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  1. cead

    Time Range

    Thanks again Dave, Please continue with this kind of explanation (video). Regards, Frans
  2. cead

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a good and healthy 2019 for everyone ! Frans
  3. cead


    Igor, Thanks for the quick solution. Regards, Frans
  4. cead


    LS, What could be the cause that some MP4 videos can not be converted by PTE ? Regards, Frans
  5. cead

    HD Video As Good As EXE....

    Hi Lin, Your HD video runs excellent on my PC (Windows 10, 32bit, Intel Core2 Quad). But only with the Pot Player media player; unfortunately with all other media players (VLC, Windows, etc.) you can not do it (jerky, cubes, etc.) What can be the reason here? Regards, Frans
  6. cead

    Entering License Key

    Hi Caveolk, This is the website you need: https://www.wnsoft.com/en/picturestoexe/ Regards, Frans
  7. cead


    Can't find the page !
  8. cead

    Critical Sound Volume Changes

    I too agree with Barry. It is a whole job to set the correct percentage of the audio track. Frans
  9. cead

    Large Demo Of Styles

    Lin, thank you for this fantastic and useful 'tool' ! Regards, Frans
  10. cead

    Arras 100

    Nice report Trailertrash. Regards, Frans
  11. cead

    UltraHD video output

    Davegee, The fact that the UHD MP4 on my laptop is not running properly is probably the combination display, processor and memory (not enough). Frans
  12. cead

    UltraHD video output

    A UHD MP4 does not play on a 64 bit laptop with a 1920x1080 screen. This is perhaps the memory of the laptop ?? A 'normal 1920x1080' mp4 plays fine. Frans
  13. cead

    Canvas Wrap Style

    Thanks Dave for the ptestyles.
  14. cead

    3D-animation demo in 2K on Vimeo

    Hello, Very nice quality (2K) ! Regards, Frans