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  1. This autolink v2 sounds very much like what I am looking for. I went to beechbrook site but did not see a link to utilities. Where can I find it?
  2. garrry4

    Copying photos from PtoExe

    Are you talking about the DigiMark thing in Photoshop, or just an overlay with a copyright notice?
  3. garrry4

    Copying photos from PtoExe

    "Reasonable" is in they eye of the beholder. Or checkholder as the case may be.
  4. garrry4

    Eliminate gap between songs

    Thanks. Yes, it is exactly the gaps between the songs. Not noticable when you listen to the disk but when two slides go by in silence it's seems like an eternity. I bookmarked the page but I would love to find some freeware too, or perhaps something in the neighborhood of $25. I don't need anything as sophisticated as cooledit appears to be.
  5. garrry4

    Show is too large

    Thanks, I should probably send you a check for all the time you just saved me.
  6. There is a five second gap after one of my song ends and another begins. How do I fix this?
  7. garrry4

    Show is too large

    This is great software, just registered it last week and I love it. I'm a photographer. I want to break my slide show into parts and then have a welcome screen with buttons. "Click Here" to see Part A, "Click Here" to see part B. etc etc. Also a button they can click and have each part of the show run consecutively. I'm still working on the show so I haven't had a chance to try and figure it out myself. I suspect I will need another piece of software to do it but if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.