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  1. jimlarkey

    Default Font in Captions

    Thanks Lin....I learned a lot of details from your video.
  2. jimlarkey

    PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    Yes Igor, all of the Tablet presets play in my Blu-ray player. Thanks.
  3. jimlarkey

    PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    Thanks again nobeefstu. "So what's the trick to getting the PTE files to play on a relatively new Blu-ray player?".......1-sec blank audio....it works!! Cheers
  4. jimlarkey

    PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    Ahhh, good to know nobeefstu. Thanks for the diagnosis. Look forward to an update on PTE to address the problem.
  5. jimlarkey

    PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    I don't see that in the Blu-ray user guide, maybe I missed it? I did 800x600 to get a minimal file size to attach to post. 1280x960 doesn't work, as well as 1920x1080. Thanks for the followup, but I'll use MovieMaker...that does work. Cheers
  6. jimlarkey

    PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    Don't bother Dave. Just thought there might be a quick solution, something I overlooked in PTE. Clearly PTE mp4/avi works on desktop, so it's probably a bug in the Blu-ray player. I can easily use Movie Maker. Cheers
  7. jimlarkey

    PTE won't play in Blu-ray Player

    Attached...."File is corrupt or unsupported" The USB ports on the Vizio flatscreen are on the back, , no light, and they are oriented so that the thumb-drive must be inserted flat to the panel, and have to find vacant one in the dark.......PITA. The Blu-ray is up front. Be nice if PTE would work in Blu-ray. Thanks again for your interest. Peak7790.avi
  8. Just have to ask you folks for help....why won't a test project that I've encoded with PTE as an avi file and a mp4 file on my thumb-drive, won't play on a 2-year-old Sony BDP-BX350 Blu-ray player? Files reported as "corrupt". Both files will play on my desktop proggies, like VLC, POTplayer, etc, but not the Blu-ray player. Specs of player in image. Alternatively, I can use M/S MovieMaker to encode mp4 and wmv files which play wonderfully on the Blu-ray player. So what's the trick to getting the PTE files to play on a relatively new Blu-ray player? Thanks in advance.
  9. jimlarkey

    Questions on License Keys

    That wasn't the key..."similar to". Thanks for the info Igor. Cheers, jim
  10. jimlarkey

    Questions on License Keys

    I've got a reg key that doesn't look anything like XXXXXXXXX-XXXXX-XXX. Specifically, similar to: "Key"="<...>" How do I enter the upgrade key? Thanks in advance. Cheers
  11. jimlarkey

    SOLVED....IPTC Captions Again...

    Thanks for being there, Lin.....you're right, the aspect ratio. Positioning the caption in "center" template shows up in the mp4 now. I'll play around with the bottom positioning to get it to work, now that I know it's the aspect ratio. And....thanks for the tip on Kantaris. It's a nice viewer, and I've switched. Cheers, Jim
  12. jimlarkey

    SOLVED....IPTC Captions Again...

    Sorry guys....just a brain fart...see edit.
  13. Using PTE v7.5, my IPTC captions: Appear on screen in PTE. Appear in avi video. Do not appear in mp4 video. Any thoughts on why no captions in mp4 video? Thanks & Cheers edit
  14. jimlarkey

    Display Captions in Metadata

    Thanks Lin, My apologies...I didn't drill-down far enough. I see that the templates are under "Insert templates"...obvious enough. Sorry guys. Cheers
  15. I know it's been discussed before, but just a friendly reminder that there are some of us that would like to see PTE optionally display embedded captions, in the upcoming release. I've been using Windows Live Movie Maker recently, just to create quick video, and really like the "Cinematic" effect on the EXIF/IPTC embedded captions. No, ctrl-C, ctrl-V won't do on all the slides. Thanks for your kind consideration...looking forward to this feature. Cheers.