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  1. Do not put the text as son of the image, I mean, not under the image.
  2. I am still curious about this possibility. I think this way duplicated files do not exist anymore in the timeline, so no more problems with Zip process. By "duplicated" files, I mean one or more files with same name but in different drives or folders. Is PTE able to do this?
  3. Igor, would it be possible, when we add a file (photo or movie) to the timeline of a project, to have a PTE warning in case such file already exists in the timeline? Also showing its original location (drive and folder) in order that we can go for it. This way, no more problems with Zip and duplicated files. I think that PTE is able to do this. Jose
  4. Igor, yes, you are right, may be "the project may contain 2 different images with same file name in separate folder". Not usual, but possible.
  5. Igor, When creating a ZIP archive (in case of duplicated files), why not make Zip use just one of such files, instead of renaming? May be this would be possible because I think that PTE zipping process could start by scanning all files involved in the project. This is really a problem, but having 2 or 3 or 4 renamed of the same file do not appear to be ideal, even being better than actual situation. Regards, Jose
  6. Try this: Make a Zip of Project 1. Make a Zip of Project 2. Copy both Zips to a new folder. Unzip both Zips on this new folder. Duplicated files will show and you will discard them, so, no more duplicated files. Build your new Project in this same new folder. No more problems with same files in different places. Ok?
  7. Igor, thank you very much. I received the license key, thanks. I am already working with v10 Beta for sometime, and it is great. Congratulations! Do you remember when I asked you for the first time for a 64-bit version, some 3 years ago? I am really happy now! My long and complex video projects are now built without memory problems! Great!!! Best regards, Jose
  8. Hi Igor, Me too, I just paid the upgrade from v9, and still did not receive new code. Announced 5 minutes...? Neither in spam. Thanks, Jose
  9. "the transition starts only after the video clip is finished and this results in the sudden stop of any movement in the video" This is because the transition (example: 1,5 seconds) uses the last 1,5 seconds of the video clip, after the slide ends. So, you must make the slide 1,5 seconds shorter than the video clip, in order that the transition gets the last 1,5 seconds of the video clip, this way there is no stop of the video. Regards, Jose
  10. Not only the finest presentation slideshow product world-wide, but the best movie editing software world-wide, allowing color and speed correction, text and graphics animations, milisecond precision trim, etc., etc., etc., producing a final high quality HD mp4 file ready to burn Blu-ray discs. Happy Birthday PTE, Igor and his team!!! Jose
  11. Igor, I sent you a private message.
  12. Igor said: I didn't work on this subject yet. I plan to explore information about High@L4.1/4.2 and 60p video. Probably I will ask advice of professional community who work with H.264. Hi Igor, 1. Any news about setting profile High@L4.1 on PTE 10 64-bit for Windows? 2. In this meantime I upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro, and I updated from PTE 9.0.21 to PTE 9.0.22. Problem is: when I try to set profile High@L4.1 on PTE 9.0.22 (just like I did in PTE 9.0.21), I am not allowed to save "encoder-hd.ini" because there is a Notepad message "I have no permission to open this file. See the owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission". What am I missing? Thank you, Jose
  13. Windows 7, PTE 9.0.21. In "Computer > System (C:) > Users > User > AppData > Local > WnSoft-WaveCache" could I delete all actual 185 folders (2,85 GB)? Each folder contains a WMC file, what is this? Thanks.
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