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  1. Thank you for your response. This helps me to understand some things I observed. When I burned a CD of a slide show and played it using a media player on my PC, the PZR was jerky. However, when I tried the same CD on a friend's Mac it was fine. I was originally thinking only about image quality, but I can see there are other factors as well. Thanks to all of the other forum members who posted responses, I now have my questions answered, and I can proceed with my purchase of PTE. Lynn
  2. Hello Peter, Thank you very much for your excellent description. My purchase options are now very clear to me. I am now prepared to proceed with my purchase of PTE. Lynn
  3. Hello Dave, Thank you for the information. If VideoBuilder can create files that will run on a Mac, that may be the deciding feature for me. However, I would still like to know if the HD feature has any quality benefits or any drawbacks on a regular computer monitor? Lynn
  4. Jeff, Thank you for your reply. The Wnsoft website for the deluxe version describes the capability to create "HD Video file (H.264) for PC and Mac". Does this reference to Mac mean only when a dual operating system is installed, or does PicturesToExe 5.6 include a version of VideoBuilder that converts the .exe file so any Mac can play it? Lynn
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here, and I would like some advice. I have downloaded and used trial versions of both PicturesToExe and ProShow Producer. I have decided to buy PicturesToExe, but I'm not clear whether I should buy the standard or deluxe version. The trial version of PicturesToExe is the deluxe version, so I am not positive if there are any basic capabilities (like masks) that are not included in the standard version. It is my impression that the differences are only in the output capabilities. Is that correct? I'm assuming that the standard version will generate an .exe file that I can burn to a CD or DVD using my Nero burning software. I think that is possibly all that I need. Even though PicturesToExe will only run on a PC, I'm assuming the .exe files will also run on a Mac. I don't perceive the need for me to output files for YouTube, Vimeo, iPhone, or iPod since I have never uploaded anything to YouTube, and I don't own an iPhone or iPod. I need some help understanding what the HD video output in the deluxe version would do for me. Is there some quality difference that will show on a standard computer monitor? Or is that only for output that will be displayed on an HDTV? I don't own an HDTV since I don't watch TV very much. I would appreciate it if someone could help me to clarify the differences between the standard and deluxe versions. I am willing to pay the price for the deluxe version, but it doesn't make sense to buy capability that I'll never use. It appears that perhaps I could purchase the $49 standard version, and then purchase a $26 upgrade at a later time. Would that be equivalent to initially purchasing the $75 deluxe version? If so, there wouldn't be any penalty if I initially purchased the standard version and then decided I actually needed the deluxe version. Lynn
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