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  1. It would be very strange such a degradation since 2014...! I find VLC not too much reliable, I think ZOOM is the best. Regards, Jose
  2. Hi George, How many years ago was this MOV transferred from your camera to your computer? No more transfers since? Anyhow, did you try to play it in another player besides VLC? By the way, could you give all details of such MOV file (MediaInfo report)? I have no answer to your/our concerns about durability of our digital memories, but this is an interesting point to discuss. I never had such degradation in my oldest digital videos. On the contrary, my old BETA and VHS analog recordings, as well as photo Kodak slides and 8mm and Super8 films are degradating fast every day. Regards, Jose
  3. orizaba

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    Congratulations Igor!!! At last, we all we have a 21st century PTE! It deserves... and we deserve! What time do you expect for final "commercial" version? 3 to 4 months? I mean, for Windows version. I hope everything will run smooth with this first internal version. Thanks and best regards, Jose
  4. orizaba

    Png Images

    That is exactly what I am doing: I make several PTE project’s parts, respective HD MP4 files and concat them using FFMPEG without any reconversion, so keeping original PTE quality. But it is not easy to decide start and end of each part, mainly because of audio connections, which can not be discontinued. PTE 64-bit is much necessary!
  5. Hi Igor, I am very much affraid to update to a Beta version because I am building a big PTE project and something can happen. I would prefer waiting for a final version ...! Thanks anyhow for your help. Best regards, Jose
  6. orizaba

    Png Images

    Hi, No, never tried. However, I never make EXE fiIes, only build HD MP4 fies of my projects. Anyhow, could you please let me know what happens when we select such option? I mean, in terms of either for EXE files or for MP4 files. I presume that required memory will be less, but is this compatible with publishing MP4 files? My computer is 32GB RAM, graphic card is 4GB (AMD Radeon HD 8970M), Windows 7, 64-bit. I have in front of me a PTE project open. Windows Task Manager indicates: - in Performance: Memory 3,68 GB - in Processes: PTE 563.976 K, Windows Explorer 272.756K, 18 more items with 2.140K to 7.112K. This is because I always delete a lot of unnecessary processes in order to free some memory. Afer 1 hour working with PTE, Performance reaches some 4,12 GB memory. Sometimes PTE freezes. To avoid freezing/crashing, I restart computer and start again (with the actual 3,68 GB). Very much annoying, don’t you think? PTE high quality is well worth, but I am anxious for 64-bit version. Regards, Jose
  7. orizaba

    Png Images

    Hi Igor, You said: “Being a 32-bit app, PTE 9 can use only up to 2 GB of system memory. With a special trick we can extend this limit up to 3.9 GB.” What is such special trick? As you know, I am always figting against this 2GB limit in my PTE big video projects. I wonder if I could use such trick to easy my life... Regards, Jose
  8. Thank you very much, good idea! Regards, Jose
  9. Hi Igor, Something more about this problem: Project (Part 2) with 132 slides, lots and lots of Master/Link videos along it. First 3 slides were there just for me to figure out how Part 1 would connect with Part 2 ( I am building my project by parts, due to 32-bit limitations). When I finished this Part 2, I had to delete those first 3 slides. All Master/Link videos were lost, I mean, not green, but frozen! Now I have to rebuilt all these Master/Link videos. I hope you can solve this for PTE 9. Thanks, Jose
  10. orizaba

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    PTE can publish very high quality HD mp4 files which deserve to be burn in Blu-ray discs, not DVD anymore. Such mp4 files can be changed into BD format without any re-encoding, so keeping 100% of their high quality. BD discs result simply amazing! DVD days are finished.
  11. orizaba

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    Hi Igor, Jill said "You would be better spending the time on making video editing better with multiple image tracks." Not a bad idea! But I would ask once more to keep timeline static while you zoom in, I mean, line position static. Now, when we zoom in, timeline runs to left or right. Thank you. Jose
  12. Hi Denis, Yes! Even with a very small project and a very simple avi file! So, this problem really exists. Igor said before that "Future PTE 10 works correctly anywhere". I wonder why it shows in v9 and not in v10...? Regards, Jose
  13. Hi Igor, Sorry for the delay. Only today I could stop for a moment my actual big PTE project in order to prepare such small project. ZIP file is 256 MB, so please let me know an email adress to send it by WeTransfer. This test project has only 8 slides, last 5 have 1 Master video and 4 linked. Before, the project had not slides nr 2 and 3. Then I inserted nr 2 and 3. I expected to face the usual problem, video slides turning green. But this did not happen, I don´t understand why. May be the problem only shows when the project is big. In fact, the project I am working on (where the problem shows) has 338 slides and 26 minutes by now, ZIP file has 12,2 GB! And this is only Part 1. As usual, facing the PTE 32-bit limitations, I have to build big projects by parts, and join them at the end. In case you let me know how to send you the 12,2 GB ZIP file, I will be pleased to send it to you and you could make your own tests on it. Regards, Jose
  14. Igor, Preview and fullscreen “green”. Jose
  15. Igor, I can see "green" in Timeline and O&A and play in timeline and O&A. I did not try to see in Slide list, neither in preview, fullscreen, EXE and created MP4 file. Next time I will face this problem, which will hapen still today, I will let you know about preview and fullscreen. By now, I will not make EXE file or MP4. When do you expect to deliver a final PTE 10 version? Regards, Jose