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    Mainly Landscapes and Portraits. Have now developed an interest in producing digital Audio visual shows.
    Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society.LRPS.
    Hold Credit with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain CPAGB.
    A member of the Scottish Photographic Circle and a member of Carluke Camera Club.
    Produce colour and Monochrome prints in addition to Digital Projected images. Have still not completely changed to Digital and still like to back up digital with transparencies.
    Use Canon 400D and Minolta 700si. film camera.
  1. My question relates to the latest upgrade for PTE 6.5 deluxe. Having just upgraded the software, can this be added to my laptop? since I normally present AV shows to Charitable organisations and often am asked how certain effects are produced. It would be helpful if I could load PTE to my laptop for convenience in demonstrating the methods included in PTE, since all of my initial work is carried out on my PC Many thanks Bob Copeland
  2. Hi! I am interested to find out if it is possible to burn a DVD using PTE5.6 so that it can be viewed on television in Mission Canada. I have a friend who has asked me to take some photogrpahs o the village that He ans i were born and brought up in as a nostalgic trip for him. He emigrated to Canada in 1958 and we were 'best pals' until he left. can you advise if it is possible to creata a DVD which can be viewed in North America. I understood that there is some difficulty in doing so. I would be very grateful for any advice on this matter. Bob Copeland Carluke Scotland
  3. ------------------------------------------------ Report: Have receive two items of advice regarding direction changes during Animation. Will try these this evening and advise on my hoped for results as soon as i can. Many thanks to both subscribers. Bob Copeland ------------------------------------------------
  4. I am interested to learn if it is possible for an object to change direction during animation. For example if I have an airplane travelling diagonally from bottom left can I change the direction of flight during animation so that the plane will move vertically? Would appreciate any advice on this. Many thanks Bob Copeland
  5. Hi. Can you advise me if PTE 5.6 Beta is available and how i can receive a copy. I have already asked winsoft by e-mail buit so far have not received any reply. Many thanks, Bob Copeland
  6. Hi Lin, Greatly appreciate your help. I will resize the balloon images because until you mentioned the point, I had sized the whole of the image including the chequered portion which addds condsiderably to the file size. I will also check the laptop video card as you suggest. When i have resized and created a show with the balloons I will let you know how i got on but I am certain you have solved my problem. Many thanks, Bob Copeland
  7. Hi Lyn, Many thanks for your speedy response. I have tried to dfollow your instructions to obtain the information you requested and due to my lack of technical know how with the mechanics of computers I have taken a note of the info. given in the "DISPLAY" section to which you refered me. Intel 82915G Express chipset. Chip typoe Intel ® 8215G Express. DAC Type Internal Memory 128.00mb. Dispaly mode 1024x768 (32Bit) (60Hz) Drivers Mini- ialamrnt5.dtl. Version- 6.14.0010.3847 WHQL Logist;yes Mini VDD; ialmnt5.sys. DDI Version 9(or larger) 2. The jerking in animation mostly happens when i use a digital projector and laptop. Using my own computer there is very very little jerking. I am attempting to get hot air ballooons to move accross the sky and it is during the start of this movement thqat the jerking occurs. However as the show proceeeds the jerking diminishes consioderably. 3. The pixel size of my images are 1024x768. 4. The iomage size in bytes is 644kb on average. Sometimes a little smaller if I have reduced the size for effect. 5. My operating system is Windows XP Home Edition I truast that this is the information you require and i do appreciate you helping me in this way. Regards Bob Copeland
  8. HELLO ALL!, At present when I have created a AV show with animations I find that several of the moving images shudder accross the screen, which becomes annoying and distrcting. I have re-sized all of the images and use a resolution of 72 DPI. Can you help please. Bob Copeland
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