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  1. nobeefstu

    MP4 Files

    Is the PTE project file you are trying to make a DVD created on an older-previous version of PTE ... and not the latest PTE version download ? Note: If the project file was built in an older PTE version : * Open the older project file in the new PTE program version ... then perform a File| Save-As to a new project filename. * Open the new Save-As file and try your DVD burn compilation again.
  2. Igor, Will the EXE compiled slideshow also only be encoded as 64 bit playback? *Some of my customer/client OS are still using 32 bit. * Video output will not substitute ... as the EXE slideshows have alot of manually executed options.
  3. jackie, I agree with Dave that you most likely burned a Data Disc with your Windows Explorer. Your ISO file can be directly burned to a DVD Disc in the video format using the feature within PTE/Video Builder. Open Video Builder and select Burn ISO from the File Menu. (See Image Attached)
  4. Igor, This happens with all projects. I have attached a zip file containing a sample project with 3 custom windows. Included is text file describing the scenarios and 2 images of before and after delete. Thanks Project1 test custom.zip
  5. Igor, v9.0.16 Another issue has been experienced in relation to Custom Windows. The Project Options - Custom Windows - Listed names will not delete/remove permanently from the selection list. Initially they appear to delete ... but upon returning to the option they remain in the list.
  6. Igor, v9.0.16 It appears the Button Objects created in the Custom Window/Editor remain visually static during the mouse-over and mouse-click positions of the buttons.The buttons do perform the command actions correctly.. *Text within the buttons perform correctly as intended with mouse-over and mouse-click positions. *Button Objects perform correctly when created in O&A Editor. -- *Previous v9 builds I have tested the buttons do not perform correctly with Button Objects created in a Custom Window/Editor. So the issue has been around for awhile. *Previous v8.22 build - buttons perform correctly as intended with mouse-over and mouse-click positions.in Custom Window/Editor
  7. For those interested ... I have attached a ZIP file to help those with my way of running single/multiple slideshows from a menu. I made it user friendly from a copy of my own stock. Study it, play with it, and review the settings. Once you get the idea and workings of the file ... .many of the objects are not required and should to be deleted in a final build. *All that is required on your part is to supply 3 Slideshows.EXE following the filenaming as detailed in the ReadMe txt Enjoy ... let me know if any questions or file issues arise Menu_Single_All.zip
  8. willemx, If we eventually get a standalone PTE PLayer which Igor has his mind on ... we probably do not need the possibility within PTE Program. Hopefully its options would also include such multiple playback features just like other media players. Something to think about. Read this Post/Topic.
  9. The 1st slide Run Command issue has been around for quite awhile (several versions ago). ... but its not a bug as per Igor's response on the matter at that time. It was described as a unavoidable logical issue on 1st slide startup during program improvements/development. Note: Add Blank Slide to 1st slide position and avoid using Run Command in Slide Options. Use 2nd slide position to start using the Run Command.
  10. You may find some helpful hints/ suggestions in reading this old post about making slideshows play consecutively. *Note about the old post: the Project Settings were made with older builds/versions of PTE ... therefore some options/settings in v9 builds of may not be available (example: Non-Exclusive Full Screen Mode is not officially available, however it is possible unofficially if you feel you require the option. As per Igor: Open .pte project file in the Notepad in the section [main] Find the following line (or add this line if you didn't find it) and set to "1". opt_scr_noexclusive=1
  11. Erik, You may want to read this old posting to see if it suitable to you needs to linking exe's. *it allows consecutive playback without user actions You could even make the controlling project file play the consecutive linked exe's continuously by Repeat option in Project options. *The setting uses Run Application option which can momentarily promote desktop/taskbar flash on some OS.
  12. Gary, Think about it .... Win EXE and the Mac APP have many more benefits and playback options available to the user and creator than that of a simple playback MP4. MP4 has its limitations. MP4 video doesnot allow user interaction for manual control, click & button actions. runslideshow actions, and the list goes on. *My users of Mac slideshows have not experienced any suggestion to "download an app to play the show" . My only thought is that maybe your user has not unzipped the package normally ?
  13. RobC, My review of your slideshow and project file indicates your settings used for all the 44 slides "Wait for Key Press" ... makes your playback operation entirely manual. Therefore, there is no freezing of the shows operation ... you have made it that you must manually click to advance each and every slide to continue. There is no slide settings made by you that enable partial auto-play of particular slide segments. *Adjust your Slide Options to to enable partial manual playback and partial auto-playback as you require. See attachment
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