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  1. Hello I am sorry you are so picky about the instruction manual. I am delighted to get something for nothing from a dedicated team. I suggest YOU go through all the pages and send an email update to Ptexe and I am sure they would be pleased

  2. Thank you yachtsman I have done as you suggested Jean
  3. Hi Ronnie I loved your album and would very much like a pdf file of how to do it. A template could be very useful if you could tell me where to get it I would be very appreciative I have spoken to you in the past with great success Regards Jean
  4. Many thanks I will give it a whirl Jean
  5. Hi Your template looks great I would like to use it but wonder what I should resize my photos to Regards Jean
  6. I cannot find where to download the ending credits template. Could you point me in the right direction please Jean Tasker
  7. I have tried this template today and was very impressed how easy it was to use also what a profesional look it gave to my photos Jean
  8. Can you tell me please if it is OK to remove older versions of PTexe? I am using the latest version 6 and looking in my Add and Remove folders in the Control Panel I find I have a considerable number of older versions. I would be pleasd if someone could advise me Jean
  9. From Jean and Peter I had this problem with Norton Internet Security 2010. I was using Deluxe version 6 ptexe My exe file had the error messgae stated by previous member and it removed the file completely. I went into Norton Quarantine and reinstated it and all is fine now. I h0pe this helps Jean
  10. HI When I open PTEXE and click on the help there is no mention of Video Builder only the license for PictureToExe 6 delux so I presume I need to dowload Video Builder. On the download site I can only find Pix Builder apart from PTExe software download so could you tell me please whwere to download Video Builder from Jean
  11. This scroll template is excellent. Thank you for Ptexe the best software around Jean
  12. Can you load PTE on your own laptop if you only have one license. Not sure if you can buy multiple licenses Jean
  13. Thank you for producing such good templates. PTE is fantastic software and experts like yourself make it even better Jean
  14. Hi Yes I am interested in adding a short video clip such as ones produced on your camera. If this worked Ok I would be looking to add photos on top of it, for instance a moving background (the video) with perhaps a still portrait or some other relevant photo. Just a few words food for thought Jean
  15. PTE_for_Computer_Icon.docPTE_for_Computer_Icon.docPTE_for_Computer_Icon.doc Did you Burn the correct file over to your CD. It needs to be the one that looks like music notes. See attachment PTE_for_Computer_Icon.doc
  16. Hi Ronnie I have not spoken to you for some time but I am still around and really loving 5.6 of pte. You mentioned about the download from other websites. I would feel confident from your site but with all the virus's about i may feel a little uncomfotable using other than winsoft. I think other people could feel the same. I like to know who I am downloading from Regards Jean
  17. Hi Ken As promised I said I would let you know when I installed Windows SP3. All worked smoothly. Took about half an hour. Backed files up first First I went to Start/All Programs/Accessories/SystemRestore/ then created a restore point and then activated the download for SP3 during the SP3 download a file backup was automatically done. I do have a pentium proccessor. Thank you for your help Jean
  18. Hi yachtsman and ken Thank you both for your help. I have read info Ken and need to look again at it to thoroughly understand it. On my older machine that has a pentium processor but does not have PTE the SP3 download went smoothly with no hiccups My other machine which has PTE on has the following processor so when I pluck up courage to download SP3 on this machine I will let you know the outcome I have an IntelĀ®PentiumĀ®D CPU 2.8GHz processor Manufacturer Genuineintel Thank you both once again for your continued help. I love PTE Jean
  19. I have typed in on the search making a fresh windows disk and it comes up no results found please could you please advise Jean
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