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  1. I would like to know just how to be sure that the slide timeline is not in operation such that there is no total time listed for the length of a slide show. Is simply unchecking the timeline box adequate for that purpose?
  2. Thank you. I will set up my projector and do a run-through.
  3. Do you mean "Permit control of show using keyboard" will let me move on to the next slide?
  4. Recently I posted a question as to the timeline interfering with my slide shows which I prefer to advance manually and was told to ignore the timeline and simply choose the option to advance slides by mouse click. That seemed to work fine but this slide show included 3 slides which were short videos of flying aircraft from my IPhone . At the conclusion of the short video slide the timeline took over and started advancing my slides every 5 seconds without a mouse click. I was able to stop it by clicking the stop square on my computer but I will not have that option if I am standing in front of an audience advancing slides remotely with a handheld device. How do I then stop the automatic advance and return to manual advancing of the remaining slides?
  5. For future reference, what should I do to prevent this failure of the captions to fit on the slides? When I set it up it seemed that they were ok. Is there a setting under "slides" that needs to be set? Do I have to change the resolution on my computer screen down from 1920 x 1200 or is that ok to be left there? I don't want to be going back and resizing each slide for the captions again.
  6. It has been a while since I created a slideshow and never before on this, the newest version of P2E. I create slideshows where I do not add music and where I advance each slide manually. How do I get rid of all evidence of a timed show, i.e., no timeline, no number of minutes or hours, etc? Second, the slideshow I created is squeezing out parts of the captions that I have placed in the left hand border. I tried lowering the resolution to 1024 x 768 with no benefit. I tried changing aspect ratios, also with no benefit. How do I get the slide with the captions to fully display?
  7. I may be wrong but it seems to me that some time ago I was doing a slideshow manually and the show seemed to time out before I was finished myself. I don't want that to happen again. So if the timeline says thirty minutes and my talk goes 45 minutes will the program stop and have to be restarted?
  8. I have created a slideshow which I wish to operate totally manually with no time limits. I will advance or reverse slides by mouse click. But I cannot seem to set the show without having time-duration numbers on each slide and/or a total minutes for the show indicated. There should be no total running time if I am doing it all manually, I should not be seeing 32 minutes listed for my show.
  9. I have figured out my problem. In order to do this I have to expand the vertical left hand column so that, when I click on timeline, the "timed points" option is visible. By dragging a slide in, clicking timeline, cut transitions, and reset all points my new slide becomes recognized. Thanks for everyone's input.
  10. I placed the new slides into the vertical column on the left along with the others. As with the first group I simply dragged each to the spot in the sequence that I wanted them placed. But when I tried to click or highlight them I could only highlight the ones on either side of the new foursome. I then went back to the file column and clicked add this slide to the bottom row. They all appeared after my final slide but, again, I cannot highlight them, move them, or do anything with them as they are not recognized as part of the show. They are all color slides, not B & W. Did I forget anything?
  11. It has been a while since I created a slideshow. I had no problem creating a show of some 330 slides which I trimmed, labelled, etc, and saved. Now I return to add 4 more slides. When I add them to the others they do not seem to be recognized and I cannot highlight or do anything with them. What do I have to do to use them?
  12. Thanks to all who have been helping out here. I will definitely plan to Create Backup in Zip. Now comes the uncomfortable part as it seems like a kindergarten level question but here goes. Yachtsman1 set up a very nice set of directions but how do I go about copying the hummingbird icon to past it into the folder, i.e., where is the icon that I can copy? How do I copy the images with their headings as they appear along the bottom of the P2E screen (the ones I have selected from those in the vertical folder and processed)? Is the folder I create done outside P2E as when I make any usual folder or am I to do something inside P2E. I think I'm getting closer but I am afraid I still need a boost.
  13. Yikes! I thought when I hit the Save tab I was saving the images as they appeared in the show with all of the titles, etc. Thank you for the info; from here on I'll know better but my current show is so large that I think I will simply give the program as it was assembled last year and not try to update it with more recent images. Lesson learned!
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