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  1. Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I would be really happy to beta test your mac version
  2. I installed a new font 'Built Titling', I include screenshot below shows what it should look like. Also screenshots of Font when set to Tahoma and Built Tititling, the font does change a bit but it is not right.
  3. Running PTE AV Studio 10 Pro in Windows using VMware Fusion, on my Mac, I have had a few font problems. The font was wrong and the kerning was occasionally off. I had to change the font to a generic Windows font to get it work right. I suspect it is a problem due to Catalina OS. I noticed when installing PTE AV Studio using Crossover, my Mac was giving me error messages for about 10 fonts in a row, saying it could not be opened has it hadn't been signed by an approved developer. Looks like I will have to create my text as pngs in PS. Roll on the Mac version!
  4. Igor, maybe close this thread and start a new one for PTE AV STUDIO 10? I would be happy to start it off, with the first testimonial!
  5. Thank you folks, I couldn't have done it without PTE!
  6. That will be great Jill, I look forward to catching up this weekend at Leeds.
  7. Hi folks, As previously discussed, almost everyone is in social media of sort. It would great if everyone could copy and paste the following to their social media. The text comes from this forum and announces the release of PTE AV STUDIO 10. I’ve done this across my various Facebook groups, but I’m not on Instagram, or Twitter, or many other platforms. So there is plenty of scope for you to help. After 36 Betas and 6 Release Candidates, I am sure you will all agreed Igor and his development team deserve our support. Please help, if you can. Thank you. ============= PTE AV STUDIO 10 is out. From the support forums. We introduce new PTE AV Studio 10 - a powerful software for photo slideshows and AV shows. This product is a successor of PicturesToExe 9. WnSoft website: https://www.wnsoft.com/pte-av-studio/ Download: https://files.wnsoft.com/pteavstudio/pteavstudio-setup.exe Prices and Editions There are two versions: PTE AV Studio 10 Pro - 139 EUR (including VAT) This version replaces previous Deluxe edition. PTE AV Studio 10 - 69 EUR (including VAT) This version replaces previous Essentials edition. Buy full version: https://www.wnsoft.com/pte-av-studio/buy/ Upgrades Upgrade from PicturesToExe Deluxe 8.0 - 9.0 to PTE AV Studio 10 Pro - 39 EUR (incl. VAT) Upgrade from PicturesToExe Essentials 8.0 - 9.0 to PTE AV Studio 10 - 29 EUR (incl. VAT) We hope that you will enjoy using new PTE AV Studio 10! ============
  8. Congratulations Igor and all of the team. Your dedication through 36 betas is most impressive. I have a show prepared in V10 beta ready to circulate, once the final release is out. I know I will not be alone in helping celebrate this new version. I found RC4 to be rock solid under both Crossfire and VMWare Fusion running Windows on my Mac.
  9. Folks who volunteer to try out a Beta know their way around a computer. For those of us running Windows on our Mac's, we need to keep on top on disk space usage. It's bit like Lightroom users suddenly discovering they have multiple back ups of their catalogue - all that space used up that might be better free. I haven't tried Beta 35, but 34 is really lightning quick on my virtual Windows on my Mac. I notice a big difference compared to V9. I have a show that has only been seen at our Royal Photographic Society AV Group (Ireland). It doesn't show off the features of V10, but was simply made with V10 beta. I intend to use it to fly the flag for PTE V10 and help promote the launch of V10.
  10. I discovered that when there is a new Beta, it doesn't remove the old one. You wouldn't believe how many betas I had installed! It just took a few minutes to 'remove' them all.
  11. Ron, I'll post a link, once PTEV10 is released. It's nothing fancy, with 321 you only have 3 minutes 21 seconds to get your story across. The sequence is called Worlds Apart showing two aspects, or sides, of life in India.
  12. I have made a new 321 sequence (lasting 3 minutes 21 seconds). I made it in V10 beta 23 and all went smoothly. It took 90 minutes to make. I'll put it on Vimeo and link it when the final version arrives.
  13. Well done Igor. Jeff, I wish you the best.
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