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  1. Yes very interested in having text features. I thought this was requested a long time ago? I often use different text when making a Menu & it is cumbersome to have to use different text blocks, especially if you need to animate them. Jill
  2. For a manual show set 'wait for key press' in project options. If you need some slides to advance automatically then change on the individual slide options. Jill
  3. As long as you have 'allow keyboard control' ticked in project options, then space-bar should pause the exe and left and right arrow keys should go backward and forward. I have never had to define mouse clicks or any other settings and never had any problems with it not working. Windows 7, maybe something in Windows 10 that works differently? Jill
  4. Ok so you were just seeing if the created mp4 was ok. Use VLC player to play video files rather than pte. As I said above an MP4 needs to be converted before PTE can play it, even one that you have just created. Jill
  5. George, are you trying to import the video clip you have just created into another or the same project? If so then create an Avi file instead. From memory the MP4 that PTE creates cannot be read directly back in and needs to be reconverted first. When Pte10 is released we shouldn't have this problem. Jill
  6. Why not add something to those images yourself? A small icon in a corner of the image would suffice if you need it. Jill
  7. I assume, as you say you have transparent text on the main image, that it is a PNG file? What size is this file? If it is too large then it sometimes won't show in full screen. Try reducing the file size of this image and see if that works. Jill
  8. Igor is away until the end of this week.
  9. I have come across this problem with someone who was using very large file sizes on a laptop with a 4k screen. I think it was just taking a long time to process the images and couldn't keep up. Also it would not load images into O&A. I told the person to reduce the image sizes and this seemed to cure the problem. I think it was pte9 and windows 10 Jill
  10. jkb


    Glad you are getting somewhere and managed to get rid of the file name. There is nothing you can do about the brief flash when the MP4 starts, at least I haven't found a way. To make it return to the menu at the end, make sure that 'quit at end of playlist' is ticked under the media menu. If you press ESC when it is playing it will show a minimised VLC window and the sequence will keep playing and you have to close it down using the usual X button top right. But you shouldn't normally be pressing ESC when running. If needed you can pause and resume with the space bar as with PTE. Jill
  11. jkb


    Hi John, Running many competitions we get lots of different file types. MP4, AVi, Mov, WMV etc For all video type files we use VLC Player as the default. You can set it to always open full screen, not show any controls & exit at the end of the video. Clicking from a PTE Menu this is then as smooth as running an exe If you are not currently using VLC then taks a look at it - it is free to download & use. Jill
  12. can you post a screen grab of what you are seeing in PTE Looking at the image size that you have posted it should be OK.
  13. Have you tried copying the images from the USB stick on to the Microsoft Surface? What size - resolution & dpi - are the images? Do you see any thumbnails in the file view? Jill
  14. Gary, I came across this exact problem with cs4 last week. At a workshop I was helping someone with PTE who has a new 4k screen laptop. It was struggling with his large image files so we decided to reduce the file size in Photoshop. Like you there was no way we could read the menu's. The only way to see them and for the text to be large enough to click on was to reduce the screen resolution to 1024 X 768. Which as you say totally defeats having a high resolution screen in the first place. I couldn't find any way in Photoshop to enlarge the menu's. Several of us tried and it doesn't seem possible. Jill
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