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  1. Thankyou Lin and nobeefstu The Zip file option, which I had not appreciated is the way to go for me. I have tried it and it works. Maybe not a good practice, but I do not keep all the resources in one folder, so the second option would not work. Thanks very much Arthur
  2. I have a completed AV. I then moved all my files from one drive to another and when I now open the pte file it says for all images 'image not found' as one would expect. My question is how can one reconnect all the images from their new location to the previously completed pte file. One way is simply to open the folder containing the images in their new location and then replace each one in pte But is there a way whereby one can do it in one go. I would appreciate suggestions, even if the answer is it can't be done Arthur
  3. Following the beta changes gives me a window with this message "Someday there will be something. Stay tuned." Following the second suggestion What's New says "bug fixes." So if I have not experienced any problems previously, then the latest version will apparently make no difference. Thanks Arthur
  4. I have downloaded and installed 7.5.10 and everything works OK. Can you please tell me what changes have been made in the latest version or point to where they are listed. Regards Arthur
  5. Thanks DG at least I can stop looking. Arthur
  6. When changes are made to the waveform in Project Options/Music e.g. a section is zeroed (silenced) this is nor reflected on the waveform in the timeline. On the earlier versions, you could see the wafeform being reconstructed when you exited Project options. That does not seem to happen now. Have I missed something? Arthur
  7. Thank you Peter I am no lnger getting the 'Acces Denied' error so am unable to send a screen shot. So for the time being I am closing this query. I hear what you say about PTE and Windows, but nevertheless the problem sems to have gone away after I save with a different file name, deleted the original and then resaved with the original file name. Arthur
  8. Hi Tom I had to replace the Operating system. If I check Properties, it does not say Read Only. Microsoft Troubleshoot seems to refer to problems in opening files. I can open, but I cannot save. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the file was created using pte 7 and now I am working and trying to save in 7.5. I get a message saying that the pte file will no longer work with ver.7, so I suppose that you are forced to save with a different file name, which then retains the old file which can still be opened in ver.7 Regards Arthur
  9. Hi Tom I can save a text file to desktop and interestingly I can indeed save my pte file if I rename it. If I then delete the original, I can then save it with the original name. Can you tell why this has happened. Arthur
  10. Having just recovered from a Windows 7 system crash and having reloaded PTE 7.5 I find that the program works OK except that I cannot save my pte project, I get an error message 'Access Denied' Can anyone throw some light as to what might be causing this problem. Arthur
  11. I think you are correct Ray, it will cause quite a bit of confusion, particularly as there is no explanation in the Guide. I was intending to post the same question, but you beat me to it. I don't understand the reasoning. Normally and that means in all the other options in PTE, and in most other programs if you want to select an option you click the checkbox, except of course when a company wishes to send you offers and bumf which you don't want and then you have to click to confirm that you don't want it. I assume that if you do nothing in the Project Options>transitions, that all the transitions are available and used on a random basis, unless you select a specific transition in the Customize Slide>transition, which is what I always do anyway. Arthur
  12. Apology to nobeefstu for not acknowledging your time spent in proving the same point as regards the benefit of trimming out the excess transparency data. Thanks Arthur
  13. Thank you Lin, that was very informative. I tested one image and the size in memory reduced by approx. 70%. I shall know in future. B.B. - Thanks for the suggestion. I tried updating the video driver but was informed that I was using the latest. version. Arthur
  14. The bottom line is that lengthening the preceding slide by 10 sec has solved the problem. I have added a relevant voice over clip which neatly fills up that 10 sec and I think improves the overall AV. Jean - I had noticed that once the files had ben downloaded that going back and running again the problem disappeared, but creating an exe file at that stage doesn't retain that status. The one point that has been made by Peter and others is the size of the PNG files. As only the card is included on a transparent background, each file is quite small, varying from 60Kb to 500Kb for a picture card so I don't see how this can be decreased. Am I missing something about creating PNG files. Arthur
  15. Thanks to everyone I think that we can consider that the question has been answered. Interesting suggestion Peter for future use. To change everything at this stage would be rather time consuming. Arthur
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