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  1. Hi Igor, Sorry about that. Have reposted in the troubleshooting section.
  2. Really pleased with the upgrade. Can you check the chroma key, as my green screen video clips no longer become transparent, but just dims the video. The colours I generally use use are Blue and green, in the new version of PTE Pro 10 AV Studio . Am I missing something?
  3. Hi Igor, Really pleased with the upgrade. Can you check the chroma key, as my green screen video clips no longer become transparent, the colours I use are Blue and green, in the new version of PTE Pro 10 AV Studio . Am I missing something?
  4. V9 will be ready when it's ready, no point in pilling on the pressure. I for one would like a polished diamond on release rather than a rough stone with loads of updates, because they rushed it out.
  5. Hi Yachtsman1 We all work in different ways, I respect your approach but its not for me. I always take my pictures at the maximum size as I use them in many different ways, I do post process them but I don't ever change the size of the originals. I make copies and then resize those to meet my needs. Which is why I am suggesting that it would be good if PTE had the facility to do the grunt work for me.
  6. HI DG I certainly would not advocate the over writing of the original files, once resized they should get saved off as new images, in their resized state, renamed as the original file name but with an addition to the name, maybe a simple alpha, number increment, PTE could create a subdirectory under the original directory and stick them in there.
  7. Hi Yachtsman1 I agree that a menu system would be really good, I believe that with a bit of work on Igor's part the DVD menu system, could be employed to create a front end menu solution to drive a list of exe files. It would also then be very customisable by the user.
  8. Hi All Thanks for your comments, I don't disagree with comments about retaining quality within the image its important. However, I feel that you may have misunderstood my intention, what I am proposing is an option for PTE to resize the images, it my not be appropriate in every case. The request is for it to be an option that can be switched on and off as required. A typical use may be when you want to put something together real fast, with a couple of fades you can drop the images into PTE, with the desired screen size set, straight from the camera file which in my case would be approx 9 MB with image pixel size of 3456 X 5184. So in one hit I have placed the over sized file, created my slide show and PTE does the resizing and optimisation based one the way I have set up my slide image based on the screen size that's been set zoom etc.
  9. I believe I am like most, in sizing the images prior to using them in PTE so as to optimise the performance of a slide show. I think it would be a productivity boost if it were possible to set your desired screen size i.e. 1024 X 768 for example and then to be able to drop your full size images in (doing away with pre resizing) , set the image as you want it within the slide and for PTE to optimise the image based on the parameters set . Also options to Auto fit, stretch, crop and do nothing to be able to set preferred default for this feature.
  10. I am surprised that in version 8 that network navigation to a drive is not available. You can of course map a drive to a NAS storage device for example, but it would be so much better, in my opinion if you could just navigate across the network to the desired location or am I missing something? I appreciate that it has never been available to the best of my knowledge within Picturetoexe to date.
  11. You may need to down load the latest drivers. Everything you need to know or download is on these pages http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/h1/software/
  12. I thought I would share this with you, the Zoom H1 with the latest V2 firmware will connect directly to your computer. With the latest version of firmware V2 you can use this recorder as a micraphone to record directly into PTE. This gives you a high quality Micraphone. Also works with Audacity in the same way. All that is requiredis that you connect you Zoom H1 to the USB port (Had it Working with a 15' USB Cable) once connected start PTE hit the project options button, select music, hit the mic button, then select paramiters and select the Zoom H1 in the drop down recording devices. In Audacity use the prefrences option. Hope this is of interest to someone. Zoom H1 great device been using it for over a year now and its great for getting good quality sound for AV's.
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