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  1. There is a program called ClipGrab which will record an exe from a screen grab Just put it into Google to find out more Jill
  2. Jean-Marc, Are your heads a .png? If so then you need to make them much smaller file size. Large .png files do not show in exe & Full screen preview. Jill
  3. jkb

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    I must admit I never use that button & had completely forgotten it was there. I have the 'slice of bread' set on in preferences, but usually just right click in the mini preview window. The problem comes for people who are used to using the 'slice of bread' from older versions. Then when they upgrade they can't find it & don't know how to get full screen preview. For anyone starting off from version 9 it shouldn't be a problem, although maybe it would be more obvious if it was placed next to the play/stop buttons in the previw window? Jill
  4. jkb

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    I agree with Barry, this option should be in preferences. I have also known people who have turned it off by accident and not realised or known how to turn it back on. Another thing which should be set on automatically is to show the 'slice of bread' preview from current slide. I had someone yesterday who had upgraded to v9 and had spent 2 days trying to work out how to preview from part way through a show. This icon always used to be present but for some reason was set to be hidden by default in v9. Can it be set to show in V10 please. Jill
  5. jkb

    Trying Fonts

    +1 if possible please Jill
  6. Thanks Igor, it will be really useful. Jill
  7. Just click and drag the clip to another track. Make a note of the time position - left hand side of the timeline. Then if it does move slightly when dragging you can reach enter the exact time. Jill
  8. jkb

    Linked Slides-Crossfade Covered

    Gary, it doesn't just cover up the cross-fade, it cuts the first sound clip at the point where the second one starts. I believe that it was the only way to be able to link the sounds to the slides. There is a post in suggestions to look at the way linking works so maybe Igor can solve this problem in a future version. I link slides if I need to move or copy them, but always unlink again to preserve the cross-fade. Jill
  9. jkb

    Linked Slides-Crossfade Covered

    No, this is how it is designed to work. It is not just video, it happens with still images as well. If you need the cross-fade then move the sounds onto different tracks and use the volume envelope to fade. Or remove the link from the second slide. Jill
  10. jkb

    Guides for aligning

    Hi Eric, You can do what you want in PTE. You can adjust the guides by increasing the pixel count, untick the snap to grid & then adjust the offset to get the position you want. Bit fiddly doing it with a mouse, you can adjust by typing in numbers but would be easier with the arrow keys if Igor can do this Also by increasing the size of view you can easily adjust to the exact position you need. Jill Come to the Workshop afternoons at WGAV & I will show you
  11. I do often use crossfades on the same track for soundeffects. EG ambient background sounds. If the clip I have is not long enough I will duplicate the clip several times & crossfade. As it is only a low volume background sound the crossfades work perfectly. Also when we are demonstrating PTE to camera clubs etc & I show how to shorten a piece of music to fit the slides the crossfade works very well. I am often amazed at how well it does work with a very quick random selection to remove part of a piece of music by keeping the start & end & removing the middle. 9 times out of 10 you cannot hear the 'join' Only when the two parts are very different in structure can you hear it. Obviously if I am blending two different sounds/music together then using the volume envelope on two different tracks gives more accurate control. If I do need to link several clips to be able to move them, then I accept the lack of crossfade while I move, then I unlink. Another reason to link several clips is when copying slides to another project. The sound will only copy when it is linked to a slide. I sometimes will build up a sequence in several smaller projects, getting each part correct before copying each project into a final one to join them all together. I need the sounds to be linked to the slides in order to copy them to the new final project. Jill
  12. Thanks, if it is at all possible could there be a way of linking several audio clips on same/different tracks together - even if only temporary - so that they could all be moved at once. We may need to do this if we have several clips on same/different tracks that are all timed perfectly with each other, but we then need to adjust the timing of something else earlier in the show. To be able to CRTL click on several clips & move them as a block would really help. Jill
  13. jkb

    Move to new computer

    When you open a project with PTE9 that has missing files - ie the path name has changed - you should get a window opening that allows you to search for the files It should list all the images & audio files that are missing. Click on the dot next to one of the missing files & then on Find Selected File & navigate to where the the file now is. If all the missing files are located in the same folder it should find them all. You need to repeat the 'Find Selected File' for each one it doesn't find BEFORE clicking on OK. If all the folder structure is the same & it is just the Drive letter that is different then another option is to open the .pte file in a text editor such as Notepad or Word Do a Find & Replace to change the Drive letter on all the images & sounds. EG find C:\ & replace with E:\ or whatever then save the .pte file with a new name (just in case!!) Jill
  14. jkb

    Move to new computer

    Hi Chris, you have to save the project as either a Template or Backup zip to move it to a different computer. If you have version 9 it should allow you to relink all the files, but older versions didn't. Look under the file menu for the manage template or the back up zip options. Jill
  15. Hi Igor, This does not happen! If I link a clip to slide 1, then move slide 1 to a different position - Slide 10, then only the clip linked to slide 1 moves, all other clips stay where they were on the timeline. There are many reasons we need to link more than 1 sound clip - for example we have speech which is broken up into small sections & we need to adjust the position of a slide. Then all of the small speech clips need to be moved by the same amount to follow the slide. Or if we have carefully worked out timings of sound to images but find we need to insert or remove one or more slides - all of the carefully timed clips need to move to keep their relationship with the slides. It would be very useful if we could link several sound clips (on same and different tracks) with each other & be able to move them as a block. Jill