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  1. Has there been any update on this issue? Will version 10 still be affected? Thanks so much, Kieron
  2. Thanks so much Dave for your ongoing generousity. Kieron
  3. Well done Barry! Looking forward to more. Kieron
  4. Thanks so much for trying to sort this out for the rest of us. I for one really appreciate your effort. Kieron
  5. Interesting Dave. I look forward to your final assessment. Thanks, Kieron
  6. Excellent effect Lin! Shows the power of a great imagination and masking. Kieron
  7. Thanks to Lin, Dave, Barry and others, I am always learning new things, and totally immersed everyday in this amazing program. Kieron
  8. Me to Barry! Mine is only 48 minutes and will be shown in a 300 seat auditorium projected onto a movie screen. I present shows on vanishing cultures and with PTE it allows me to place voice overs, sounds that I recorded, video, and of course my photographs. The usual questions are "What software did you use". I just viewed Hot in the City. and really enjoyed it. Excellent photography, timing, and transitions. Kieron
  9. Thanks Dave, very helpful. Kieron
  10. Add another one to that list Dave, I really appreciate and enjoy these snippets. I am keeping them all for reference, Kieron
  11. I was trying to explain the merits of the software to members of our photo club. The question they kept asking "what is that name again?" Kieron
  12. Thanks Dave, I found it interesting and informative. Kieron
  13. Thanks so much Lin. Very detailed, and a lot of work on your part. I really appreciate your contribution to this forum, always enlightening. Kieron
  14. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your knowledge Dave, always appreciated! Kieron
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