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  1. Hi Igor, It has taken some time for me to update Windows 10 to the 1803 build on my Laptop. However, I am experiencing the same problem as many in that PTE sequences produced in PTE 9 will not run and display the Error message. I had anticipated that as suggested that by connecting to my projector via the HDMI cable and hiding the laptop screen, the problem would have been solved. Sadly this is not the case. I can Right Click and run using intel graphics but regardless of whether I am connected to an external monitor (projector) or not, sequences produced in PTE9 will NOT run by double clicking. The laptop is a Chillblast with an I7 processor and NVIDIA graphics card. Don't know how far we have got with this problem but it means that I cannot run a number of shows in.exe format from my laptop. This is a problem as I have to show various members sequences at a local event, some made in earlier versions of PTE (which will run OK) and some produced in PTE 9 (and they will not run). Hope this info helps TC
  2. tc_leeds

    Custom Caption SLide Styles

    Got it sussed, using by adding Text object and right clicking in Text object and selecting Text Comment. Saving the Slide Style and when used come up with the area for typing a caption!
  3. Is it still possible to create custom caption slide styles in PTE 9? TC_Leeds
  4. tc_leeds

    Canvas Size

    Hi Dave, Many thanks, I just couldn't fathom how to shift the Centre Point. I have now successfully replicated my previous Barn Door Transition All the best TC
  5. tc_leeds

    Canvas Size

    In a previous version of PTE I created the Barn Door Transition using 2 Slide 1's and used the canvas size option to reduce each one to 50% of the original size thus creating to two Barn Doors. This placed the centre point at the edge such that rotation of the doors took place from the right and left hand edges of the image. I have been trying to recreate this Transition in PTE 9 but Image Crop places the centre point back in the middle of the cropped image and there appears to be no Canvas Crop option. Bearing in mind this is in the Creating A Transition option, is it possible to shift the centre point to the edge of the cropped image? I hope that makes sense. TC
  6. tc_leeds

    iPhone Commentary

    a Hi Barry, Try this link to Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blue-Microphones-Snowball-Omnidirectional-Microphone/dp/B000EOPQ7E Not used one but have colleague who uses a similar USB microphone from the Samson range and gets good results. https://www.amazon.co.uk/samson-usb-microphone/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Asamson usb microphone TC
  7. tc_leeds

    Show Animation In Slide List

    Hi Dave, I had assumed that was what it meant but looking more closely I can now see the difference. TC
  8. Hi, Can anyone explain the feature "Show animation in Slide list - This enables animation in the slide list so that moving a slide from one position to another is animated" as it doesn't appear to make any difference if the box is selected or not in the System tab of Preferences. TC
  9. tc_leeds

    Splitter With Custom Styles & Transitions

    Yes, I've used some of them before. I tend to show beginners the ones not requiring an image and then move on to using ones with an image and then using O&A to create their own.
  10. tc_leeds

    Splitter With Custom Styles & Transitions

    Thanks for the styles. I have been playing around with Text Templates earlier today repositioning and adding zoom and fade in and out. It works really well and can be a suitable alternative to create a title slide. TC
  11. tc_leeds

    Splitter With Custom Styles & Transitions

    Hi Dave, That is nearly the same as the Slide Style I have created. There is only a slight difference in the figures but virtually the same effect. I have now carried out the same process on the laptop and it works well. I am giving a presentation on Sunday and wanted to show off as many of the features as possible and have been working through them for a while. Really helpful, thanks again. TC
  12. tc_leeds

    Splitter With Custom Styles & Transitions

    Hi Dave, Many thanks, for some reason I was not getting the "Splitter for background objects" option. Now created Slide Style using this feature and is working OK I've been playing around with this most of the afternoon. Will now try on Laptop and hopefully get it to function there. Many thanks TC
  13. tc_leeds

    Splitter With Custom Styles & Transitions

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. I Have used the right click option in O&A to no avail. The Main Image changes to Reference Image when I apply the Slide Style. It's baffling me! TC
  14. I am having trouble getting the Splitter feature to work with Custom Transitions and Slide Styles. I have created a Slide Style where the main image is set within a frame zooms for the full duration of the slide (10secs). There is a border (5px) around the frame and a drop shadow and the background is blurred (35%) with reduced opacity (70%) and a zoom of 105%. I have applied a Custom Transition that I have created making sure that the Use background from slide, Transparent background of slide and Dissolve are all selected. When applying the transitions there is no separation of the background image nor is it appearing as a dissolve. I am using version 9.0.7 with a Windows 10 PC. Can anyone help please? TC