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  1. PTE 10 does not need to convert video files. If your Graphics card is powerful enough they should all play OK Jill
  2. jkb

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  3. Igor, sorry but it isn't any different. Right Click Preview still starts on Monitor 2 if project is on Monitor 2.
  4. Barry, I appreciate that things are easy once you know how. But I think that going to the Timeline & moving a sllide is hopefully more intuitive than looking for a setting you know nothing about. To make KFSD the default could cause confusion for a lot of existing users, some who may also not know where to look when suddenly things no longer work as they used to. You can't teach an old dog......
  5. PTE is not a text editor, it treats text as any other object & sizes it depending on the number of characters. I also wish we could set a font size & also different colours within the same text object. To have different words in different colours you have to have seperate objects. Hopefully V11 will offer improvements in text The easiest way at the moment is to set the text how you want for 1 slide. Then copy & paste that to the other slides & just change the wording. However if the number of lines & words are very different, then you will still have to resize using the zoom parameter. Jill
  6. Try installing VLC player on the USB drive, that way you know it will be there. Jill
  7. I have finally downloaded PTE 10.0.5 & I notice that by right click in the mini preview window the preview is starting on the same monitor as the Project. So I have the project open on monitor 2 & the Preview is showing on Monitor 2. It has previously always started on Monitor 1 This was a bug in beta testing & was fixed & it seems to have come back again in 10.0.5 I didn't download the other 10 versions & went straight from 10.0.1 to 10.0.5 so not sure when this came in. Jill
  8. No doubt you will have already expected me to react in the way I am, so I won't disappoint you Change image/video Agree that this should be on by default Orange Volume Line Agree, I have never wanted to turn this off & had several people puzzled when they have accidentally clicked it off & not realised. Keyframe Time Value I very rarely if ever look at the keyframe time and don't think I have ever actually typed in a number. I simply position the keyframe where I want it by dragging. It is so much easier now that we can see the waveform. KFSD - Isn’t it about time the KFSD was done away with I couldn't believe it when I read this first line from you Barry. But then I read the rest!! I have never understood why anyone would want KFSD. As jt49 says it causes all sorts of problems. If people really want their video to continue playing while the next slide dissolves in then it is very easy to just drag that slide back by the required amount. No need for KFSD just position the slides/videos where you want them. Jill
  9. Andrew, there is no loss of quality publishing as an MP4. You have been to Leeds & seen many sequences on that big screen. I doubt if you could tell if they were exe or MP4. If your club's laptop is old I suspect that it may have trouble playing some sequences even if made with PTE9. I think that Igor has said that you can take a PTE 10 .pte file & still open it in PTE9 as long as it doesn't use any of the new slide styles. So your club member could make a PTE9 exe to play at the club. See you at Leeds in April Jill
  10. Perhaps this is a silly question, but, if the relatives are used to watching a large TV from a few feet away, would they actually want to view a smaller image? Maybe you see it as pixelated, but if they are used to this, then surely they will accept it? I know you want your show to be seen at the best quality, but would they actually notice? Jill
  11. if you can't see drive F then click on C: just below the Menu bar. It should then show all the drives available, just select Drive F & the folders should then be visible in the left hand panel. Select the required folder 7 you should then see the images in the second panel. As JT49 says just click on an image & drag it to the slide list - bottom panel Jill
  12. Easiest way is to 'Normalise' the wave form in Audacity or similar audio editor. You can set the maximum peak to be around -3db to -1db This way the volume is increased without distortion7 Jill
  13. Does this matter? I have never found it to be a problem. I just resize the template to the required size & shape Jill
  14. use a Mask & adjust the corner radius to get the effect you want Jill
  15. I keep getting notifications for each new version. Still on 10.01 as been working on a project and didn't want to change in the middle of it. It tells me every couple if days that there is a new version and the version number changed each time a new one was released. Will update next week when I get time. Jill
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