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  1. Mid Thames AV Group

    MTAV are delighted to advise you all that Malcolm Imhoff FRPS FACI (M) will be their guest speaker at their Annual AV day on the 30th April 2017 in Wokingham. For further information please contact mtavsec@virginmedia.com mtavsec@virginmedia.comvirginmedia.com
  2. Button in Object and Animation window.

    Thanks everybody. I think I might be there.
  3. Button in Object and Animation window.

    I will try it all out on my lap top instead of the desk top windows computer.
  4. Button in Object and Animation window.

    Thanks Send in the clowns worked after removing the Transparent selection but Thistlegorm and the Exit button still refuse to work and now come up with a Security warning even though I have disabled AVG which is what I use.
  5. Button in Object and Animation window.

    Hi Lin I attach the exe and pte files. The middle and the exit buttons seem to work but not the other two. Any ideas? I have tried to do it on four occasions each time with the same result. Menu 2.exe Menu 2.pte
  6. Button in Object and Animation window.

    Hi Lin I am using Version 8 and started from scratch this morning with a Jpeg image as the background upon which I placed the buttons. I will copy the exe file and prepare a template tomorrow and if you agree send it to you. I was asked to produce a memorial to a good friend who himself was a prolific Aver. It contains three of his AV's that I have downloaded into a new folder. Many thanks Mike
  7. I have always constructed a menu for an AV show by using the button in the object and animation window and the instruction 'open file etc' Using v8. For some unexplained reason the buttons are not working. What am I doing wrong?
  8. create a sunset

    Hi Barry My solution was two images one with the building illuminated and the other with it in darkness (both cut outs saved as PNG's) and suitable sky on a separate layer I then did a long dissolve between the two. I thought that the moving sun was a bit too cheesy.
  9. create a sunset

    Thanks Lin and Barry. I seem to have cracked it so thanks for your advice much appreciated.
  10. create a sunset

    I am trying to create a sunset behind a building. I have got the background sun moving as I require but cannot see how to change the brightness of the foreground building. I have tried to drop new images of the building suitably darkened into the time line of the animation but this does not work. Any ideas will be gratefully received.
  11. Printer problems

    Thanks Lin I will give that a try.
  12. Printer problems

    This is not a PTE problem but I am tearing my hair out with a problem with my Epson Stylus Photo R3000 printer. I am hopeful that one of my AV friends may be able to suggest a solution. My printer has a perfect nozzle check pattern yet all my prints have suddenly become excessively printed with a magenta cast. I have carried out numerous nozzle cleans to no effect. I thought it might be a profiling problem so have printed the same image using different profiles but they all come out the same. I have recently upgraded to Photoshop CC 2015 and also gone from OS X Mavericks to El Capitan on my I Mac 27. I have also reloaded / updated the driver for this printer again with no improvement. I use a continuous ink system that has performed perfectly for some years. Having felt that I have covered all the bases can anybody suggest where to go next.
  13. List of credits

    Thanks guys. Got there in the end.
  14. List of credits

    I am trying to format a rolling list of credits as per a film ending. Whilst I have lined them up in the typing window when the slide is shown they are all out of alignment. Is there any way to correct this? I have tried typing it in word then scanning the out put as a JPEG but that is not satisfactory. Ideas are welcomed.
  15. Mpeg 3

    Thanks. Might have guessed!