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  1. Thank you kindly, these are a great way to learn new stuff.
  2. Excellent, thank you. I look forward to playing and learning.
  3. Thanks, Lin I'm making a determined effort to learn more. Mark Allen
  4. No you can't test the win Exe, but you can preview the show, which is essentially the same thing.
  5. That's good news Igor, PTE seems to be speedier and more responsive using Crossover.
  6. Hi Maureen, yes our my second visit to Iceland we hired a 4x4 and went into the interior. I'll definitely be back.
  7. Hi folks, the link below is a web based preview of an article to be published in the printed version of May AV News, that I think you might be interested in. Please scroll down to 'Club News'. It relates to my local camera club celebrating winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd at a recent AV Festival. Great write up and it includes Vimeo links. Excerpt "Judith took the photographs, wrote the script, composed the music, played the music and then created an outstanding audio visual that earned a worthy first place in the 2018 NIPA AV festival." https://mailchi.mp/958f0f82ce39/av-links-april-2018?e=5cace05d0e
  8. Hi Maureen and all. Sorry I've been away for so long. Due to circumstances... I lost my passion for AV's... Some recent success at the 2018 NIPA AV Festival has ignited my interest again. So; I have downloaded your show, and many others, I look forward to viewing them and of course I will contribute in due course. All the very best Mark
  9. Error message when I try to create a Mac version.
  10. PTE via Crossfire couldn't see my external drive. But it could see the My Documents folder on my Mac. So I created a folder within My Documents called PTE and copied all my zipped projects. Then I unzipped them, you can see the file structure in my screenshot, all works great. By the way, I get an error message when creating a Mac version.
  11. I only have PTE installed using Crossover. Screen shot of PTE running under Crossover, looks exactly the same as it does running in Windows with VMware Fusion. The other screenshot is of folder that opens when I double click on Crossover. Also, creating a HQ mp4 at 100% quality took forever (sometimes well over an hour) with Mac/VMware Fusion/Windows10/PTE, but under Mac/Crossover/PTE it takes only minutes (I assume this is what normally happens when using PTE in Windows)
  12. Hi Folks, Just to let Mac owners know that Crossover V17.1 will install PTE. Running Win 10 in a Wine bottle (I have no idea what this means - but it works) results in PTE working much better and faster than using VMware Fusion and Win 10 on a virtual machine. I have an old iMac, 2011, with 12GB RAM. Using Crossover and PTE, I have 4GB RAM free to play with. Uisng VMwareFusion, Win 10 and PTE, I have jsut 512MB to play with.
  13. Hi Igor, sorry for the delay. It plays but no sound.
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