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  1. nelson

    Flipping Playing Cards

    Thanks Dave, A lot of thought and work went into this. I really appreciate your generosity. Take care, Kieron
  2. nelson

    News about PTE 10

    Can`t wait! Many thanks, Kieron
  3. nelson

    Adobe moving stills

    Adobe MAX 2018 (Sneak Peek) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=186&v=dM-lX9c3Pqw Looks interesting, Kieron
  4. nelson

    mixing video and slides and text

    Hello Lin, I am thrilled that your voice has come back as far as it has. It sounds great to me! Take care of yourself, you are a valuable asset to this forum and I revert to your videos all the time. Kieron
  5. nelson

    Variable Speed Modifiers

    Thanks for your generosity and excellent explanation Barry. Kieron
  6. nelson

    Installed Windows update 1809

    Does this address the issue that Windows 10 v1803 caused jerky playback of PTE presentations? I rolled the update back and stopped future updates on my laptop. My main computer still uses windows 7. I did a small presentation at our club the other night that ran smooth on my laptop. Ran it through the club laptop and it was very jerky as they had updated to 1803. Can others confirm. Many thanks, Kieron
  7. nelson

    Video/Movie: make from EARLY .exe file

    Very enlightening, thank you. Kieron
  8. Excellent suggestion Barry.
  9. nelson

    PicturesToExe used for Video Prep

    Great idea, and nicely done Barry!
  10. Hi Igor, Appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this. Looking forward to PTE 10. Thanks, Kieron
  11. nelson

    A Changing Of The Season

    Very enjoyable Lin, love the use of ripples and snow globes. Take care, Kieron
  12. nelson

    Animation with a Single Key Frame

    Thanks so much Dave.
  13. Beautiful voice, and an excellent demo of Rotation Modifiers! Thanks so much Lin, Kieron
  14. nelson

    The Market of Dong Van

    Very enjoyable Bert. I was in Northern Vietnam last September and have been in contact with my guide. The recent Typhoon had been devastating. 1200 homes destroyed due to the flooding. The rice crops in Yên Bái Province have been decimated. In neighboring Laos and Cambodia up to 300 people missing with Cambodia to evacuate 25,000 people downstream of collapsed Laos dam. Take care, Kieron
  15. nelson


    Thanks so much Barry, very handy!