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  1. For whatever reason picturetoexe does not want to connect to youtube. I even changed my password it still dos not work.
  2. I have been using PicturesToExe for several years now. Not as an expert, but more like a keen amateur, taking pictures of special events and putting them together with nice effects and music. Thank you very much to the developers for their work and enthusiasm. Sarolta from Hungary
  3. Yes, I do want to have the new version of video builder, or de-lux, and no, I did not find an "upgrade" option. OK. Igor, what shall I do? Thank you for your prompt reply Sarolta
  4. I'm also confused. I have bought a de-lux version, some time ago (2007) since then I do try to upgrade to the latest version, and it is only now, that I can not use the software to its full. OK. I understand, I have to buy an "upgrade licence", but how do I go about it? I could not find an easy way to do it. Thanks for your help Sarolta
  5. Dear Colin, Thank you very much for your kind words, yes, I do appreciate help and advice. I like making slide-shows, here is the one I made in the spring of our garden. http://www.mediafire.com/?m1ly3yqzt1w I am not an expert (went to photography evening classes), but like to take photos and like to make the best of them in slide-shows. On the other hand, good advice is always welcome. Sári
  6. has not set their status

  7. I am Hungarian/British, currently living in Hungary in a small village amongst the hills of the north-east of the country.

  8. Yes, here it is in zipped format: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3668486/Sirok%202010%20Jan.zip Sári
  9. Thank you very much for your comments, I think you were right. I will try again soon with a different subject. Sári
  10. Thank you very much for your advice, I keep it in mind for my next slideshow. Sari
  11. As we seem to be having a severe winter, I thought you might like to see my slideshow made in a small Hungarian village, showing the beauty of the season. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3668486/Sirok%202010%20Jan.exe Any comments on how to improve the slideshow would be welcome
  12. Sorry, I was wrong, It is "objects and animation" when the problem starts. Sári
  13. I've recently installed windows 7 home, and finished a lovely slideshow which I had started before the new windows version. I wanted to start a new slide-show today and it stops every time I try to go to "customise slide". If you need any more information I'm happy to try. Sári
  14. Thank you very much for version 6.0. Will enjoy using it. Sari Davis
  15. Hello! First time today I tried to create a file for a MAC - as I would like to send one of my slide-shows to a friend, who uses a MAC. The result - using the 5.7 beta version - is not one file, but a directory of different subdirectories and files. OK. I do not know enough about MAC. I would like to upload "this" file to my usual site, (called MediaFire) from where he - with the MAC - can download it. Can you help me? Thank you very much Sarolta
  16. Hi, I just had the same problem today: every time I tried to create a file for MAC I also had to provide my license number. OK. This is the first time I'm trying to do something like this, so could be a problem with me. Thanks Sarolta
  17. Hi Lin, My Language is set to Hungarian, and tried the ALT+number combination on my numeric keypad- still I got the same result - i.e. the dashes do not appear on the screen. All the other accents are correct, only the dashes seem to vanish. Thank you anyway for your patience. Sarolta
  18. Thanks Dave, I think your idea is the simplest workaround, mind you it is a bit cumbersome for a few simple words. Thank you very much Sarolta
  19. Hi Peter, Yes, you are right in everything you say. Let me suggest an experiment to prove my point. Have a slide ready in PTE and add a text line - say "első" this is a Hungarian word meaning "first". When you type it in to your text line it looks ok. but when you display it the accents will disappear. Anyway, this is what is happening with me. Thank you for helping me Sarolta
  20. Yes you are right, I can write my accented vowels in word-processing , and e-mails. The most frequently used font is Times New Roman which has all the special characters we (Hungarians) require. This is the one I use in PTE. All the vowels with dots above the letter do work in PTE. It is only the dashes above the letters which are ignored at display. I hope I'm explaining it clearly, if not, please, let me know. Thanks Sarolta I hope I'm explaining it all right,
  21. Thank you very much for your help, but I still can not manage my accents. When I type/copy the text the characters look OK but by the time they appear on the screen the accents disappear. So far the best font seems to be Microsoft Sans Serif, which has all the required accented letters (o and u both small and capital with two dashes). I tried the ALT+combination as well, the same happens. Is there something else I should be doing? Thank you very much for your advice and help Sarolta
  22. Me - being Hungarian - has to write vowels with different accents. I know I am in the minority, but please, can you consider my problem. When I try use my keyboard and press the ű (which is a u with two dashes above) it becomes u on the screen. Unfortunately this could cause problem in the understanding of the text. For years I keep trying to avoid vowels with dashes but sometimes it is impossible. Do you have any ideas of avoiding this problem or could you do something in your new version? Thank you very much Sarolta
  23. First of all you have to tick the 'Custom AVI'. Then on the screen via the 'Video codec' button select the software you want to use to watch it. Also select the 'Audio codec' appropriate option. The rest is easy ! It worked for me, good luck SD
  24. Try to reduce the burning speed, close all other programs on the computer, as this is either memory or space problem, not software. It happened with me once but worked next time. It usually happens when trying to close/finish the DVD burning process. I hope this helps. SD
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