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  1. nelson

    The Storm Season

    Thanks Barry, very inspirational. My head is spinning with some new ideas.
  2. nelson

    The Storm Season

    Very dramatic, and a treat to view! Is the cloud movement through the use of masks?
  3. nelson

    Memorial Service for friend

    Thanks for the confirmation Ronnie, I really appreciate it. I am under the impression that both screens although different sizes are synchronized.
  4. nelson

    Memorial Service for friend

    Thanks so much for your informative and quick reply Dave, I really appreciate it.
  5. Hello everyone, I have been requested to put together a fellow photographers memorial service. I have put together numerous shows using high end projectors in auditoriums etc. They have all been 3:2 published as an exe. The room will have two large screen televisions. I assume 16:9. Would this be the format that I would use if I want it to fill the screen? This is where I get confused, does this mean the photos should be at 1920x1080 or an equivalent like 1280x720. At least as a background to put 3:2 photos on. I am wondering about quality. I have noticed on the forums that people publish to a AVI video.Is that preferred over an exe file. Can that be looped? I have never watched my shows on a television and need the basics. Thanks for your help with this, Kieron
  6. nelson

    Free Music Resource

    Thanks so much for your generosity.
  7. nelson

    The PTE Cloak Of Invisibility Video

    Thanks Lin, very enjoyable and enlightening.
  8. I have watched this over, and over again! Simply amazing.
  9. nelson

    Beat matching feature

    I found this quite interesting to read. https://fstoppers.com/review/smartslides-new-beat-matching-feature-creating-professionally-beat-matched-219395
  10. nelson


    Excellent Dave, very helpful. Kieron
  11. nelson

    Large Demo Of Styles

    Thanks again Lin, for your ongoing generosity.
  12. nelson

    Two New Tutorials Added

    Thanks Lin, for your ongoing help. Kieron
  13. nelson

    Nikon Firmware Updates

    Thanks Dave, I missed that.
  14. nelson

    Links to Users Web Sites

    I would like to add my site to the list please, Kieron Nelson www.vanishingculturesphotography.com Thanks