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  1. This is a practical and very useful addition, especially for when I make mistakes, and I make lots of those
  2. Did you try a 60p video too. My exe version and preview was OK, the video was where the issue showed up. I can try again tomorrow, maybe try importing the style again.
  3. I can highlight more than one file for deleting in the File List, but via a right click > Explorer-Delete I can only delete one file at a time. It works correct in PTE9
  4. Denis Thanks, I didn't spot that line you have to drag down at all. In that case problem solved
  5. I may be out of touch here, apologies if I am, but I can't select multiple objects to see all the keyframes in Beta 14
  6. I am using Beta 14 and this morning I re-created the problem I discovered yesterday. If I save a project file first, (as we should of course) the video is created OK. I did a quick test yesterday without saving a project file and that is where the issue arises.
  7. 60p and Pte 10 is doing a great job. As a critic of videos in the early days, I’m now totally sold. Most of the issues we used to grapple with have melted away
  8. I think I was using the latest beta, but allow me to look again tomorrow and see what shows up. My apologies, but I don’t have the time I used to have.
  9. Please see attached files I imported a slide style (using masks) made a while ago and it works OK in PTE10 when previewed, but not when I make a video. (either using Hardware acceleration or not) I tried the same slide style in PTE9 and that works in preview and as a video I have included in the link above a one slide video example of PTE9 - PTE10 and the slide style itself
  10. I had a similar thought when I viewed it again recently. Sadly I can’t even recall what software I used to create the images. Someone told me about the software on-line. I recall that, but I’m afraid my brain has discarded any memory of what I used or how.
  11. This slide show was created ages ago and I don't think it was fully published. The file size at the time it was created was huge in the days when an average show was just 10-15mb. The 5:4 AR and size gives away its age, but worth a view perhaps. This has been re-published via PTE-10 Beta 11
  12. An older show remade as a 60p Video via PicturesToExe 10 Beta 11. Circumstances don't allow me to do much testing, but I have revamped older shows in PTE 10 betas with no issues
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