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  1. Default Font in Captions

    Yes, I did see that, Rick. I found it very helpful. Linn is so good about helping people. I really appreciate him.
  2. PTE 9.0.16

    Lin Evans, I love the videos you make to help people understand things (especially to help on several occasions). Glad to see that you are recovering from your stroke.
  3. Default Font in Captions

    Rick, I also thought that there used to be a way to save a default font option for text but I searched recently and could not find it. After reading your message, I have just tried again to find it. If you click on the "Project Options" button and select "options", the first item on the screen is "Customize Font". You can change font, text size, color, etc. There is a "Click to Apply to All Slides" button. I thought I had found what I was looking for. But it doesn't work for me. Does anyone shed any light on this?
  4. Reminder About STYLES For New PTE Users

    Thank you once again.
  5. I would like to know the answer to this as well.
  6. Recovered Project

    Thanks Igor for your response. I am sorry to be such a problem child. Detail about three error messages follow: #1. "Frame Engine Exception" This message appeared several times recently when I tried to change the Font Type on O&A and I would have to use Task Manager to get out of PTE. (That would explain the Recovered Project notation, I think.) I read some posts from July about that error message and tried someone's (maybe yours, I'm not sure) suggestion to download PTE Version 9.012. I did that and the Font problem seems to be resolved. The next time I accessed my PTE slideshow, the "Recovered Project" notation was gone. #2. "Exception Access Violation in module PicturesToExe at 00091932" I can't say what I was doing when I saw that error message and I don't know what I did to make it go away. A similar, if not exact, message has cropped up several times. Sorry I can't be more descriptive. If it happens again, I will try to get more information. #3. "The folder contains Items whose names are too long for recycle bin." A folder, which seemed to relate to PTE Styles & Resources, appeared on my desktop. It appeared to be in a loop and kept on creating folders. I can't say for sure how many but their properties show zero bytes but each one contains more folders. I have not found a way to delete them. None of them are causing me problems at the moment. I know I am not explaining them well enough for anyone to re-create the error message. But if you have any thoughts I would appreciate hearing them.
  7. Recovered Project

    I have been working on a PTE show off and on for a couple of months. I just noticed today that at the top left of screen it says "Recovered Project" (see attached). I also have a couple of error messages that I need to ask about but perhaps I should address this first. Can anyone tell me what that means? Thanks Shirley
  8. Display slide number

    I'm working on one I agree, George. I'm working on one right now for our 60th anniversary. Great walk down memory lane.
  9. Large Demo Of Styles

    Thank you Lin. You're the best. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. We were in an auto accident and our car was totalled so we've been tied up dealing with that. I really appreciate this and all the help you have given me for the past several years.
  10. Large Demo Of Styles

    Where do you find these styles. I have version 9 of PTE. I would love to be able to use some of these additional styles but I can't figure out how to get them. (I know you use tools - import but I don't know where you import from.)
  11. how. . mute video within a slideshow style

    Thank you Phil. That did work. (Sorry, it took me so long to say thanks.)
  12. My monster for which I can't think of a title.

    Lin, I just realized that I did not respond to thank you for your message. The missing slideshow "magically" came back - obviously, "user error". Thanks.
  13. Resource Folder for Styles

    Thank you Igor.
  14. Resource Folder for Styles

    When I make a slideshow using the Wedding - 3 Portrait - Style, a folder appears on my desktop. The name of the folder is "slideshowname.resources. Within that folder there is a folder whose name is a bunch of letters and numbers strung together with hyphens. Inside that folder is a JPEG which serves as the background of the style. Styles baffle and bewilder me. I love using them straight "out of the box" but have never understood the concept of downloading a style to import. (Yes, I have read the tutorials and I have experimented.) Having expressed my ignorance, I have a question. Could someone shed some light on the purpose /use of that resource folder and the JPEG that is in it? Can it be deleted? Thanks.
  15. I uninstalled PTE V9 with the intent to download and reinstall. I got a message that everything did not un-install but it could be done manually. I did the download and reinstall. Without going into gory details (mainly because I don't actually know) I created a monster. For whatever reason I decided to uninstall version 6.5 also, got the same message as with version 9. Now whenever I attempt to open a PTE file on my Windows 10 PC, it offers me three options: #1.Keep using the PTE 6.5 version. #2. Use PTE (it doesn't specify version, but it works for me). #3. Choose a different app from the app store. Oh my gosh! I looked back at windows to be sure I had stated those options correctly. I noticed a box at the bottom which said "always use this option" so I thought that was the answer to my question. I clicked on it and my PTE slideshow, which I have been working on for days, has disappeared. Can anyone help me find it? What other info can I give you?