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    digital photography, photo manipulation and slide show creation. PTE is the perfect medium for displaying my work. I love to express & create emotion or a mood to my images with the use of transitions and music.
  1. would'nt work for me either - same as Yachtsman. Greg
  2. Maureen - Great show - Awesome sharpness!! What camera & lens are you using? Greg
  3. I loved this show - it's a keeper. HDR is perfect for these types of shots - great job. Greg Gordon
  4. Maureen - I echo Bill's comments re; Sharpness, colors and exposures. However, for me, I found the music a little out of place but still, a great sequence. Did you use a tripod for some of the shots in the cathedrals or were you using high ISO? Greg
  5. Janet - Awesome video and amazing work. I checked out you site - very impressive. I love fractals. PTE is the perfect vehicle to display this type of images. Greg Gordon
  6. Dave - Great sequence of images. I never get tired of pictures of the old world ruins. Like Paul, I would've liked to see more. I remember comments that you have made regarding slideshow length which is usually shorter is better. I don't always agree and in the case of this show, it was way too short, IMHO of coarse. Greg
  7. Lin - Sounds like you're having a blast playing with all these images. I have hundreds of Hubble images myself - simply amazing. It's almost impossible to comprehend the vast distances across space. Greg
  8. SPACE, MY FINAL FRONTIER. Lin - I love space scenes. Greg
  9. The last posts from "BEB" and "davegee' have me totally baffled. I wasn't trying to offend anyone, I was simply offering my thoughts based on the opening post. I don't know what the intent of "I mention my criteria and this sends you off at a tangent" by DG or "at least I upset someone" by BEB. I'm not condemning others for what they would like to see prior to downloading, I'm just pointing out that my criteria is not as intensive as others - it's no big deal, just a statement. Greg Gordon
  10. Dave - I guess I'm not so demanding as others. Like I said earlier, it's all about the title and the author. I don't need to know how many slides, the length of the show or the aspect ratio. If I held strong to the "need" to know as some do, I would miss out on a lot of good material. Eric said many times in the past that he would not download anything larger than 20 Mb. I remember thinking , how sad for him, he's the one missing out I'm happy to hear that he has raised his limit significantly. when I post a show, I include info relating to: title, file size, PTE version and a brief description. I feel no need to indicate the no. of slides or aspect ratio. I've included a screen shot of a portion of my websites slideshow download page. Greg
  11. If the slideshow title or topic interests me, I download it. If the show comes from an author that I usually admire there work, I download it. It's as simple as that. Greg
  12. Lin - when I can't get to sleep, I get back up and work on fractals. Like your animation. Greg
  13. It depends on what I'm going to do with any given image as to what Jpeg compression I choose. If the image is non-animated, I'll save at 8 but if there is animation involved, I choose 10. Most of my clients like to watch their shows on large TV's, thus the higher quality setting. The only down side of coarse, is the final file size but I'm OK with that. Aspect ratio for non-animated image is 1920x1080 however, for zoomed animated images, I may go as high as 3840x2160 to ensure that I don't go past 100% at either end of the zoom. PS It's nice that Eric has moved past the 20MB limit - good on ya! Greg
  14. I know that most users would like to do everything in PTE. When it comes to audio, I use "sound forge". It is a great stand alone program which I have been using for many years. In the case of overlapping music pieces, I create the fade out of the first piece (2 steps with the mouse)then create the starting point of the second piece(could be a fade in or just at the original start of the piece - depending how I want to merge the two pieces together. I then copy the second piece to the clipboard and do a "mix" paste to where I want the 2 pieces to overlap. If I don't get the placement just right, I simply undo, move the cursor and reapply the mix. It works like a hot damn. Greg
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