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  1. I have been searching for a list of command line parameters to be used with exe-s. So far I have found a special section in v7.5 help and in the forum under color management discussion: - cover (fullscreen mode) If your slideshow aspect ratio does not match the output screen, you still can use full screen, but have to accept some cropping. - display X (x is number of the display). Useful in case of multi-display settings. Say you have another display (projector) as extended display and want to show your presentation on the extended display. - slide X (X is the number of the slide to begin) Color management specific: -noicc - disable color management and color profiles of images (works as PTE 8). -icc srgb - use sRGB color space -icc adobergb - use AdobeRGB color space -icc - use current monitor profile -icc profilename.icc/icm - use custom color profile which is located in same folder with EXE. Is that list comprehensive or are there some more commands that can be used with exe?
  2. Urmas

    Font name, and Windows10

    Although, I have not experienced font oddities personally, there are numerous reports and hints about the Fonts and Creators update.
  3. I attached pte files of the referred project. Audio comment is added to the slide36 of v7 file. PTE 9 has the reference to the "MusicAction=2" added to the slide, but reference to the audio file is missing. Lumm v9.pte Lumm.pte
  4. It seems, that audio comment problem appears when I open an old PTE project, made with PTE 7 and start to modify it in PTE 9. Initially the audio comment was not read from the PTE 7 project at all and when I added manually the audio comment (while editing in v9), it was played only in Mini player and not in preview (and exe). Did not help, If I save (overwrite) the old PTE 7 file as version 9 file. If I make the PTE show from the scratch, the audio comment works. So it seems that some "old code" from v7 is not transferred (translated) info new version. OK, I can redo (edit) these small features manually, no big deal. One cannot expect full backward compatibility of everything. However, it seems, that some problem code from v7 still remains, when I save the project as a v9 file and that causes the mess I described in the first post. That makes impossible to "translate" v7 projects with audio comments into v9.
  5. I open a PTE project made with v7 with audio comment added to one slide, the audio comment is missing in PTE9. I add audio comment to a single slide again (of the same "imported show"). Slide options -> Add audio file. When I play slideshow in Mini player - sound is played, when corresponding slide is showed. When I Preview the slideshow (F5 or Ctrl R), the audio comment is not played. Also Audio comment is not playing if I make exe file. If I add the same mp3 file through Project options as project audio, sound is played as expected. PTE 9.0.10 (also 9.0.9 has that bug). Windows 10 64-bit (all recent updates including Creators update).
  6. Urmas

    Slow Loading in V9

    I use Chromix ColorThinkPro. As an alternative, there is a software named Gamutvision. And then there is simple online 3D gamut viewer. You can upload your image and server computes the graph for free.
  7. Urmas

    Slow Loading in V9

    I noticed, that your png image (with transparent area) has ProPhoto color profile embedded while jpg image has sRGB color profile. Although PTE 9 takes care of that and displays both images correctly, it is a bit of waste of smooth tonal transitions having ProPhoto colors in 8-bit images. Especially if your image colors do not even touch the boundaries of sRGB space. See the attached image - dots are colors from your (sRGB) image and wireframe is sRGB color space. For such images sRGB is of better use.
  8. Urmas

    Is this a bug

    I changed timeline size and soundtrack size with no problems. I can start playback and end it at any point.
  9. Urmas

    The 5x4 Project Size

    As for artistic purpose, one can use aspect ratio he/she likes or considers suitable for particular project. With 4K displays coming, there is little penalty for resolution etc.There is no such rule, like the image must use all display pixels. Projectors are still a playing a little catch up with displays in terms of resolution. 4K projectors are still very expensive. When projectors had low resolution their aspect ratio started to dictate image presentation ratio also - we simply did not want to waste image details. 16:9 screen ratio is "native" for video. However, I personally dislike photos cropped to 16:9 ratio. Therefore, I make and project slideshows using 16:10 ratio. Most photos look decent when cropped to 16:10. After all, 16:10 is very close to golden ratio. If I want to project whole 3:2 image, only little is wasted at the edges. Sadly, vertical shots are penalized but i do not see a good alternative to wide aspect ratio projection. In theory the best option would be say 4000x4000 pixels (1:1 ratio) projector, but fitting such screens in the auditorium would be sometimes difficult or impractical. Room height might be restrictive and still human vision is normally more wide than vertical.
  10. Urmas

    Colour Management

    I hope, this was a typo. Converting all images to sRGB is of no use. JPEG images with embedded color profiles (sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProPhotoRGB, etc) must be automatically converted to Output device (monitor, projector) profile on the fly.
  11. Urmas

    Color saturation in slide show too high

    PTE up to now is not "color aware" software. It means, it disregards color profiles of the images and output devices (monitor, projector). At the moment there is no (good) workaround. There was an extensive discussion about it here. Igor has said, that next PTE version will incorporate color management. Let keep our fingers crossed. Shouldn't be long wait.
  12. I also tend prefer PTE to make information orientated presentations (over Impress or Presentations or other like PowerPoint). Cleaner interface, better quality output etc. Having possibility to create handouts in form of a pdf would be great and very likely increase possible user base. A lot of photography presentations I make with PTE are manually controlled presentations where I tell the story myself. Here I often use screen capture to print out slide order after pressing F4 to have some sort of guide for myself - to keep track where I am and what comes next. Here a possibility to create automatically a pdf with slides list would be welcome. So, having a possibility to create some sort of slide list either in form of handouts or each slide on each pdf page would be a welcome addition. Sure, there will be all elements with no animations, but that's not a problem for the intended use.
  13. Urmas

    Please test the downloading of PTE 8

    Everything OK. Win 10 64-bit using Firefox.
  14. Urmas

    Looping MP4 on a USB

    Isn't the case, that video (mp4 or other format) file is not a self- playing show but ordinary video file what needs "an interpretation" by media player. In media player you can specify repeated looping but not inside video file itself. On the other hand, exe slideshow is self-containing presentation with all looping controls inside.