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  1. Thanks Dave, really appreciated.
  2. I am still amazed how every question is answered or resolved personally by the maker of this popular piece of software and who actively participates in the forum provided. This can not be highlighted enough. Thank you Igor!
  3. Thanks Manuel, really appreciated. Kieron
  4. It is a pleasure to work with the new features Igor. You have done so much work behind the scenes that we just take it for granted. Thanks for all the time and hard work that has gone into this. Kieron
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this issue Igor. It works great now.
  6. Thanks so much Igor, your ability with this software continues to amaze!
  7. Tried another Photo Album and the same issue has appeared in PTE 10. The album concept is the same as the previous one and works fine in PTE 9. I am adding the information for the future. I realize this may not be able to be resolved at this time. Thanks, Kieron Photo-Album.zip
  8. Thanks for looking at It Igor. Kieron
  9. Follow up after more testing. The lines appear in the time line of all betas of PTE 10. Not present in PTE 9 Full screen preview only started showing the line in Beta 11. It played fine until this point. New 64-bit EXE files and fullscreen preview. Beta 11 Kieron
  10. Thank you Igor, In earlier betas the line shows up in the time line but was not there in full screen previews.
  11. Years ago I purchased a photo album from the Dom. I have modified it for an introduction to one of my shows. It works perfectly in version 9 but has a line running vertically through slides in version 10. I was going to attach my show but it exceeds the max as it is over 4 MB. I have attached the shortened original from the Dom. Works in 9 but not 10 examples. I have included screen shots of my show. It has something to do with the shadow effect? I think. I was hoping someone may help me sort this out. I would be grateful. Kieron TheDom-PhotoAlbum PTE9.zip TheDom-PhotoAlbum PTE10.zip
  12. A lot of work certainly paid off Dave! Enjoyable to watch.
  13. I found "Impressions" very enjoyable to view Barry. Your chosen piece of music very suitable, and certainly adds to the overall enjoyment. I recently was asked to do a tribute to a fellow photographer who passed away. I found the most difficult part was finding the appropriate music. Take care, Kieron
  14. Thanks to "PTE for Smarties" produced by yourself and videos from Barry Beckham, I overcame the early learning curve and have embraced this wonderful software. It has allowed me to share my travels and photography with friends and family. Take care, Kieron
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