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  1. Bob

    What video card in your PC?

    Igor: My machine is a rather new lap top and card is an ATI Radeon 6000 wit 258 MG.. can't wait for v. 5 Bob..
  2. Bob

    New Visual editor of objects

    Igor: My one wish would be that I could resize pix in object editor as well as rotate them. Bob..
  3. Bob

    OT... but worth a look

    Luminlux: I notice that the Free version is "Temporarlly unavailable" and do not know why. As to why you never received a serial number you might email Ronnie at r.kroonenberg2@chello.nl . Ronnie has been very good at replying to questions regarding his Picture Cooler program. Hope you get squared away with this. I really think it's one of the best de-noiser programs available. Bob..
  4. Bob

    OT... but worth a look

    Bill: Glad it worked for you and I think you'll find that the more you use it the better it gets. By the way.... this program is new and you should check web site for updates as there have been many improvements. I think Ronnie is aiming towards a photoshop plug-in (this may not be a Freebee) Bob..
  5. Bob

    OT... but worth a look

    Bill: I have no idea why Picture Cooler did not run for you as I have had no problems running it using Windows XP ??? If you drop the author of the program an email maybe he can come up with a solution. xraz_mn@fastmail.fm. Hope you can get it going as it is really a great program. Bob..
  6. For those that may not be aware of a great new "Denoise ++" program (Picture Cooler) that's getting a lot of praise on other forums, I would suggest you visit this web site and give this program a try. OH.. and the price is right.. FREE. http://denoiser.shorturl.com/ I have been a member of this forum for a long time and I'm pleased that I can pass this info on to the loyal members here. Bob..
  7. Thanks Lin.... nice to hear from you. I am aware of the muuch larger capacity of the DVDs and have burned a few smaller shows to a single DVD. Bob..
  8. Ed; Thanks for the reply. Guess I'll stick with the CD versions (they are great) but must say that I'm just a little disappointed. Anyway the DVDs are great for backing up the great number of photos I've piled up on my hard drive and like you we'll wait for someone to come up with a better way. Bob..
  9. Hi Gang: I have been using P2exe for a long time and more than pleased with this great program that Igor keeps improving over and over. I have created many CD shows to be viewd on a PC monitor and marvel at the sharpness of the presentations. Well, I finally installed a DVD burner and burned my first slide show. I used Movie Factory 2 and selected MP3 format. Maybe I was expecting too much but... Two obvious observions.. the show was now where as sharp as the CDs and if you stand close to the TV there is a sort of flickering (best I can discribe it). If I stand further away from the TV the pix seems somewhat better but not that much. I figure that I'm doing something wrong and wonder if anyone else has this problem?? Store-bought DVDs play great and the CD shows are really great. Any help will be appreciated... thanks Bob.. ..Sony 27" TV and Apex DVD player
  10. Bob


    Guru: Good luck with your new site. I'll be visiting often as I've always appreciated your advice on this forum. Bob..
  11. Bob

    Suggestions for the next version

    Igor: The one feature I would like to have is the ability to resize photos in the Object Editor. If it was possible to grab a handle and size the photo such as the way it can be accomplished in MS Publisher would be great. Bob..
  12. Bob

    Question for the Techs.

    Hi Y'all: After a long search I did find a comlete answer to my question re: DVD types and uses. http://www.anandtech.com/guides/viewfaq.html?i=118 Thanks to all. Bob..
  13. Bob

    Question for the Techs.

    Thought I had all the answers My new dvd burner should arrive Tuesday and I find that I have just one more questions for the "Techs" DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and so on!! What should I get?? I want the best results when it comes to P2exe shows and I want to back-up my Hard drive as well. I have programs such as P2exe, Photoshop etc. that I want to back-up on DVD. thanks once again in advance.. Bob..
  14. Bob

    Question for the Techs.

    Thank you: My order is in. This forum and all the great people who are willing to give their time helping others, "Make my day" Bob..
  15. Bob

    Question for the Techs.

    PhotoCD I'm back... Just checked in to Nec 3520A and find a good price $62.00 US. This is an OEM with no cables or software. Question... will I have to purchase cables and software or is it possible to use the cables etc. on present CD drive? Will the drivers be in Windows XP or do I need installation software? Hate to use up bandwidth with all these questions but when I read some of these DVD forums the chat is way over my head. Thanks............. Bob..