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  1. Yachtsman1

    Text over video

    Hi Bert The principle is the same over a still image or a video. I've just had a look for a tutorial relating to video, but can only find one I did some time ago on just text. Maybe if you check it out it may help. Regards Eric Yachtsman1.
  2. Yachtsman1

    Please test the downloading of PTE 8

    Hi Igor I use Mozilla Firefox, with Yahoo homepage. Eric Yachtsman1.
  3. Yachtsman1

    Please test the downloading of PTE 8

    Went as far as the message saying "Do you want the programme to make changes to your computer", then stopped the download. Only anomaly, I couldn't screen print the message? W7 Professional. Eric Yachtsman1.
  4. Yachtsman1

    Looping MP4 on a USB

    I remember back in the year dot, Peter wanted to run a continuous show for a museum project. It was a long time ago, maybe a PM to him or a search of his posts using museum as the key word may bring up something? SC I assume you have ticked the box in the screen shot & created and exe before creating an MP4? Regards Eric Yachtsman1
  5. Hi Tom I seem to remember that problems started after 6 with scrolling text where it became jerky & the sharpening feature was introduced, or I could be talking out of my seat? My only meeting with rasterization was with digital marine charts when we lived aboard & were more expensive than standard charts. Regards Eric Yachtsman1.
  6. I've come into this late, but wasn't rasterizing a feature from a previous version that was dropped in an effort to reduce either costs or size? Yachtsman1.
  7. Yachtsman1

    Bluebonnet Streetrodders Show 3 (Closed)

    Hi Robert I just live streamed part of the revised show. It would appear Dropbox has decimated the transitions. This was a common failure with YouTube in the early days. My recent uploads to Vimeo, providing there were no complicated transitions appear to be OK. Great music. Regards Eric Yachtsman1.
  8. Yachtsman1

    Bluebonnet Street Rodders Slideshow

    Hi Judy Well you learn something every day. Unfortunately most of the stuff I have on there are Exe files which I would have to delete if I wanted some MP4 space, which usually take up more space than Exe's, so it's 6 & 2 3's. I'm happy with Vimeo at the moment, or YouTube if I want maximum coverage & use my own produced music, or my names sake's Eric (Matayas) Regards Eric Yachtsman1.
  9. Yachtsman1

    Bluebonnet Street Rodders Slideshow

    Dropbox is OK but I've filled my free quota, & you can't live stream a free account. Not sure about a paid one. However, if you check their R & Regs, they are the same as YouTube, but they don't flag a frightener, or didn't. Eric Yachtsman1.
  10. Yachtsman1

    Bluebonnet Street Rodders Slideshow

    Hi Robert I have a free Vimeo account, I never get pulled for copyright infringement. Facebook I've never been pulled on there either, it's only YouTube that have a fixation, however, I've started to ignore that also, I think it could be different in the US where you are likely someone may take things further. Regards Eric Yachtsman1.
  11. Yachtsman1

    Bluebonnet Street Rodders Slideshow

    Hi Robert Just watched the car show, the link didn't live stream, I had to download the show. You guys in the US know how to pimp cars. I regularly watch Wayne Carini the "I chase cars" guy over here on TV, love the way classics are preserved over there. The show, I'm afraid the looped music got pretty boring after the first couple of minutes. If it had been me & wanting to use that sound clip, I would just use it once a the beginning in conjunction with quick transitions, so that the next car image came in on the beat. Then some classic US car music such as, Beach Boys "Little Duce Coupe", Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" ect. The photography is some of the best quality I've seen in a long time, the colours & chrome really pop out. I would have tried to take lots of different angles, I know it's difficult where cars are mostly evenly spaced trying to separate them & keep the public out. There was one particular close up of a radiator grill in either dark blue or black & chrome, a few more of those type shots interspersed with full length views would enhance the show. Naming the cars would enhance the interest IMO. A definite keeper. Regards Eric. Yachtsman1.
  12. Yachtsman1

    Tuguu Virus

    When there has been an issue previously with AV programmes, I think Igor contacted the company & advised them & they were modified to suit PTE. Which AV programme are you using? Yachtsman1.
  13. Yachtsman1

    File List Sort Order wrong

    Hi Ken If you hover your mouse over DG's image you get a pop up with an envelope image, use that. I must say though, PM's are the death of information distribution on the forum, I use them as infrequently as possible. Regards Eric Yachtsman1,
  14. Yachtsman1

    gaps in music

    Have you tried contracting the timeline view? Hold down your CTRL key & roll the mouse wheel up & down until everything is in perspective. My mouse wheel is rolled down to compact the timeline view but this is adjustable, so try both ways. Yachtsman1.
  15. Yachtsman1

    Font default

    Hi Andrew I did it like my first answer, see screen shot. Regs Eric Yachtsman1