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  1. right click on a video in the Timeline & you will see the option Jill
  2. Hi JT49, thanks for the tip, I usually end up writing down the time & then typing it back in. But it would be much easier if we could lock the Time postion when dragging eg by holding down CTRL Or of course being able to Link several clips to a slide. Something else i would really like to see if at all possible is to be able to Group several clips together on different tracks so that they could be moved as a block, keepimg their current relationship to each other, like we can now with keyframes in O&A Jill
  3. I also have the need to link several clips to a slide for synchronization. Now that we can split audio clips easily, it would help a lot if they can be synced to a slide. To try to move a clip to another track is not easy to get exactly the same position. Jill
  4. Well done Mark, a very nice gesture from you to do this. Once version 10 is released, as with previous releases, I will also advertise it on the AV News website and in the AV Links email newsletter We will also be having a PTE 10 night at the Wilmslow Guild AV Group to go through all the new features. (the new season programme is still to be finalised). Jill
  5. I have tested your 3 videos. Proshow default - smooth but image quality bad Proshow High Quality - image quality better, but Video jerky PTE - image quality good, but video still slightly jerky Jill
  6. Ok on their way by WeTransfer.
  7. do you want me to send the 2 converted videos?
  8. PS I was playing all 3 files from the filelist in the mini preview window. But they are the same when added to slide list & played from there All 3 play smoothly in VLC Player
  9. I have just converted the video on my Laptop. Took 20 mins for a 1:57 video. The converted video is much, much worse than the original. Original Info Converted File info V10 The PTE9 conversion plays smoothly. PTE9 Convert Info Laptop dual graphics NVidia GEForce GT 630M 1gb Windows 7 Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 Refresh 60 Hz Jill
  10. Just checked & videos converted in PTE9 play smoothly. They are still 50p but are Mpeg4 instead of H.264 All videos play smoothly in VLC player Jill
  11. I have uninstalled b22 (b21) & downloaded again. This time it has worked Ok. Jill
  12. On it's way via WeTransfer. Also included another one taken with the same camera which maybe shows the problem better. All videos taken with this camera are the same. Windows Explorer shows Date Modified as the date taken, not the date I copied to the computer. But if I modify a jpg in Photoshop it will show the updated date. I aways use Date Modified in Explorer. Jill
  13. I only downloaded 21 this afternoon. I always rename the install file to PTE10-Betaxx So I had beta21 which installed fine. I then downloaded beta22 When I clicked to install, the first screen said do you want to install beta 22. Then the 2nd & subsequent screens said installing beta 21 I always install to a seperate folder called PTE10-betaxx So I have start menu for beta21 & 22 When I try to uninstall beta22 it says do you want to uninstall beta22 I will try to uninstall & download again. Jill
  14. Igor, I do not know if you are still working on this but I am finding that videos still do not play smoothly. The first few seconds are OK, but then it stutters & plays as though in slow motion (sound is playing OK) After a few more seconds the video then plays smoothly. This happens when playing in all places - File List, Slide list, Mini Preview, O&A & Fullscreen preview. I haven't yet created an EXE or MP4 File info from one I took last weekend. I also notice that the Created & Modified dates are the wrong way round. Video was Created on 4th August & Modified (copied to computer from the camera) on the 5th August. Windows 7 Just tried some older videos that were shot at 30P (29.97 frames/sec) & they play smoothly all the way through. So it looks like 50p is the problem? Jill
  15. I have just downloaded & installed Beta 22. The first screen of the Installation says Beta 22, but then all others say Beta 21. Looking at the Help/About screen it says Beta 21? Jill
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