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  1. Is optimisation necessary?

    Yes, in case you are inside a PTE project and have your native file list available. I use to prepare all my files before using them in PTE, I mean, stabilyzing (Mercalli) and converting them. This way, the editing in PTE turns easier and more fluid, no interruptions with converting.
  2. Is optimisation necessary?

    Just one more word: yes, it is 100% necessary, otherwise playback is not smooth at all. Of course, video quality decreases (allways decrease with a conversion), but you may get a better converted AVI file to insert in your PTE project, by using the PTE Video Converter manualy. I mean, instead of applying the "prompted automatic" version to convert, use the PTE Video Converter itself, manualy. Go to "C>Programe files(x86)>WnSoft>9.0>VideoConverter>VideoConverter.exe and install "VideoConverter.exe" and create a desktop shortcut. Everytime you have to insert a MP4 in PTE project, first, you convert it with VideoConverter.exe, using QUALITY=100. This way you avoid the standard normal Quality=50%, which is used in the automatic way. You may profit to trim the video clip if you want to. Jose

    Strange, isn't it? I updated to 9.0.13 as well, and error persisted. I didn't try NORMAL QUALITY because it is not enough quality. Hope that Igor can find out what is the problem. Jose
  4. "Minimize video card usage (for slow PC)" does not allow second pass when creating HD video for PC, 2-pass option, or even the only pass on preset high quality? Is it a PTE bug? I put this on troubleshooting but got no reply.

    55 views, and no ideas? Me too, this problem has no aparent reason. I even tried the 1-pass way (Preset 1920x1080, High quality) and... surprise, the creation did not even start, kept on 0%. I googled to see what is "FFServer...", then I looked for what happens with FFServer when CPU reaches 100% during the process, which fact I verified during the first pass of the failed 2-pass creation, and I concluded that all the problem could be related with my CPU. Which fact remembered me that some weeks ago I ticked the option "Minimize video card usage (for slow PC)", in Settings, Preferences, System, because I was affraid of some crash as project included some heavy slides and videos, and lots of audio tracks. In fact, my PC is not slow at all, but... Ok, after that "Minimize..." was cleared, I made my 2-pass creation, 20000Kbps, without any problem, as usual. Question: what this video card usage has to do with the second of the 2-pass custom creation, or even with the Preset "High Quality (1-pass)"? I should like to know the answer to this, or if this is a bug of PTE. Jose
  6. My system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, updated, RAM 32GB, CPU Intel Core i7 Quad core PTE v9.0.11 Project with 213 slides (photos and videos), 38 audio tracks, 33min 03s long. Template is 5,43GB. Problem: When I intend to create HD VIDEO FOR PC (Bitrate 20000, 2-pass), first pass runs ok and takes 32min, but second pass does not start (after waiting almost 1 hour), timeline keeping on 50%. Trying to see what could go wrong, I opened Windows Task Manager, and could see that Process "FFServer.exe *32" was steady on CPU 13, Memory 276.164K, and "PicturesToExe.exe *32" was steady on CPU 00, Memory 482.000K. Computer was not frozen, working normal. I can not imagine what is going on, as this is the first time it happens to me, even with big and long projects like this one. I know tha I can try to use the "1-pass" solution, but I do not want to, as its best quality is not as good as my 2-pass, 20000Kbps. So, someone has any idea what can be this problem? Point is that I intended to finish this project to present it to people tomorrow, and I can not make the necessary HD mp4 file. Thanks to all. Jose

    You are right, I wanted to say "transitions", sorry. Jose

    Hi Denis and Lin, Yes, a great innovative solution! I tried it and it starts to show as a real curling page! Good! Thanks to both of you. By the way, I didn't understand nothing of the former posts from Dave, but I think he is suggesting some kind of update to next PTE version concerning masks... Good! Best regards, Jose

    Yes, it works... more or less! But the real effect of a real curling page does not really shows without the real page really curling. This is because we only see the text "curling" and this text beeing so small (in my case) we do not get the view of the page curling. Of course, in case the text occupies the full page, we can get "a sort of" curling page effect, but not so good. This is not a PTE problem or even a problem of the this mask solution, but only a problem of the visual effect itself beeing not so nice. See my tests: https://orizaba.sharefile.com/d-sd8d61cb7f394ef38 Jose

    Very clever! Thanks for the idea, yes, other effects can be made. José

    Thanks very much Lin, yes, I believe this is not possible in PTE. Regards, Jose
  12. Is there some way to use this transition "Curling of page", in which the page is transparent and only some text really curls and shows over the former/under page? Thanks, Jose

    Igor, With former PTE 8, MP4 Joiner always worked 100% correct with my MP4 files always encoded with 2 pass mode, I never used Quality mode. So the problem is not with MP4 Joiner, neither with MKV Toolnix, but with PTE9. I am not interested to create 2 short sample projects, I have my own big projects to join and I would expect to join them but this is not possible using the usual MP4 Joiner or even MKV Toolnix. In this meantime I can let you know that I succeeded to join my projects using a VLC command line which I discovered in the Internet, and it worked perfectly. Point is that PTE9 has something new which does not allow MP4 Joiner to work. Yes, you already said, PTE9 uses different encoders, but I suspect these new encoders have some kind of problem, much anoying, not to speak of my other problem concerning the ghosts, as I already reported you some months ago, including some samples I sent you. May be you should like to receive my actual big PTE9 projects which I want to join. I could send them to you by WE TRANSFER, and you could analyze them. Best regards, Jose

    Hi Denis, I could try to use such command line. Please, just let me know in detail how, I mean, where must I locate the mp4 files to join, etc.. Anyhow, why PTE9 mp4 files do not work as former PTE8 files did? Concerning your mp4 files, you use 60fps, quality 100. Did you notice that this gives a much poor result than using 2-pass, 60fps, 20Mbps? Usually, 2-pass produces a file with 0,161 bits/pixel*frame, while 1-pass (quality 100) produces almost half this value, so quality is not so good, and we can clearly note the difference. Jose

    Hi Igor, This problem still exists, all these months latter. I think this newer version of PTE 9 video encoders is not so good and reliable as former PTE 8 version, and this problem is causing me a lot of troubles indeed. I would thank you very much for trying to solve this as soon as possible, as in former PTE 8 version I NEVER had any problem with my published MP4 files, this is the reality. Now I have another problem related with this: As you know, I make big PTE projects, mainly using 90% video clips and 10% photos. Because of PTE 32-bit native version, I have to make several partial projects and join respective MP4 files together after. I always used software "MP4 Joiner" (joining without reencoding) and result in former PTE 8 version was perfect. Now, with PTE 9, this "MP4 Joiner" does not work! As an alternative, I convert my MP4 files into MKV files (using MKV Toolnix, no reencoding), and I try to merge new MKV files into 1 sole MKV file (again, using MKV Toolnix). Error! I am now making another big PTE project. I already built my first MP4 file (2 pass, 60fps, 20Mbps) (4,02 GB, 28:30,149 containing 201 slides, mostly video clips). I tried to join this MP4 file with a second MP4 file of same project, and after some 6 trials I did not get any result, it seams that both MP4 files are not identical (same parameters) and no joining software is able to join them without reencoding! This is a big problem! I remember that with former PTE 8 version I never had such trouble, things were reliable! Please, understand that this is serious. If you want, I can send you both MP4 files and you try to analyze them and join them if you can. I hope to hear from you. Regards, Jose