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  1. Slideshow software

    Once you have connected your projector right click on the desktop and select display. It is one of the options, you can clone or extend and select which is monitor 1 and which is 2. When you Preview PTE in this mode it will ask which display you want the preview to be shown on. If you have two monitors connected to a desktop you can try it out to see how it works. Jill
  2. Slideshow software

    You should be able to acheive this by running in Preview mode and setting up the dispaly to Extend the Desktop. This way you can set the Preview to show via the projector while still having access to the PTE screens on your laptop. Jill
  3. Acces Violation Error

    I have now also had the same message when trying to preview from current slide. I tried several times previewing from different slides and got the error message each time. Jill
  4. I am making a new show which has 'wait for key press' on each slide. I was running in Preview & it went through the first few slides without problem, then I pressed the right arrow key to move to the next slide & got an Access Violation error. I am using the latest version 9.0.12 I have run this several times previously & it was OK, but this time the error occurred & I had to Esc the preview as it wouldn't respond. Several other strange things have happened while building the show that I cannot quite explain, such as making changes to slides & then they disappear! Also changing the Slide name in Slide Options wouldn't always work. I cannot reproduce these problems when trying to work out what I did & what went wrong. Jill
  5. Just checked & the left most option above the Timeline there is a check box 'Time Points' If you want to see the Flags then make sure this is checked. Jill
  6. There is a button just above the Timeline that turns the flags on and off. Think it is on the left somewhere. Not at my computer at the moment so can't check. I always have the flags off as I find them distracting and prefer to always move slides in the slide view. That way I know my timings will be kept. Jill
  7. Link Audio Tracks-How?

    Hi Gary. I agree, being able to move all tracks along together would be very useful. The other way which might work, is in Project Options Audio tab & then for each clip add the same offset time. But again it takes time when you have many clips. Jill
  8. Link Audio Tracks-How?

    Gary, not at my computer so can't check, but I think this will work. Link each sound clip to a slide, doesn't matter which as long as they are all linked. Insert a blank slide at the start and make its duration is equal to the amount you want to shift the tracks by eg 5 secs. Then unlink all the sound clips and delete the blank slide. The sound clips should stay in the new position. Save your project as a new name first just in case! Jill
  9. Depending on the nature of the video one way round this is to have a slide with the video only. In slide options, set this slide to loop. At the end of the video it will go back to the beginning and play over. In project options set the slides to wait for key press, then when you press the right arrow key the show will move onto the next slide which can be a combination of video and text etc. As I said it depends on the nature of the video and how visible the looping would be. Hope this helps. Jill
  10. Joining projects

    Rob, you can easily join 2 or more Projects by using copy & paste. Open the project you wish to copy, select all slides, CTRL+C to copy, then open the project you wish to paste into & CTRL+V to paste. If you wish to copy any sound files as well then you will need to Link the individual sound clips to seperate Slides Doesn't matter which slide they are Linked to as long as each sound clip is linked. Once pasted into the joint project you can then unlink them. Jill
  11. Thanks Igor, this now works correctly. Jill
  12. In V9 when you click on Help/WhatsNew it takes you to the Version 8 whats new page & not Version 9 Jill
  13. Previewing slide show

    Look under Settings/Preferences/Toolbars Make sure there is a tick next to 'Start Preview from current Slide' Otherwise just right-click in the mini preview window & it will start from that point fullscreen. Jill
  14. mp4 conversion problems

    Brian, do you have the latest version of vlc player? We use this to play many mp4 files, made with various software, in international competitions and find it always plays them smoothly. We also find that while a lot of hardware setups will struggle with an exe, the mp4 usually play smoothly. So I don't understand why you are having the opposite experience. Jill
  15. Projection failed

    Glad you have solved it. Jill