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  1. This is a great feature as often I need to split a voice recording into paragraphs to go with the flow of the images. Thank you TC
  2. I must assume that as there has been no response that after each update this particular preference has to be reset. TC
  3. If you have set up preferences for the Light Screen in an earlier beta version and chose Import settings from that beta version when updating to the next beta version, the preferences still show the Light Screen selected but the default Dark Screen appears when opening PTE. To get back to the Light Screen you have to select Dark Screen and restart and then reselect Light Screen and restart. TC
  4. Just another tip which I guess is widely known, when in O&A and using several key frames the Play Head in the Timeline can be returned to the beginning by pressing the "Esc" key. TC
  5. Just created an mp4 video using the same settings as shown above to check it out on my PC and no problems were experienced in the process. Looking at your slide list there only appears to be one slide, is this an existing video in an alternative format that you are trying to create in mp4? Not sure if this would be a problem or not. TC
  6. Hi Igor, This appears to be a more complete beta version than PTE 9. It seems that there has been a great deal of attention to detail prior to it's release. I personally am not a fan of the dark theme but can see that it has appeal to others. I have opened up one of my slide shows created in an earlier version of PTE which includes a video clip and it certainly is much smoother in PTE 10. Many thanks to you and your team for yet another great update of PTE. TC_Leeds
  7. You might try the attached slide style. It's not exactly what you re looking for but it can be modified to suit Competition Style With Fades.ptestyle
  8. It would seem that somehow that the Slide Styles have been deleted. To get back to the status quo I had to delete the Slide Styles PTE thought were there and then recreate them. The Slide Styles previously imported and still remembered by PTE had to be deleted and re installed. Oh we do live and learn! TC
  9. For some reason I cannot access my own created Slide Styles and those imported from others do not appear in the lists. If I try and import them again it tells me the Slide Style already exists. If I try and import new slide styles they do not appear in User Styles or under the name of the creator. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PTE 9 but to no avail. HELP! TC
  10. Hi Igor, It has taken some time for me to update Windows 10 to the 1803 build on my Laptop. However, I am experiencing the same problem as many in that PTE sequences produced in PTE 9 will not run and display the Error message. I had anticipated that as suggested that by connecting to my projector via the HDMI cable and hiding the laptop screen, the problem would have been solved. Sadly this is not the case. I can Right Click and run using intel graphics but regardless of whether I am connected to an external monitor (projector) or not, sequences produced in PTE9 will NOT run by double clicking. The laptop is a Chillblast with an I7 processor and NVIDIA graphics card. Don't know how far we have got with this problem but it means that I cannot run a number of shows in.exe format from my laptop. This is a problem as I have to show various members sequences at a local event, some made in earlier versions of PTE (which will run OK) and some produced in PTE 9 (and they will not run). Hope this info helps TC
  11. Got it sussed, using by adding Text object and right clicking in Text object and selecting Text Comment. Saving the Slide Style and when used come up with the area for typing a caption!
  12. Is it still possible to create custom caption slide styles in PTE 9? TC_Leeds
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