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  1. anthrodoc

    Happy New Year!

    Just saw "New Year" begin in Tokyo, on television-- it is still mid morning here in northeastern U.S., so I have a good part of the day left to prepare for tonight's celebration. Happy New Year to all here. It is great to "know" so many people from around the world, who are drawn together by the common interest of sharing creativity--around the wonderful work of Igor and friends. Best wishes, all! See you next year! Brian
  2. anthrodoc

    Just for fun

    It is 11:30 p.m. here in the eastern part of the U.S. Christmas is just about over at our household! We had 50 degree (F) weather today... felt more like spring, than winter. I live here in Rhode Island ("The Ocean State")--the state is so small that you can't get too lost when traveling in-state; just go about 15 minutes in any direction and you are in another state! Very best wishes to all! What a wonderful "community" here, that shares its talents and creativity. Thank you all! Brian
  3. anthrodoc

    New user

    ....just a note to those having trouble with registration keys.... Doing business over the internet can leave one feeling uneasy: "Am I being ripped off? Do the people on the other end really care about me as a customer?" etc. I have been using PTE for some time now (almost a year) and I am constantly amazed by the professional care and quality of Igor and friends, and their service. Once past the registration process, I can't imagine that you'll be disappointed by PTE. Welcome (and I am 'just' a customer).... Brian
  4. anthrodoc

    Multi shows distribution

    Can you say..."Prolific" ? ...and "Terrific," ? and "Magnific" (well... I wanted something that rhymed) I have to say... besides PTE-- which I've found quite useful in itself, and which I have promoted to quite a few friends-- I have been trying to become proficient with another piece of software that one can use to make a variety of multimedia tools... (for a number of reasons, it has taken me a long time to learn). It just so happens that it is the same software that you (Granot) are using. I can't decide if I am more impressed, or more intimidated, by your proficiency! Wonderful stuff-- and you just keep producing! Thanks! Brian
  5. anthrodoc

    Background Tutorial

    ... I can't read Russian-- but that made it even more interesting! Quite a nice slideshow. I got the main point(s) of the tutorial without reading the words. (And the music was stimulating, but relaxing at the same time). Thanks! On the technical side, I ran the slideshow on *my* computer (the slowest, the Win98 etc.) and half expected static of one sort or another. Instead, the slideshow ran smoothly, without a single problem. A tribute to the developer(s) of the software, and to Oleg's skillful production!
  6. anthrodoc

    Mac and EXE

    A Mac version is an interesting idea-- but I did finally get to use P2exe on a Mac laptop (souped up, with virtual PC) ....not worth the trouble. (I hate saying that, since I like Mac's so much, and P2exe as well. They just aren't a good fit right now). Brian
  7. anthrodoc

    presentation chokes

    Just a plug for the Wizard Boxig and his utility for menus... After I started doing family slideshows (I come from a BIG family!) I wanted to have a nice way to autorun a cd that would then give me a menu that I could use as an index to my growing slideshow collection. Boxig's CD menu was just the thing--- and I have found that it works well on even my puny P2 system... Daveo (and anyone not yet familiar)... Boxig's utilities are worth the effort to download and try out. Anthrodoc
  8. anthrodoc

    Make "P2E Shows" listing in menus

    I just did the search, and found a whole bunch of exe files (including my sound volume control!) that seem to match the search criteria! Too many in fact to be an effective way to sort out picturestoexe created files. Am running WinME (yes.... I know, I know.... don't laugh!) Brian
  9. anthrodoc

    Beechbrook Cottage

    It is Wed. night (8:40 p.m. eastern time) and I could not reach beechbrook. I also did a "tracert" on the address, and it said "unable to resolve that address." I did the same for a number of other addresses, and they went through OK. Brian
  10. anthrodoc

    PTE Backup Program

    ...should I wrap it in duct tape and plastic, just to be safe?
  11. anthrodoc

    photo management

    Access does accept images and/or other multimedia files. The caution, however is that by storing the actual images within the database itself, it can quickly grow to an enormous size. It is often recommended that images not be stored as objects in a database, but instead that their names go there, to be linked to their corresponding files. Of course then, this could be accomplished not only with commercial db's like Access, but also with opensource such as mysql (a very highpowered db in itself). Brian
  12. anthrodoc

    Icon for an EXE and AVI movie calling

    I have not used the following, so I don't know if it is exactly what you are talking about, but at the link below there is an avi2exe converter.... Brian
  13. anthrodoc

    pictures to exe. on an Imac?

    Sorry for the long delay..... my son went back to school, his friend no longer has a phone number, and this has become the most frustrating "experiment".... that should have been so simple! (But I just helped my son, long distance, troubleshoot his music equipment (connected to his PC) so he owes me one!).... I haven't forgotten this question, though by now Alan's immediate need for an answer is long past. (Sorry Alan!) Brian
  14. anthrodoc

    Mega project: 380 MB (1)

    I am getting much out of this discussion! Thanks, all! My question goes to Ken's last point: I have seen reponses on here at times about optimum picture quality on computer screens-- and quality "overkill"; is there a point in a jpg or gif past which more density is just extra weight? On the one hand, it seems to me that even with some of my own, fairly low-end images, PTE does a nice job of smoothing and sharpening, without much intervention on my part. On the other hand, after shrinking some hefty bmp's to 100 k jpegs, and projecting these onto a giant projector screen through an overhead LCD, I have been quite impressed by the maintenance of image quality (for my purposes). Are there technical limits (with or without PTE) beyond which "more" density in the image is just not useful? (I ask this too because one of my first PTE shows on my home desktop was a real oinker-- and it would barely run. Then when I worked at reducing jpg sizes, trimming (and merging) mp3's etc., all with the great coaching found here in the forum, I found I had little trouble with subsequent shows on just about any system I was using. Brian
  15. anthrodoc

    How to make nice menu buttons?

    I followed that post by Jim, about Zpaint.... What a treasuretrove of stuff in that direction! (some of it is PTE related and some is not). But Thanks! I would highly recommend following that tangent some time! Brian