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  1. Brian, As suspected I am at fault here. Perhaps I should have read your post more than once and more carefully thereby gaining a better understanding of what you said. I appreciate you not taking offence to my interpretation as none was intended. In short, to you and others who may have been offended by my reply post I do sincerely apologise. Mario
  2. Hereunder is the 'Mediafire Link' which I promised you. Its a small 'Travelog around Bavaria' Title: "Hol-2007" Hi Cornflow, I just viewed the show and frankly I'm a little dissapointed. Please don't misinderstand, I'm not sure of your intention here. If it's about the camera, well, I'm not overly impressed although you do have good equipment. In fact it's the eye behind it which counts and I'd say you do have an eye for taking photographs. If it's about the slideshow, then as I know you've been here for quite a while I know you could have done much better. What was the the hurry? Your transition types were too many. Stick to two or three transitions and blend your photographs with feeling. There is no feeling in my opinion in this slideshow. PTE is capable of so much you haven't taken advantage of. In short, do it again and I'd be happy to download it again. I could have replied or not, saying how nice it is, but I think you're after an honest opinion and my opinion is you CAN do better much better. So get cracking my friend and impress us. I wish to make it clear, I do not wish or have the right to put you down or insult you as it is not my intention and I'm anxious to see take two. Constructively Yours Mario
  3. Hi again folks, When I go to the link I'm taken to the first of three pages. 1st page = Enter email adsress and name 2nd page = Membership options 1,2&3 years. This displays Visa, Mastercard & American Express options 3rd page = Submit, asking to enter credit card details I didn't see on any page an option to just download the program. In anycase I'm taking Lin's recomendation about the program and googled up a site where I was able to download the program If the program is as good as you say Lin, I thank you for the tip. Windows media player is such a pain when it won't play things because of missing codec's Thanks all and a belated Happy New Year
  4. Hi all, I too am not pleased with Windows Media Player. I went to the link you supplied to obtain the VLC player you suggested, but have I missed something? It appears that it's not free at all, but only found this out after handing over my name and email address. Is it free or not? Kind Regards, Mario
  5. Hi, Sorry to see such a lack of response. You may like to look at the Beckham DVD tutorials, www.beckhamdigital.co.uk I found the 'Getting started' and 'Animation Special' dvd's most helpful and well worth the price. They address well the sizing and moire issues. Mario
  6. Hello Brian, I read your reply with interest even though as yet I don't run Vista. I'm computer savy but not as much as I'd like to be. Could you elaborate more on your 'remedy'? paritcularly the part about the 'auto run program' you mention so to clarify my understanding. Regards, Mario
  7. Thanks Ray, It appears that the addon is for the 'The dom Photo Album'. Thanks for the help, Mario
  8. When first aquiring PTE I downloaded as many tutorials as posible (as one does) lol Amongst my many downloads I have found a zip file called Silva-PhotoAlbum-AddOn.zip. Anyone know where I can find the Album? I don't remember where I found the addOn zip file. I'm also looking for PTE_Components_Tut_01.zip if it exists as I have 02.zip Mario
  9. Hi Bohemia, Further to Brian's reply to you. I've learn't that if you structure yourself before making a slideshow, things will go much smoother for you. By this this I mean you first create a file folder structure. Below is what I do BEFORE creating a slideshow. I make these folders; My SlideShow (name of my slideshow -Root or mother folder) | |___Master Images (my original photos) |___Layered Images (original photos I've manipulated ie photoshop, paintshop pro etc..) |___Resized Images (original photos resized and to use in my slideshow) |___Music for slisdeshow (music to be used in my slideshow) |___Project Folder (where I save my .PTE file and later my .exe file) This means everything for my slideshow is in the one place. I learn't this from the Beckham cd's and is very good practice. Mario
  10. Hello Dave, I've not created a screen saver in PTE but I can tell you what little I know until you get a more knowledgable answer. I assume PTE creates as you say a .scr file. This .scr file is copied or pasted into your system 32 folder. That is (assuming the screensaver has been created correctly). all there is to it. Right click on your desktop, select screensaver and it should be listed there, just select it and adjust settings. Mario
  11. Thanks Lin, I was wondering how photographers sell thier images when supplying a dvd sldeshow instead of a physical album. Supplying an album would be more practicle than a slide show in many cases them. Yes, I'm in Oz. Mario
  12. Much has been said regarding resizing slides, but most of the posts I've read are concerned with resizing according to ones monitor resolution. Would the same settings be valid when playing the show on a television? I resize my slides to suit my monitor which is 1280 x 1024 x 72 px. Although looking fine on my monitor, when I play the show on my tv it looks a little soft. I'd welcome comments on creating slides/SShow to be viewed on a television set which retains sharpness and crispness. Mario
  13. Thanks LIn With what you've written above, together with and after viewing the 'dothis.exe' and rotational 'tutorial' I can actually now say I understand. Thanks so much to you and the others that replied. Mario WAP!
  14. Hi Lin, I read your reply on the 25th I don't know how many times, but didn't make sense to me, all this zoom in zoom out stuff. Read it again on the 26th still seemed confusing. It was the child zooming in to compensate for the parents zooming out that got me wich still left me non the wiser. Read it again this morning 27th and it finally dawned on me what you were trying to say, although I haven't tried it yet it somehow for some reason sounds very clear and understandable. Seems my brain is on a three day timer! Better have that seen to aye! Thanks all Mario
  15. What version have you got and was it a nine digit code or the 11 digit code?
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