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  1. jkb


    Glad you are getting somewhere and managed to get rid of the file name. There is nothing you can do about the brief flash when the MP4 starts, at least I haven't found a way. To make it return to the menu at the end, make sure that 'quit at end of playlist' is ticked under the media menu. If you press ESC when it is playing it will show a minimised VLC window and the sequence will keep playing and you have to close it down using the usual X button top right. But you shouldn't normally be pressing ESC when running. If needed you can pause and resume with the space bar as with PTE. Jill
  2. jkb


    Hi John, Running many competitions we get lots of different file types. MP4, AVi, Mov, WMV etc For all video type files we use VLC Player as the default. You can set it to always open full screen, not show any controls & exit at the end of the video. Clicking from a PTE Menu this is then as smooth as running an exe If you are not currently using VLC then taks a look at it - it is free to download & use. Jill
  3. can you post a screen grab of what you are seeing in PTE Looking at the image size that you have posted it should be OK.
  4. Have you tried copying the images from the USB stick on to the Microsoft Surface? What size - resolution & dpi - are the images? Do you see any thumbnails in the file view? Jill
  5. Gary, I came across this exact problem with cs4 last week. At a workshop I was helping someone with PTE who has a new 4k screen laptop. It was struggling with his large image files so we decided to reduce the file size in Photoshop. Like you there was no way we could read the menu's. The only way to see them and for the text to be large enough to click on was to reduce the screen resolution to 1024 X 768. Which as you say totally defeats having a high resolution screen in the first place. I couldn't find any way in Photoshop to enlarge the menu's. Several of us tried and it doesn't seem possible. Jill
  6. Thanks. Eric. I will have to have another look at those. Maybe you can show me on Friday. Jill
  7. In Photoshop (CS3) the blend modes I use most often are 'Overlay' , 'Screen' and 'Multiply' I don't have 'Add' blend mode - is this the same as 'Multiply'? It would be useful if PTE could replicate the different modes in Photoshop if at all possible. Jill
  8. jkb

    New Here

    The Free download is the full version. It does everything the paid for version does. There are 2 versions Deluxe, which has lots of extra features and the Essentials which is more basic but still very poweful. You can switch between the 2 versions in the Free download to check out the features of each to decide which one to buy. If you do buy the Essentials you can then upgrade later to the Deluxe for an extra charge. To switch click on Settings from the main Menu bar, then select Preferences and on the Editions tab you will see the button to select the version. You can compare the versions here https://www.wnsoft.com/en/picturestoexe/compare/ Jill
  9. Running competitions means that I make Menus to run all the entries a lot. It is interactive in a sense in that I have to click to get the next show to run. We get many different formats entered - Exe made with PTE or another program - eg. Proshow Gold or Proshow Producer, Wings, M.Objects, DGFects We also have MP4 or AVI again made with various different programs and sometimes WMV files. A Menu made with PTE will run all of these shows perfectly and seamlessly. (using VLC Player to run the Video files) I would not like to lose this capability. Wether exe or another format when downloading I always virus scan the zip file and then the individual files once unzipped. With entries coming from many different sources one cannot be too careful, even though I usually know the people who sent them. Also dissolves in Exe's always seem to be smoother than with a video type of file - although PTE video output is usually better than with other programs. Jill
  10. Thanks, no rush V10 will do.
  11. Igor, is it also possible to reinstate the dragging of the vertical lines at each end of the O&A timeline to adjust the time range? This worked in V8 but not in v9 Jill
  12. Mike, the easiest way is to set the text up on the first slide how you want it, including shadow, position etc. Then copy and paste that text object to all the other slides that you need. All you have to then do is change the actual words. This gives the advantage that your text is always in the same place on screen so the audience knows where to look. There is nothing worse than the text moving around the screen as by the time the audience has found it they usually then don't have enough time to read it. Jill
  13. Hi Lin, Well you learn something new every day! All the years I have been using PTE & I never understood what Time Range was, this could have saved me a lot of effort in some of my previous animation! Thanks to Pieter for asking the original question. I now see how to do this, thanks to Dave's video. Bit confusing at first as you have to add all the zeros - so for 3 secs you have to put 3000 I rarely work with the numbers and just do things by eye dragging the keyframes to the required position. Looking at V8 you could drag the 'lines' at the start & end of the O&A timeline, much easier than having to go to properties & type in numbers. There doesn't appear to be a way to do this in V9? if not then a suggestion to Igor for V10 to reinstate this. Jill
  14. Lin, I sought of get what you are saying, but the only time I have accidentally moved the 'lines' I have just ended up with black. What I think you are saying is that it only applies to one object at a time? What happens if you want different Objects to appear at different times? I will have to experiment when I get a chance , as at the moment I cannot visulise how this will work. I have done a lot of animation, just not the type of animation you do. JILL
  15. Lin, I think an example may be needed as I couldn't follow that by reading it! I have seen the 'lines' at the start and end of the O&A timeline but have never used them or really understood their purpose. If I needed something to be hidden or revealed then I have just used two keyframes next to each other. Maybe your method would be easier? If you can post an example showing how you use this method it would help. Jill
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