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  1. jkb

    Run slideshow with return

    If you use Run application, then you can run a show made with any version of PTE. It doesn't matter if they have animation or not. You need to set your Menu slideshow to wait for key press so it will stay on the slide that the 2nd show is launched from. Then just have an object - Text, image or button that has action on mouse click. Jill
  2. jkb

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    I never use DVD but I know a lot of video workers do still use them. Keep it as it is for now, I don't feel it is worth spending time to update it. You would be better spending the time on making video editing better with multiple image tracks. Jill
  3. jkb

    Black box

    Rob, if your images are 1920 x 1280, then the aspect ratio of the project needs to be 16:10 not 3:2 Jill
  4. jkb

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Both my desktop & laptop are 64 bit. I say go with 64. Jill
  5. jkb

    Video (slide) problem

    We regularly run video files using VLC player from an .exe Menu at competitions. Make sure that you have VLC player as your default to open MP4 files etc. Also make sure you have the latest version of VLC You can also set it to automatically run full screen, always on-top, not show file names & to exit at the end of the video You sometimes get a small flash as it opens up, but otherwise it is seamless from the Menu. A manually controlled show (which is what my Menus are) should not be any different to what you are trying to do. Jill
  6. jkb

    Video (slide) problem

    Hi Dennis, in O&A add a rectangle to cover the whole slide. Set it's opacity to zero so in effect it is one big invisible button. Set the mouse click on the rectangle to run application and set the name to be your video file. Remove the full path but make sure you keep the " so it would be something like "my video.mp4" Make your manual show .exe and make sure that the .exe and .MP4 are in the same folder. I use invisible buttons a lot and never have any problems. Hope this helps. Jill
  7. jkb

    Video (slide) problem

    Denwell, if you are manually advancing most of the show, then just put an action on mouse click on the last slide to run the MP4 video. If you open up VLC player before you start so it is in the background then your video should start quicker. You may not get a perfectly smooth transition from the still but will be better than what you have now. Jill
  8. +1 timeline scaling in O&A is essential. Jill
  9. jkb

    Backup to Zip issue

    Ronnie a BIZ is a backup in zip. Jill
  10. jkb

    Backup to Zip issue

    Hi Barry, I recently tried to make a BIZ and PTE gave a message that there were files used with non standard characters. The zip could be made but windows wouldn't be able to open it and to use another program such as 7zip. Could this be the problem? I just renamed the offending file to have all standard characters. PTE was then happy and the zip file could be opened normally. Jill
  11. jkb

    Copy Paste Sound File

    I would also like this feature. I am currently working on a project where I am editing the music and taking different parts of it. I therefore have several copies with different start & end times. I need to be able to quickly copy the sound clip & just drag the ends to adjust start & end times. To also be able to 'cut' the track into separate clips would be very useful & make editing a long track much quicker. Jill
  12. There is a program called ClipGrab which will record an exe from a screen grab Just put it into Google to find out more Jill
  13. Jean-Marc, Are your heads a .png? If so then you need to make them much smaller file size. Large .png files do not show in exe & Full screen preview. Jill
  14. jkb

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    I must admit I never use that button & had completely forgotten it was there. I have the 'slice of bread' set on in preferences, but usually just right click in the mini preview window. The problem comes for people who are used to using the 'slice of bread' from older versions. Then when they upgrade they can't find it & don't know how to get full screen preview. For anyone starting off from version 9 it shouldn't be a problem, although maybe it would be more obvious if it was placed next to the play/stop buttons in the previw window? Jill
  15. jkb

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    I agree with Barry, this option should be in preferences. I have also known people who have turned it off by accident and not realised or known how to turn it back on. Another thing which should be set on automatically is to show the 'slice of bread' preview from current slide. I had someone yesterday who had upgraded to v9 and had spent 2 days trying to work out how to preview from part way through a show. This icon always used to be present but for some reason was set to be hidden by default in v9. Can it be set to show in V10 please. Jill