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  1. When opening any show in a different version I would always do a save as and give it a new name. Purely so I have a backup copy of the original just in case. If going from pte9 to pte10 and all you want is a new exe then just make it, no need to save the PTE file. Jill
  2. Thanks for making the change so quickly. These are now fixed. Jill
  3. Ok this makes sense. The problem is that on many laptops the Esc key is very near to the power switch & in the dark when you are looking at the main projection screen it can be possible to hit the wrong key & switch the laptop off!! It is not a problem when working at home, only when giving demonstrations or using PTE for single image competitions. Jill
  4. Glad that you have found the problem. I have just tried on my desktop which still has RC5 (I haven't yet downloaded the final version) It works as V9 and changes to the Toolbar happen immediately. On my laptop you have to click OK first. Both Win 7 Jill Just downloaded the final release version & that works on my desktop. Strange that it doesn't work on my laptop.
  5. Have you checked in your Spam folder? Jill
  6. By name I meant 'X' 'Y' etc not 'Pan' or 'Zoom' Was writing from memory - I knew what I meant!! Jill
  7. When giving demonstrations of PTE I have often wished for a reset button in O&A & keep forgetting to ask! It would be very useful to be able to click one button to reset all parameters to their default positions in O&A. I know we can reset each value by double click on the name, but if you have made several changes it can be a lot of clicks! So if you have zoomed, dragged and rotated the image by using the grab handles to then reset everything back to zero there are a lot of clicks. If you have made other changes such as blur, opacity or colour it can take a while to reset everything. Even using the undo (assuming you want to reset immediately) there can still be several clicks. If you have made changes to other slides that you wish to keep then you cannot use the undo. Having a single button to reset all parameters would speed things up. Jill
  8. I was giving a demonstration to a camera Club of the new PTE10 tonight. I was showing how you can customise the Toolbars & noticed that they no longer change immediately. In PTE9 if you tick/untick or move the position of an item in Preferences/Toolbars the change happens on screen immediately without having to click OK. In PTE10 you have to click OK before the change takes place. Is it possible for the changes to take place as they did in V9? Also the little triangle 'Fullscreen view of Filelist' used to be on by default. Not sure when the default was changed to Off , but for beginners it is much better to have the default set to On. Can the default be changed back to On please. Fullscreen view of Fileslist/Slidelist In V9 & all previous versions when in Fullscreen view you can click on a thumbnail of a slide & press the spacebar to display the image fullscreen. Pressing spacebar again would return to the thumbnail view Now in V10, not only does it seem to take a lot longer to display the fullscreen image, but it no longer returns using the spacebar. You now have to use Esc to return to the thumbnail view. Being able to quickly toggle thumbnail/fullscreen using the spacebar was very useful. The spacebar is easy to hit in the dark, the Esc key is more difficult to find. Jill
  9. The standard was very high, it was hard to select the winners. I think almost all of 74 entries were made with PTE. Jill
  10. It's already on the AV News website www.avnews.org.uk I will send out an AV Links newsletter next week sometime to also include the results of the RPS Nationals being held this weekend in Leeds. Jill
  11. For festivals and competitions I always run from a PTE menu sequence. For video files I have VLC player set to always open full screen, hide all on screen controls and close when the video is finished. If PTE could have preferences to always play any exes full screen then that would be great. We ask people to always make sure that the cursor and nav bar are hidden, but not everyone complies. If the mouse is accidentally moved during playback it is distracting for judges and audience when the cursor and nav bar appear. Having a preference to switch these off when playing from a menu would be a very useful feature if at all possible. Jill
  12. Is there a way to switch this off? I am a little concerned that it could cause problems when running exe files in competitions where we always want fullscreen. I know it is highly unlikely to accidentally double click while something is running, but if this feature can be turned off it would be useful. Jill
  13. Sorry for the delay in testing. I confirm this is fixed in Beta 35 Jill
  14. Could be useful especially on smaller screens. Jill
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