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  1. nelson

    The Market of Dong Van

    Very enjoyable Bert. I was in Northern Vietnam last September and have been in contact with my guide. The recent Typhoon had been devastating. 1200 homes destroyed due to the flooding. The rice crops in Yên Bái Province have been decimated. In neighboring Laos and Cambodia up to 300 people missing with Cambodia to evacuate 25,000 people downstream of collapsed Laos dam. Take care, Kieron
  2. nelson


    Thanks so much Barry, very handy!
  3. nelson

    Abercynon Panorama

    Very impressive Dave, a treat to view! Kieron
  4. nelson

    60 Second Analogue Timer

    Thanks so much Dave for your generosity. Kieron
  5. nelson

    Watch Styles

    Thanks so much for this Lin, a great amount of work to make this. Really appreciate it. So glad your speech is coming back, sounds really good! Looking forward to more tutorials from you. Take care of yourself, Kieron
  6. nelson

    July 2018 Newsletter

    Thanks for the Animating Clouds instructional video Barry. I found it very useful. Kieron
  7. nelson

    Door opening closing

    Thanks to both of you, I now understand that the key ingredient of where I was going wrong, is the center placement The door handle is a great example of placement. Kieron
  8. nelson

    Door opening closing

    Thanks Lin, That helps me immensely. Hope things are improving, Kieron
  9. nelson

    Door opening closing

    Thanks for the quick reply Dave, It makes sense now, thanks so much. Kieron
  10. nelson

    Door opening closing

    I wonder if someone could help me with opening a closed door. I have a png file of the door inside a stationary frame. I want to open it and keep it on the hinges. I have tried it using several key frames but it has a very slight difference in movement. How do I rotate and keep the hinge slide stationary? Many thanks, Kieron
  11. nelson

    Cube Style & Link To Tutorial

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Lin, I hope you recover quickly. Your attitude and determination are remarkable. Please take care, Kieron
  12. nelson

    Cube Style & Link To Tutorial

    Thanks for your continued generosity Lin, it is appreciated. Kieron
  13. nelson

    The Storm Season

    Thanks Barry, very inspirational. My head is spinning with some new ideas.
  14. nelson

    The Storm Season

    Very dramatic, and a treat to view! Is the cloud movement through the use of masks?
  15. nelson

    Memorial Service for friend

    Thanks Dave