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  1. Cursed microsoft and damned nVidia.... I would like to return at windows 8.1
  2. Pte8022 doesn't run with gpu nvidia, Pte8023 run regulary
  3. Hi Igor, I downloaded version 8.0.23, installed and tried to use it and to create some exe file, everything is perfect, everything works, both the program and the executable (both gpu) Thanks again for the great job.
  4. Great Igor! Thank you so much On my system all is ok with both graphic card.
  5. Thanks Igor, I have dozens of slide shows created with previous versions, many of which with version 8. I also present my work in many photo clubs where I find many different PCs and laptops and I would be sure to have no problems.
  6. test10 starts up with both graphic systems; test9017 only works with the Intel system but only if the intel card is selected from right click menĂ¹ even though the Intel system is default. I'm still using version 8, do you plan to do a patch for this too?
  7. By the way, on my laptop also when I using external devices via HDMI with nvidia card, PTE.exe doesn't works. edit: windows update proposed a new update (KB4103721) I installed it but nothing has changed...
  8. then the problem is even more serious, because it involves driver of graphics card, operating system and monitor .... I am confused.
  9. because of the particular architecture due to the dual graphics card, when the HDMI output is used, I believe that the system uses the INTEL video card, this is the reason why on HDMI there are no problems. Adrian I also think like you, but I'm pessimistic ... I do not think that nVidia or Microsoft have in their plans the solution to this problem that concerns a very small part of users (us) and seems to be really a small thing in the sea of trouble. I have more confidence that Igor can identify the problem and give him a report to Microsoft or nVidia for the solution.
  10. Lenovo G500s core i5 nvidia geforce GT 720M on my laptop all your test slideshow don't run with nvidia error:
  11. Thx Adrian. Your experience confirm that The problem is nvidia driver and the damn update of Windows 10. I hope someone solves this disaster. In the case of laptop pc with dual graphics card, the solution is simple: just disable the use of the nVidia card and force the system to use the integrated intel card, obviously doing so you lose the benefits of a powerful graphic acceleration! Igor if you're there, knock once please!!!
  12. Thx JT. I tried to install the drivers you mentioned but they are not compatible with my gpu.
  13. the problem seems to be the nvidia drivers, while using the integrated intel gpu the exe file and pte are executed regularly. My laptop has nvidia geforce GT 720M but there are no driver updates, driver is date 23-3-2018 To make PTE work I had to disable the use of gpu nvidia on exe and PTE files .... It is not possible.
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