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  1. Hello I am sorry you are so picky about the instruction manual. I am delighted to get something for nothing from a dedicated team. I suggest YOU go through all the pages and send an email update to Ptexe and I am sure they would be pleased

  2. peterandjean

    page curl

    Thank you yachtsman I have done as you suggested Jean
  3. peterandjean

    page curl

  4. peterandjean

    page curl

    Hi Ronnie I loved your album and would very much like a pdf file of how to do it. A template could be very useful if you could tell me where to get it I would be very appreciative I have spoken to you in the past with great success Regards Jean
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    page curl

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    Tatty Album Template

    Many thanks I will give it a whirl Jean
  7. peterandjean

    Tatty Album Template

  8. peterandjean

    Tatty Album Template

    Hi Your template looks great I would like to use it but wonder what I should resize my photos to Regards Jean
  9. peterandjean

    Tatty Album Template

  10. peterandjean

    [FREE] Ending Credits

    I cannot find where to download the ending credits template. Could you point me in the right direction please Jean Tasker
  11. peterandjean

    [FREE] Cards animation

    I have tried this template today and was very impressed how easy it was to use also what a profesional look it gave to my photos Jean
  12. peterandjean

    Old versions of PTExe

    Can you tell me please if it is OK to remove older versions of PTexe? I am using the latest version 6 and looking in my Add and Remove folders in the Control Panel I find I have a considerable number of older versions. I would be pleasd if someone could advise me Jean
  13. peterandjean

    Latest Version of NAV (Norton Anti-Virus) 2010

    From Jean and Peter I had this problem with Norton Internet Security 2010. I was using Deluxe version 6 ptexe My exe file had the error messgae stated by previous member and it removed the file completely. I went into Norton Quarantine and reinstated it and all is fine now. I h0pe this helps Jean
  14. peterandjean

    Licence query

    HI When I open PTEXE and click on the help there is no mention of Video Builder only the license for PictureToExe 6 delux so I presume I need to dowload Video Builder. On the download site I can only find Pix Builder apart from PTExe software download so could you tell me please whwere to download Video Builder from Jean
  15. peterandjean

    [FREE] Scroll effect

    This scroll template is excellent. Thank you for Ptexe the best software around Jean