earth and Sun.. It works well for creating simulations of atomic motion (orbiting electrons) too. Below is a quick sample using essentially the same process with the additional use of a rotating Earth inside a circular mask, brightness control for the orbiting moon and more dramatic size change. The new features of PTE give the user lots of additional tools for making dynamic animations. Best regards, Lin http://www.lin-evans.org/pte/moonorbit.zip (PC - about 25 meg) http://www.lin-evans.org/pte/moonorbitmac.zip (Mac exe about same size)
  10. Lin Evans

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Hi Dave, That would be a possible solution for viewing for those who are PTE users and especially perhaps after pte 10 when hardware encoding will greatly accelerate production of the MP4, but depending on the individual's hardware, the time necessary to both download the BIZ then create the mp4 might be the equivalence of the time necessary to download the huge MP4. In either case it might not be greatly different than downloading the zipped exe version but then that would negate the evaluation of the video as being perhaps equal to the exe. The other caveat is whether each person's hardware will create the MP4 in exactly the same qualitative way? For example, I found that trying to do this with my old standby Win XP system was impossible. Whether this is because of the known incompatibility between Win XP and PTE 9 or because of a system hardware deficit is still unknown. I haven't had problems with my Win XP and other projects or creating the EXE file, but creating this video simply couldn't be done with my old system. I did notice a couple other interesting anomalies which I will take up with Igor later. I found that using Jean-Cyprien's book style before his Rubik's Cube style in the same project resulted in loosing the background on the Rubick's Cube animation with it being replaced with a blank green screen and also adversely affecting the initial timing on the Rubick's Cube animation. It's still a big head scratch but not terribly important at this time when version 10 is on the horizon. Best regards, Lin
  11. Lin Evans

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Hi Igor, Yes the file size can be an issue for many of us - not so much for storage because storage is really inexpensive these days - but for sharing over the web when one doesn't have fast internet it's problematic. I'm always reminded of this because my neighboring town only 8 miles away has gigabit symmetrical internet available for the entire town and it's very reasonably priced. It's possible with that to download or upload an entire HD movie in ten seconds! Fiber optic lines will eventually make file size a non issue, but sadly smaller communities and the great distances between will mean that it will be many, many years before this type speed is commonly available in the USA. Perhaps is may be possible to create some sort of slight gaussian blur feature which will help with the banding. I know sometimes with photos I find that using a blur feature then subsequently using wavelet sharpening on the same image, banding can be made almost invisible. I'm not certain how amenable to this video might be? Having the much faster hardware video encoding with future version of PTE will be great!!! Best regards, Lin
  12. Lin Evans

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    HI Frans, Thanks for testing! I can't be certain, but I suspect the reason is that not all players can handle 60 fps video or that not all players use the available resources (video card, RAM, etc.) in the same way. The fact that it plays correctly with one player and not with others indicates that there are sufficient resources with the hardware but that for whatever reason, not all player software uses it in the most expeditious way. Best regards, Lin
  13. Lin Evans

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Hi Denis - Thanks for checking it out! What I mean by files size doubled is that since there are double the number of frames, the portion of video which consists of images is doubled in size. The rest of the overhead is not greatly affected, but since the images themselves must be stored inside the video, that part with all other factors such as image dimensions, etc., being consistent by doubling the number if images the storage requirement is doubled. I haven't tested this particular file at 30 fps but it might not be a bad idea for comparison. I didn't load it to YouTube or Vimeo because I'm not certain what they do in terms of file manipulation and because my own internet connect is quite mediocre, I never know what others with fast internet are seeing. It took over three hours to upload the video to my server - on a good day maybe I can get .75 - .90 mbps upload speed so I rarely upload large videos. It's good to know that others are also getting good quality with this one. People only 10 miles from me in an adjacent town all get 1 gigabyte symetrical but where I am, the fasted I can get is DSL... Best regards, Lin
  14. Lin Evans

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    LOL - yep flag and wind physics have to take a backseat to the possible... Actually, the number of frames per second doesn't affect the speed of the video, only the smoothness. The exe files we create average 60 fps and 30 fps video can't render animations as smoothly. Using a higher frame rate in the same period of time just gives additional increments which smooth up the motion. Typical movies were shot at 24 fps and to get smooth motion, they used special tricks such as blurring the leading edge of an object in motion. With higher frame rates the apparent motion is much smoother, but the size of the video file is doubled. Think of it like this - you have a deck of cards on which there are drawings of a subject in motion. Let's say there were 24 drawings each representing part of a sequence of someone taking two steps. You flip all 24 of them in one second and observe. You see the subject take two steps, but the distance traveled with each card is much greater than if you had sixty cards with each card representing a shorter distance moved. If you flip all 60 in the same one second, the subject doesn't move any further than the two steps, but the motion is less jerky because each card represents a smaller amount of travel. So 60 frames per second covering the same capture of motion is much smoother than 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second. The more frames each representing a smaller amount of travel in terms of motion in the same time frame (one second) the smoother the appearance of motion. Thanks for checking it for me! Best regards, Lin
  15. If you are a Facebook user, please come visit and join the PTE Facebook Group Folks - There you can post shows, images, etc., and discuss PicturesToExe.... The link is below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/picturestoexefans/ Lin
  16. Lin Evans

