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  1. Automatisch

    Erik, You may want to read this old posting to see if it suitable to you needs to linking exe's. *it allows consecutive playback without user actions You could even make the controlling project file play the consecutive linked exe's continuously by Repeat option in Project options. *The setting uses Run Application option which can momentarily promote desktop/taskbar flash on some OS.
  2. How to play on a MAC?

    Gary, Think about it .... Win EXE and the Mac APP have many more benefits and playback options available to the user and creator than that of a simple playback MP4. MP4 has its limitations. MP4 video doesnot allow user interaction for manual control, click & button actions. runslideshow actions, and the list goes on. *My users of Mac slideshows have not experienced any suggestion to "download an app to play the show" . My only thought is that maybe your user has not unzipped the package normally ?
  3. Freezing

    RobC, My review of your slideshow and project file indicates your settings used for all the 44 slides "Wait for Key Press" ... makes your playback operation entirely manual. Therefore, there is no freezing of the shows operation ... you have made it that you must manually click to advance each and every slide to continue. There is no slide settings made by you that enable partial auto-play of particular slide segments. *Adjust your Slide Options to to enable partial manual playback and partial auto-playback as you require. See attachment
  4. Joining projects

    RobC, It is not possible to join 2 or more projects files. You can however use the Project Option -“Run application or slideshow on exit” provides a feature to enable a subsequent application to run on completion of a show. This feature can be used to chain a number of shows together into a single continuous process. *Each slideshow project is separately compiled and then linked to another compiled slideshow ... thus joining thru linking the individually compiled slideshows during the playback operation. *Run Slideshow option requires same version build of linking executables. * Run Application can be used for linking different version builds .... however sometimes there can be possible seamless | visual issues that are unpleasing.
  5. Default Font

    Mick, Currently this feature is not implemented in v9 ... Igor is working on a solution. Previous v8 releases had Save and Use Default feature which made setting a default font possible ( along with other default possibilities) Read Topic * You will have to utilize the Favorite Fonts listing that builds atop the the fonts selection scroll combobox as a alternative in the meantime
  6. error

    Jacek, Have you ever tried to uninstall and then reinstall your PTE program version to verify if your issue still persists ? * The new | reinstall of PTE program will at least assure you that all the program files | components are all fresh in their proper place and in good working order. Test and verify your Publish to EXE again.
  7. mp4 conversion problems

    Brian, Another thing also to consider is your video player (software) used for MP4 playback. What is your current video player on your PC? * Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is recommended for MP4 video files
  8. Save default text

    peterf, Igor has suggested future plans to create expanded text features. The idea of a text effect component would offer various options to control and manipulate text objects and include other necessary text properties, settings, and presets.
  9. Gary, Your FileName and/or FilePath had spaces between the names .... such as your file named Zafferana Etnea.exe has a open space. The "quotes" are a Windows thing thats been around for a long, long time. The "quotes" enable Windows to read past open spaces in FilePaths and FileNames ... otherwise Windows will stop reading the FileString when it happens upon a open file space, giving you a file not found you received. * You can getaway without "quotes" if your Zafferana Etnea.exe (with spaces) was named Zafferana_Etnea.exe (which the underscore resolves the space issue) * PTE always looks for relative file locations if it cannot find the absolute FilePath. This is true for EXE execution and for PTE project resource files ( this is why project backup zip works even though the PTE file has original FilePaths) * You best option when creating your Run Slideshow projects is just to use FileNames only with no FilePath string. This way when you send out the group of EXE(s) to other users PC or DVD Disc etc ... they can run the shows as long as they remain relative to each other ( other PC users wont have the same FilePaths as your PC when they individually unzip them.) * PTE does insert the "quotes" automatically no matter the open space or not ... its good practice to keep them in place if you start editing the FileString. Adding Paramerters to FileStrings is a different story when dealing with "quotes"
  10. Gary, I also tested the Run Slideshow option ... both slideshows linked and worked correctly with no issues.. I never use file path strings in the entries, just the file name *Both slideshow(s) EXE must be in the same relative location. (or the same folder)
  11. PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    jimlarkey, As Dave said above, Igor plans to update video codecs in a future version. I dont know if that means a future v9 update build or a t future upgrade version. However what ever the case may be .... I have workaround solution that you can use in the immediate meantime. Publishing AVI|MP4 video without sound or music Create a 1 sec MP3 music file that is completely silent. Add the silent MP3 as you would normally add any music to your PTE project. Publish your AVI | MP4 slideshow. *TV-USB -Both videos play properly ( no audio codec messages) *BluRay-USB - MP4 video plays properly. AVI video is still unsupported ---- If you are looking for smaller file size, the Mp4 is your better bet vs an AVI. (You are also getting the better quality out of MP4) Also, as Dave has said ... it quite rare to create a slideshow without music.But I guess anything should be possible if it fits our needs.
  12. PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    Dave, v 9.08 ..build from scratch with 3 image no sound. Published AVI and MP4. * Samsung TV - Both AVI & MP4 files played but had "Not Supported Audio Codec" * Samsung BluRay - AVI was unsupported with no playback. MP4 played but with "Not Supported Audio Codec" ----- v8.22 build * Samsung TV - Both AVI & MP4 files played fine with no codec messages * Samsung BluRay - AVI was unsupported with no playback. MP4 played fine with no codec messages. Conclusion: * There is something definitely a-miss in the compilation of video files (Mp4 | AVI) without audio inserted when built with v9.08. Both files display no audio codec info in properties and when played on TV-USB display "Not Supported Audio Codec" message. * v8.22 appears to correctly produce MP4 | AVI without audio inserted and playback on TV-USB without codec messages. Both files display audio codec info in properties. * BluRay-USB is a different monster of its own on what it wants to play. * Igor will need to investigate this video compilation issue in v 9.08 builds vs v8.22
  13. (Solved) Help needed From Win XP Users

    Ronnie, Yes. XP allows user control .... newer OS control the user
  14. PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    I did some checking with this AVI file on my Samsung BluRay player and Samsung TV. * Samsung BluRay player said the AVI file was unsupported. *Samsung TV played the AVI file ... but message display indicated "Not Supported Audio Codec" Tests I opened PTE and dropped in just the original AVI file. Re-Published as a new AVI file @ 800x600 30p. * Samsung BluRay player and Samsung TV played the new AVI just fine without any message issues.. .
  15. DVD menu, how to come back to the menu ?

    At the moment ... I can only suggest you test your DVD Disc on a friends or neighbors DVD player to verify its results. This would help to deduct if your own player works indifferent and/or the possibility some of the remotes buttons/features are failing. * You commented that your own DVD player with a commercial DVD was "able to manage in different way to come back to the menu"