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  1. So hope for the best wishes for picturestoexe with new features improvements(I afraid again u remove some good features or options in this new version mistakenly or on purpose for example removing midi music format supporting in picturestoexe 6)
  2. Hello Igor 2 years passed and still no any news about wnsoft masterpiece publishing I wanted to advise you.. . I think you were trying offer PTE for all operating systems (windows, Macintosh,,... ) in one execution release So if it's so, it's time to advice YOU, please stop it and offer PTE separated for each OS if this delay is for focus offering PTE in one file for all Best
  3. Hello Igor.... I hope no feature(s) remove in this improvement, and hope you someday have program for picturestoApk too in future...
  4. picturestoexe now please picturestoApk, and Can u?
  5. I want translate in into Persian, Do you add Persian in it like Italian to I start translate?
  6. I have complain , I wish picture to exe could support Graphic/video card with 64 bit too currently it just work with Video cards up to 128 bit this is for just me is going to complain [of course I know all computers nowadays use powerful video card ]
  7. Hello Igor and all You just add your interesting features each release and never seen you add users' suggestion made in idea and suggestion !!!
  8. on Navigation bar on slise show add extra tools "Expand to actual size'
  9. To create and convert pictures to exe projects into "PPT" and other known application slideshow format CAN you?>
  10. By right clicking on slides , it can including following options Navigation like Next /previous /Go Home/Go to slide number of .../,etc Switch to 3D Displaying
  11. Your new forum password management is too complicated please Igor contact me
  12. Save Button in LngEditor1 was smart and detect something there is not saved if any threads had been modified it could show modified lng as bold and if not exist any modification save button show as transparent[Disabled] but in LngEditor 2.0 both events are same in Save button [always Enabled ]
  13. 9-Send your Language key feature as a button on LngEditor -> After clicking on this button, translation LNG automatically be send to Igor online
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