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  1. Wow Maureen.......What a beauty! The stillness in both the music and the imagery is quite amazing. The stark grandeur of the landscape is shown so well. I loved it. You are back now. Good Anthony
  2. Just picked this up rather belatedly. Absolutely wonderful. A lot of work in this charming AV. Well done Jean. Happy New Year. Anthony
  3. Hi Barry, I have been reading these posts with interest following your initial AV of the Blue Mountains. Having been there with Carolyn when she lived in Sydney before she moved up to Buderim we spent a few days touring and stayed in a cabin in some small village. Even though we went walking along the trails deep in the forests I found it difficult to take a great variety of images. There was a sameness with so many of them. The area is so vast and my photographic ability didn't do justice to this part of Australia. However I do feel that your revised version Barry does such justice to this area with some super images. I have to say that I much prefer this later AV than the first. I really enjoyed this. So now you have three first class AVs of this trip and I have no doubt that there will be more to come . It is Barry isn't it?????? Anthony
  4. Igor, Many thanks. Three cheers for the forum? Anthony
  5. Thank you very much chaps. Simple when you know how? I have looked at the O&A window many times in the online help (which I must say is cracking) but never picked up on CTRL +A. for this. Thanks Anthony
  6. This isn't a bug but probably me just being rather dim. When I insert a new object beit text or an image whilst in the O&A window the new addition shows in the objects list on the right but not on a new timeline as I would expect. It just sits on the first initial timeline as with version 8 and previous. What have I missed or what am I doing wrong? Anthony
  7. This a must to view. Another wonderful sequence Anthony
  8. Igor, I am in total agreement with Barry on the his suggestion of being able to change the width of the audio line with the double headed arrow as is used elsewhere on the main screen. My tablet is very old but working well but it won't give me options to change for a scroll. Anthony
  9. DG, This is slightly ironic regarding the immediate above post a few minutes ago. I didn't SCROLL down far enough to see your new input. Sorry I will now investigate the new options. Anthony
  10. Hi DG, Please forgive me but I have looked with interest at the online help for your new input on the use of a Wacom but cannot find it. Is this in response to Barry's request regarding the adjustment of the audio line height? Anthony
  11. Hi Fersigo, Following our earlier contact this evening I couldn't come up with an answer to your issue in writing the AVI files. Though I have never wanted to do this before I tried writing the same and experiencing initially a similar result to you. I wondered if this was an intermittent bug so I tried various tests on earlier versions which I still have installed on my laptop. I have to admit in becoming rather confused at all the different results with different project files on different versions of PtE. Not very scientific at all. So I did some simple projects with 2 or 3 slides and it seems to be related to the saving of each project separately before trying to write in a different format, ie HD or AVI. Whether this is the correct answer I don't know? But it works now every time for me and will hopefully for you too. I am sure the clever chaps here on the forum will be able to give a concise explanation. Where did you get the impression that I was experienced??? Certainly not from me. Anthony
  12. Maureen Let me be the first to comment on your latest work. What a beautiful little cameo of a beautiful place. As always the images are clear crisp and sharp and match with most suitable music.. I thought your monochrome fades to colour were lovely. Sickening really. Oh well back to the drawing board. A super little piece. Well done. Anthony
  13. Igor, It is considerably faster on my system. Well done. Anthony
  14. Eric, I'm sorry to slightly raise your heckles in my response.(not my intention at all) . I was just pointing out that it is fun and exciting to explore the different icons and buttons and see what happens. I do this whatever software I'm using. Anthony BTW I only wish I was on any 'smart' list....but sadly I'm not.
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