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  1. Hi, In latest version (9.0.21), looks like MP4 file with H265 codec are not useable with PTE. In thumbnails windows, thumbnail is blank and can't be used in timeline. Regards
  2. IMPORTANT If you have a key similar to this one AzErtyuihjvbgf;:mlopkj0çkji%xw<thisisnotavalidkeysorryforthis!:4(,.Ts3éZqWcV; You have to copy your licence key with [PTE] with KEY END line, like this : [PTE] AzErtyuihjvbgf;:mlopkj0çkji%xw<thisisnotavalidkeysorryforthis!:4(,.Ts3éZqWcV; ------ KEY END --------------------------------------------------- Here is a remind of your txt file licence key : How to install the Standard or Deluxe license key: 1. Download and install the latest version of PicturesToExe Deluxe from http://www.wnsoft.com 2. Run PicturesToExe. 3. The program will ask for the license key. Click "Load a Key" button. 4. Copy the license key above (including both the KEY BEGIN and the KEY END lines) and paste into the window of PicturesToExe. 5. Click "Activate" button. Hope this will help. I had to admit this was a tricky thing before to succeed. Regards Alain
  3. Works well with Media Player Classic Home Cinema but not with QuickTime (as suggested in PTE Creating HD video windows). If this can help to understand the problem and may be fix a PTE problem, Here is how it behaves with QuickTime. when HD video is played, there is a black screen. (time cursor is running) when I pause video, an fixed image is displayed. (where video has been stopped.) if I start (keep going) video, time cursor is running but not video, just same previous fixed image. if I pause again, a fixed image is again displayed (where video should have stopped) Hope this will help to solve the problem.
  4. I haven't yet used seriously PTE, Only for beta testing or debugging it, but thought this was fully done (music and any other infos used in slide show) by "File/Create backup in Zip".
  5. Hi, In slide list, on right clic on image, it would be nice to have in menu "Open picture folder". By this way, it will be easier to select images "on the fly" from same selected directories images. This assume that a drag & drop (from an external explorer window) to slide list works.
  6. ok, I thought (expected) it was possible to do this "in the fly" by drag&drop images from external explorer windows. After that, when project is finished to select all images and copy them in a directory, which is done with File/Create backup in Zip.
  7. Following my tests, an mpg4 (3.7Mb) was correctly created with "Publish on Youtube". This file is correctly readable with QuickTime. Seems there is some problems with "Create HD video for PC Mac" (?)
  8. Well, some fixed snapshots are sometimes displayed (not a slide show) at the end of playing (35 sec). (mpeg4 is 20mb) mmh, it's probably time to upgrade my video card / computer ! ?
  9. Hi, V6.0beta19 (Win XP SP3) : unable to create a valid HD video. With a (test) slide show (one picture with some test effects), I tried to create a HD video for PC and Mac. Mp4 file has been succefully created with default presets (Sd & Medium quality) but I'm not able to see anything in Quicktime player. (even with latest download : I guess, i missed something because I couldn't create a valid HD video with 5.6.4 (video builder registrered), neither with 6.0 beta 19 (video builder demo version). Any ideas ?
  10. Hi Peter, Seems that my previous message was not clear enough. Ctrl+C/Ctrl+v or drag and drop is from another explorer windows, not from PTE folders directories. Example : Inside an explorer window I do "Copy". but inside PTE slide list, "Paste Ctrl+V" is greyed. (not available!) Same for Drag and drop : Drag from an external explorer window, drop to PTE slide list. (A forbiden icon (Round + /) is displayed.)
  11. Hi, I was a bit surprised of drag and drop limitations in PTE. well, I can't drag a picture from a directory and drop it inside slide list. a missing feature ? a limitation ? a bug ? It would be nice to do this. (specially when your directory is already openned and when path of this directory is quite very long and not so easy to find it again in tree list. ) Neither Ctrl+c (in directory) and Ctrl+v (in slide list) works !!! (missing feature? a bug ?)
  12. Hi, In main PTE page project, in tree list, it would be nice, under "desktop" icon to display shortcuts which are available in desktop computer. In my case, On my computer desktop, i have several shortcuts which points at several applications like pictures, etc, etc. but this desktop shortcut is not seen from desktop icon in tree list. Would be nice to add this tiny feature.
  13. I totally agree with you. I have been away (from A&O) for a while and thought to find such feature in V6.0 beta xx but seems that I (we) will have to wait a bit more to see this feature (and also others very usefull) implemented in PTE. Compares at V5.6.4, V6.0 beta xx has quite a lot of interesting features.
  14. Do you mean in "Key Frame time" box ? Well, when a keypoint is selected, I'd like with keyboard to move and change settings time keypoints (without to use mouse). I think this would be easier and much more convenient to do this through keyboard, specially when you have to move several keypoints.
  15. mmmh, not sure to understand your answer. Did I missed something with keypoint/keyboard.
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