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  1. Rickl

    The Directors Cut

    Once again Barry... You are the master of great images... Loved it.
  2. Rickl

    The Storm Season

    Great job Barry! Awesome images, and the animation was very subtle. The music though... Wow!
  3. Rickl

    Default Font in Captions

    Hi Shirley, Loose ends... You saw Lin's reply to me? He created a short video that explained the issue clearly. Did you see it? Feel free to watch it... DIck
  4. Rickl

    Default Font in Captions

    Thank you so much Lin! What an valuable resource you are to the PTE community! I've been watching this forum for years, and learned much from your tutorials! I had no trouble understanding your presentation, and you hit the nail on the head in the first minute with the Preferences setting. I didn't have a text comment box on my menu! You and Dave provide so much support to this forum, and we are so grateful for your support... Dick
  5. Rickl

    Default Font in Captions

    Thanks for your comment Lin. I've searched all the Project Options, and found an Option called "Defaults" showing a setting for "Text Comments" with Font settings. Is this what you meant about "Text Comments"? How do you add a text comment in O&A? Dick
  6. Rickl

    Default Font in Captions

    Hi Shirley, I found that same feature in Options too... I tried it, and it did change the default font in that dialog... But every time I added a Text in O&A, the old Arial font was still there. So I really don't know what the Options Custom does...
  7. Rickl

    Default Font in Captions

    Thanks very much Dave. I am starting to get an understanding of the Slide Styles. I created a simple caption style changing the font and saved it as a style. Worked great until I tried it on a single bordered portrait image on a 16:9 slide. To my surprise, the caption was placed on a very highly zoomed image that covered the whole 16:9 window. Then began a search for the fit/cover property of an image... Clearly, I am not learning fast enough to keep up with the enhancements to PTE I can see that a manual for PTE would be a major project!
  8. Rickl

    Default Font in Captions

    THANK YOU! Dave!... Until now I did not appreciate that a caption was just a preset using settings in the Text tool. An obvious method. In earlier versions, before Slide Styles were incorporated, I used to change the default font in the Text properties and the setting would stick... But this is a better solution where all caption properties can be set in a simple selection... Dick
  9. Version 9.0.16. I give up. I have to enter captions on 122 slides and would like to change the default font in the Text tool or the new Captions slide style . There used to be a save default option in the text tool, but I can't find it... Help!? Dick
  10. Rickl

    The census at Bethlehem

    Beautiful Jean! What an appropriate AV for this time of the year! Never been to Bethlehem, but the AV shows us how beautiful it was or could have been... Particularly at this time of ill considered decisions creating conflict there at this time of the year... Joyeux Noel mon ami, et merci pour se rapelle du passé... Dick
  11. I tried it too... No problem at all. Even with my battery powered XPS 13. But I had the samme experience with my converted video too. The converted.avi runs perfectly fine, but when played in a .exe video created by PTE, it stutters when my XPS is on battery, but plays fine when the charger is plugged in. I've searched for information on why the I7 should behave differently with a battery fully charged vs and I7 plugged into the charger. So far nothing has come up. Since the converted avi plays fine with the default viewer in Windows 10, but stutters when part of the published exe, I thought there might something to do with a default decoder used by PTE or something, but why should the problem go away when the laptop is plugged in??? A mystery...
  12. I appear to have the same problem. New Dell XPS 13 9360 with the latest i7 8550U processor... Slideshow is reasonable, but when PTE plays converted video video it stutters... Today I discovered that if I plug in the charger while it it is playing the video, the stuttering stops! Media player has no problems with the converted video file... So far my searching has revealed that the Power Options/Power Plan/advanced settings has a slideshow setting! It is set to paused so I set it to available (it is available in the AC Power mode) but it did not make a difference. I don't think these settings do anything until the battery gets down to less than 20%. Display is Intel UHD Graphics 620 running at 3200x1800 resolution. Now that I know I can get flawless performance by connecting the charger, it is not a serious problem..
  13. Rickl

    The French at War

    Thanks Barry! Really enjoyed seeing these images.
  14. Rickl

    Silent Night

    What a Christmas present! Thanks you so much Jan, for such a mood setting video... A Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  15. Rickl

    Copying an mp4 file to an iPad Air

    I also faced this situation moving PTE slide shows and images to my wife's iPad. I chose Photo Transfer App. An application that transfers pictures and videos to iOS devices from both Mac and PC computers via your home network... http://www.phototransferapp.com/desktop/ Dick