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  1. Yes, you can always go into the Object and Animation screen of any image where you don’t want the image name template applied and delete it. It will show in the bottom right corner.
  2. New Texture Slider in Photoshop and Lightroom looks pretty good HERE
  3. Sound like you have it right Ken. Not sure if these videos will help - Controlling your Show
  4. Is there another program you have running that also uses those keys, and one is interfering with the other?
  5. There is a lot of content there, so it’s probably best to pick a topic and start from there. All my videos are put together in a logical learning order. Meaning the first video in the topic like animation for example is basic, the last video probably a bit more advanced. The most important thing I try to do is to make them relevant and practical. There are lots of Photoshop videos too. They must run into hundreds I guess
  6. All my videos are now offered free. + Photoshop - Lightroom - Photographic videos https://www.beckhamdigital.photo
  7. I’ve been in that situation and what Jill suggests worked for me. I put a small dot in the corner of the image that most wouldn’t see while viewing the show, but it would indicate to me I had reached a certain stage of a part manual and part auto show
  8. An Audio Visual which is 100% Video. All shot in 4k from a Drone YouTube HERE
  9. Martin Click the try it free button, that is the latest version. Download it and install it and it’ll take your existing key. I agree that it’s not as clear as it should be. If you click an upgrade option you would expect to be taken to an upgrade page
  10. I have never even looked at the grid much and for reasons I can’t explain, I never even tried any other settings, but of course 3 by 3 is obvious when you stop and think about it
  11. I’m away from the computer right now and perhaps I was a little hasty and need to take a more detailed look at the grids. I admit I haven’t done that.
  12. Did you make adjustments to the grid to get it to show the rule of thirds. I haven’t done that or looked at doing that. I just wanted a rule of thirds I could select easily.
  13. The opportunity to use larger images in our slide shows does give us the freedom compose the image in the 16:9 aspect ratio and larger images give us freedom to animate. With that in mind, I'd like a rule of thirds grid that I can apply over the player in the time line
  14. Wouldn’t just “Date” be the right name?
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