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  1. Beautiful as always Maureen. Great title.."Moods" love it. The music fits perfectly! On my Dell XPS 13 (i7/Intel Graphics 620), it seemed that there was some moire in some of the moving images. Vertical lines moving across the screen. I wondered that was an NTSC/PAL issue between our two video standards. Would be interesting to see if an MP4 version would appear the same? Will try the Mac version on my MBP to see if it behaves the same. Dick Edit: Mac version is perfect. New Intel update on the Graphics 620 installed yesterday... I think I have hardware problems on my Dell XPS...
  2. Stunning! Thanks for sharing your beautiful World!
  3. WOW! We always wanted to visit Scotland, and this show was just like a guided tour! Thanks very much for sharing! Dick
  4. You're back! How we have missed your fantastic travelogues! Please keep them coming Maureen! Thanks, Dick
  5. Hi Igor... Downloaded an audio file converter this morning, and converted my problem mp3 files to m4a. No problems. PTE 10 doesn't like mp3 files in this house! No problem with ogg and m4a audio formats. Interesting that version 9.0.22 has no problem with the mp3's... Dick
  6. Sure. Will do. https://www.wnsoft.com/en/support/? I just noticed that I have several mp3 encoders. MP3 means I have to use Lame to encode right? I appear to have three copies... First is in the common folder of PTE v9 in Programs (x86) Second is in a folder called Lame for Audacity in Programs (x86) Third is in a folder called Free M4A to MP3 Converter in Programs (x86) PTE 10 is a 64bit program that lives in Program Files. There does not seem to be a copy of lame_enc.dll in common folder of PTE 10 beta? Wonder if is this part of my problem with creating mp3 files??? Dick
  7. Thanks Gary. Something else is wrong here... Dick
  8. Hi Igor, Strange one. It starts instantly from the small play button. I thought it might have been a problem with my WIndows 10 1903 system or the new Intel graphics 620 driver I installed on Friday. But I created the project on my desktop with an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, and it behaves the same with an even longer 20 second delay before starting. It works fine with Ogg, but stalls with MP3. Wonder if the issue is my Lame encoder??? Testing continues... Dick
  9. Here you go Igor. Reduced the number of images from 196 to 20 to reduce zip file size, but it had no impact on the delay. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am17Jh2E2NbD-i0VF-0fX55cTlwt?e=aew59C If I choose the ogg version of the audio, there is no delay. BTW, I moved over to my slower Desktop to see if there was any difference. and it behaves the same way... Dick
  10. Sure... https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvqrdhjcovvcdx8/Romantic Croatian Music.mp3?dl=0 Slow upload speed here... should be active in 20 minutes or so...
  11. Yes. Delay shows in full screen preview, and delay does not show in slide list before blank 7 second slide with title of the show at the beginning. No delays in same project made with v9.0.22 Created in v10.20 with convert audio clips to single mp3 file - Delay of 7 seconds is still there... Oh. I zoomed into the audio file with Audacity, and found approx 7 second blank time before music started. I cut that out, but still has a start delay of 7 seconds or so in the clipped version... None in V9 version. Dick
  12. Hi Igor, I confirm that changing the Audacity clipped segment to mp3 from ogg brought the start delay back. Much shorter now because the audio file is smaller I expect. But hold on a minute. I tried a different mp3 audio file from my library and there is no delay. So it's not an mp3 issue. I dowloaded the music from Croatia from the net. Perhaps there is a delay at the beginning of the file... Dick
  13. Hi Igor, The music I had chosen were long mp3's 44 min and and 1 hour, and I only needed 22 minutes. I clipped them in PTE at the end. After your advice, I loaded them into Audacity, and reduced the duration to 25 minutes. Then I exported them to ogg files. I will repeat the exercise, and export the files to mp3 instead, and report the results shortly.
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