    Reminder About PTE Facebook Group

    Gary, the way FB works is that you have various "privacy" settings. If you don't see video shows on other's FB sites, it's probably because they have their privacy set so that only their friends can see them. Facebook is a broad use media platform and not everyone posts their videos there. There are a number of shows on the PTE Users Group which are not mine, but I try to put up something every month or so and because of that many are mine. The FB PTE User Group has been online for a number of years. I took it from Private to Public in May of 2015. The idea of the group is for discussion, demonstrations of new techniques, what people are doing with PTE, answering questions, etc., so videos themselves are only a part of the intent of having a group. Maybe many of the users do not create videos or are only interested in finding out about the program. The larger the group becomes, the more people will know about PicturesToExe and that's the primary purpose of having a group. I suggest that whenever someone joins the group that they sign up all their FB friends whether or not they are PTE users. They have the option of opting out if they don't want to belong to the group. Unfortunately, not too many of our users have done that but the more people we can convince to add friends, the more exposure is possible. It's not necessary to put all one's shows on the group - just ones which you particularly like or have some special feature, etc. It's not meant to take the place of Slideshow Club, only to spread the word about PicturesToExe. Hopefully if more people add their friends to the group, there will be greater interest, greater purchases which will allow more development and refinement which will benefit all users. Best regards, Lin
  17. Lin Evans

    Reminder About PTE Facebook Group

    Hi Gary, The "group" has it's own provisions for posting shows. It has no relationship to the member's own FB sites. If you want to post a show on the group site just do it like you would on your own site. When you upload a show to the group FB page it will be shortly approved then appear along with any associated text. Best regards, Lin
  18. Lin Evans

    Save hot key in O&A window

    Hi Geoff, I don't believe it works from O&A but it doesn't work with my earlier versions either (Win 8.1 and Win XP) so don't know if it ever actually did. I haven't tried with all previous version of 9 but it doesn't work with 9.0.16 or 9.0.17 for me... Best regards, Lin
  19. Lin Evans


    Hi Jose, Sadly, I have no other suggestions. I don't make large video files so this is an area outside my experience. Perhaps Igor my have a suggestion... Best regards, Lin
  20. Lin Evans


    Just a thought Jose. Could you try creating the PTE files as AVI rather than MP4 then try to join? This would mean a different codec would be used. Not having ever tried this I can't be certain but the error message references a codec issue and creating as an AVI uses a different codec. Perhaps after joining the show can be converted to MP4? Best regards, Lin
  21. Lin Evans

    pte 8 Using videos for moblie devices

    Sorry to be so late answering your question. The show needs to be in some location where it can be downloaded by the person who it is shared with. You can put it on a private website or in the Cloud (if you have Cloud storage), on YouTube, Vimeo, etc., or on a media sharing site such as MediaFire. The show you share should be in a video format. The person who then wants to see your show and upload it into their phone needs an app which allows this or they need to use the internet. You could also email them the show if it's small enough and they can save it from the email. Since there are multiple types of smartphones - I can't speak for all them but the user can contact their phone service company for specific directions for their own phones. Best regards, Lin
  22. For new users of PTE and for inexperienced users and perhaps for old timers too: There are literally dozens upon dozens of great styles available for PTE but it's a little awkward to see what they do without clicking on one or more images and applying a style or at least selecting the proper number of slides and observing what happens in the "style" window. I have created a demo of over 90 styles available which makes it exceedingly easy to see what a style does and allows the user to pause and write down the name of a style they may want to use. The style demo show has a video control bar which can be used to quickly move to any region on the show and also allows the user to flip forward or backward using the right and left arrow keys. You may also "pause" and resume by pressing the space bar. I think this will allow users to quickly see the effects of the styles at full resolution and is much, much easier than selecting and hunting through the myriad styles available. If you don't have a style and wish to download it, I have all those in the demo and if you PM me I will be glad to upload any style you don't have so you can import it and use it. Links below to the style demo show for Windows and Macs. 4/26/18 Added Some New Styles To Demo - Download on Same Links Below... Lin http://www.lin-evans.org/styles/stylesdemopc.zip http://www.lin-evans.org/styles/stylesdemomac.zip
  23. Lin Evans

    Reminder About STYLES For New PTE Users

    It depends on whether you are referencing the camera or the image. Since PTE is an image/slide program the reference by the various author's of these styles are the image and not the camera. So if the camera moves from the right to the left the image appears to move from left to right, etc. The actual image itself is a static item zoomed in and the view as seen by the observer moves either to the left, right, up or down or any simultaneous combination of left/up/down or right/up/down. A camera pan would be relevant in a video were an actual pan done, but not in a still image. The demonstration simply gives the name of the style given by the author then shows what it does. Best regards, Lin
  24. Lin Evans

    How to show the author of the image

    I've placed the names of the IPTC data files as the content of each space then used PTE to extract them on this image. This means PTE is working correctly. So you can place the Author's name in whichever of these you wish then use the IPTC data call template to extract the data from that field as seen in the image below. I would suggest using "Credits" or "Author Byline." Use a freeware product such as Irfanview to write data to the desired IPTC field. Since different camera makers may use different IPTC data and the owner of the camera may or may not have set up the camera to place their name as photographer, one can't depend on the data being there so you may have to put it there if you want to use this feature. Best regards, Lin
  25. Lin Evans

    repeat show

    Hi Sonja, To save you a little time: "Project Options" - "Control Tab" "Action after Last Slide" from drop-down menu choose "Repeat Show" Best regards, Lin