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  1. [Utility 4 PTE] ShowVideoPTE

    RalphA Try to rename video 10 to be 11, it might be the zero makes problem, who knows. Granot
  2. [Utility 4 PTE] ShowVideoPTE

    RalphA It works fine on version 5.0 if compiled to exe. But on my pc it does not run the "HideShowTB.exe" after last slide (?). BTW, if you upload a new file, please upload only the pte and not the whole 54 MB. Granot
  3. [Utility 4 PTE] ShowVideoPTE

    RalphA, On slide 2 you have too many spaces between parameters. Do not include video with number 0, start with 1. Run HideShowTB.exe from project options (see: Readme) and not on last slide, and change the 1 to 0 in this line "opt_runapponexitiflastslide=1" before compiling. Granot
  4. [Utility 4 PTE] ShowVideoPTE

    Since I made some changes an hour after uploading the new version, and than uploaded again, please download current version just to be sure you have the latest. Please notice these examples of the command: nobeefstu, Thanks for the check. As I undersand there are only two problems: 1. Taskbar flash on start and end of video play. 2. First slide does not always run the utility. ....to add my findings: 3. When go to previous slide, in most cases the PTE send the command of the slide you exit from and not of the silde you go to. As for taskbar problem we can use "HideShowTB.exe" to show it or add parameter 0 to hide it like this: HideShowTB.exe 0 On first slide: HideShowTB.exe 0 On project options,Advancsd, Run app after last slide: HideShowTB.exe To force PTE to run "HideShowTB.exe" (show) on exit (in case user do not reach the last slide) I remember the old way from old PTE version like this: open .pte file with Notepad and change this line opt_runapponexitiflastslide=1 to: opt_runapponexitiflastslide=0 Now open with PTE and compile. I will try to solve this problem in another way. As for first slide problem, I guess you can avoid run video on first slide. I don't know why this happens. As for the problem on going to previous slide, please let me know if you have any idea why is this. RalphA, See the commands above, do not include the ".avi" but only the file name (number). Granot
  5. [Utility 4 PTE] ShowVideoPTE

    I uploaded new version. Now you write all data in the PTE file, no need to include any other files. added full screen option. Here is from the Readme file: On your slide use "Run external application" to run "ShowVideoPTE.exe" with 2 or 4 parameters (notice the space between parameters). First parameter: Name of file (must be a number like 1.mpg, 2.avi, 3.mpg). Second parameter: 1 if full screen, 0 if not full screen, 2 if in center of screen. If 1 or 2 then no need for parameters 3 and 4. Example: ShowVideoPTE.exe 2 1 - (video named 2 will be displayed in full screen) Example: ShowVideoPTE.exe 3 2 - (video named 3 will be displayed in center screen) Third parameter: X position on screen. Forth parameter: Y position on screen. Example: ShowVideoPTE.exe 1 0 300 100 - (video named 1 will be displayed in x=300, y=100 position) Granot
  6. [Utility 4 PTE] ShowVideoPTE

    I will add an option for full screen. About the problem with the file numbers. Are you sure because it is ok on my PC. "half of full screen size" - did you use "VidSet.ini" or without it ? Granot
  7. [Utility 4 PTE] ShowVideoPTE

    This version does not write to a file. Should be compatible with Vista (I use XP so I can't try it). Granot
  8. Hi to all Due to many requests to this lost utility, I made a quick new version. Download ShowVideoPTE Please your comments and remarks here and i will try to improve it. boxig
  9. Need some help

    Jim, Ken & Lin, It's nice to come back and get so much help in only few hours. I couldn't guess in a million years this "secret" way for selecting file name as caption. Now I'll have to rely on my weak memory to remeber that icon Thank you all guys Granot
  10. Need some help

    Right ! But it is not supposed to be played as a slideshow. I wand to make video AVI file and use it with another application to select an audio file and go straight to that file. You probably guessed, it is a dictionary with audio files. It would be easier if I could go to a certain point in a MP3 file but I don't know how, and if it is possible at all. I found a free program to combine the files but it does not add silence (there is a one that does but it's not free). BTW, in older version I remember we could display the image name as a comment (but we can't make a video). Can we do the same in current version of PTE ? boxig
  11. Need some help

    Thanks Jim. My problem is that I have 20.000 sound files ! ! ! (...and I am too old and too lazy to do it one by one). BTW, if you know a program that can combine all sound files with silence interval between, that may do it. Many thanks boxig
  12. Need some help

    Hi I am trying to make a simple slideshow and don't know how to do it. Features: I have many wav files as background sound and I want to add 10 seconds of silence between the sounds. In other words, I don't want the next sound to start immediately after the previous sound ends. I want to add a different comment to each slide. What I am actually trying to do is to use PTE to make a sound player which will play many sounds one after the other (with 10 seconds pause) and display the name of the sound file as a comment. Thank you for any help boxig
  13. mp3 license ?

    Hi Stu, Good to meet you again and I hope all well and fine with you. Now that you said it, I think you solve a problem I had trying to extract music. It was a WAV converted to MP3 and than converted to OGG. I used a different program for each conversion. By the way, it looks like the free "audacity" is doing all jobs very well. Take care Granot
  14. mp3 license ?

    Lin, Yes, I found how to do it. Thanks Boogie, Stereo mix do the job. ken, Well, that was in 2004, and I have become older and more senile
  15. mp3 license ?

    Wow ! So much useful information from you all. I will surely check all options. Many many thanks. Granot