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  1. Hello Haven't been on here for a while or used PTE - but can anyone shed any light on where TheDom website has gone - he seems to have disappeared off PTE planet! Thanks Joy
  2. Thanks for all your replies and messages. I am not sure how to include a quoted paragraph! but the last message from PGA is completely as it is! Joy
  3. Hello Again I am not trying to open it from the hummingbird - I have opened PTE 7.5.8 then tried to access the show which I have moved using the File>Open method and navigating to the .pte show. Sorry - I think you have misunderstood what I am trying to do. Joy
  4. Hi Dave Thanks for your advice. I haven't done that before - does that mean I have to open every show I am trying to move and do this? (I am transferring a lot of data to free up space_) Once I have done this can I delete it from the original position on the harddrive? Finally - what is the difference between the 2 methods you suggest? Thanks JOy
  5. Hi Yachtsman Thanks for the reply - it is the pte version I was trying to open - not the .exe one - I have made sure all associated photos and music are in one folder which was also moved. Any more thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Joy
  6. Hello Everyone I am trying to move a show onto an external network drive. I have been careful to make sure all the show's images and music etc were contained within a single folder along with the .pte show. When I try to open it from withing PTE 7.5.8 - it comes up with a message that the show does not exist. I can still open it from the original location (in spite of fact that it was created in an earlier version of PTE) Do I have to manually re-route the path to make it recognise the new location - if so - how do I do this - is there a quick way and what about all the photos witihin the show? Thanks Joy
  7. Thats great Igor - I am due to start building another slideshow next week so I look forward to downloading the latest version and trying it!! Thanks for letting me know! Joy
  8. Brilliant! I wasnt expecting a solution that quick! Thanks Igor I look forward to the update. , i have now removed my example from dropbox as mhwarner suggested. Joy
  9. Hello Thanks for all your suggestions and comments - I have just had an email from the DOM who says that there shouldn't be any problem with using his templates in all versions of PTE and so he suggests it may be a bug specific to vers 7.5? Maybe Igor could check it out sometime? Thanks again Joy
  10. Please can someone suggest what I can do in O&A in PTE 7.5 to correct a problem with the centrefold line of DOM's Photo Album fullscreen template which was obviously created prior to 7.5. It works in PTE 7 without a problem. I have put up the template on Dropbox - if you open it in 7.5 you will hopefully see what I mean. Please go to: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zvrr2qk0xw13ff2/jHlZMzp7Lz Thanks Joy
  11. Please can someone remind me what I should have the screen settings set to in project options to create an optimum quality DVD from a PTE slideshow? Not sure which boxes to have ticked or unticked. What does non-exclusive full screen mode mean? Thanks - please see attachement which is as it is set now. Thanks Joy
  12. Hello Again I have managed to create an .avi movie of my slideshow using the custom codec : XVid-MPeg-4 with MP3 192bit 4100Hz sound However the resulting .avi whilst being good quality/resolution & no shimmer - it lacks contrast - (no true blacks) and vibrancy of colour compared to the original slideshow. Can anyone suggest why this might be and how I could improve it? Thanks again Joy
  13. Hello Eric Yes I have 7.5 beta 12 installed Joy
  14. Thanks to both - you have hit the nail on the head YOu know when you get that awful sinking feeling??- I have stupidly uninstalled my version 7! I have managed to find my version 7.05 pte .set up program in my download folder so I have successfully reinstalled vers 7. I have also entered the deluxe upgrade licence key from the original emai which I have also found. However it is still coming up with the message that the Deluxe part has expired - which it did on 25/9/11. I presume that because I have uninstalled it and now re-installed it is is not accepting the old installed version of the video builder which functioned (without upgrade) before I unistalled pte. So it seems I will have to pay for the deluxe upgrade again - is this correct? Joy
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