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  1. Slide Styles with Folding technique

    I just tested the link and its working OK. Once you have the the style downloaded. Open PicturesToExe and from the main screen and select - Slide Styles > Tools > Import Style Those styles should then appear in the list on the left side of the Slide Styles in a Category called Folding. (see below) There should be 5 Styles to select from. Hope this helps
  2. Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    What other method could be as easier as that. Been doing it that way since the days of film and Kodak Carousel projectors, when to create a fade we moved a slider on an electronic box of tricks in time with the music, just like we do now really.
  3. Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    I think people with common sense will see the point, but you don't have to recommend it. It's on YouTube so those who are interested will find it.
  4. Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    Well, I never was a fence sitter Good Audio Visual takes effort, does anyone not accept that?
  5. Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    Jt. Finding a good starting point and a natural end to a sequence within the music is part of the skill isn’t it. Are you really saying that working my way does not allow that to be achieved? It was quite easy to achieve here and I am sorry the slide changes are not where you would place them. But, guess what? I don’t care. The show was made for what I like. It’s a creative process you either enjoy it or not. If not? The world will keep turning. Point me to examples your best work and perhaps I can make a judgement, but I am not interested in seeing demos and samples and stuff made for fun. Wideangle. if you cannot clap in time to music, stay well away from creating AV in my view, I have seen the results . Having said that, all power to you in getting it included into the software, but be careful what you wish for. As soon as anything become easy to achieve, the human mind loses all respect and desire for it and it has little or no value. You only have to look at our throw away societies for evidence of that.
  6. Is the synchronisation of images to music an important and some may say vital part of audio visual, or is this a task we should expect our computer to do for us, automatically? It's really No Contest in my view. Its a creative process and needs to be in the creators hands. Here is how I have managed this task for around 20 years Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly on YouTube Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly - Download
  7. When creating Audio Visual presentations it's vital that we work in a methodical way. This short video suggests the way forward Download the video from HERE Watch our YouTube Version HERE
  8. Beat matching feature

    Comparing the use of a calculator with a creative process like audio visual on a forum of enthusiasts!!! Really? This reminds me of the PC nonsense we see each day on the news. When someone wants the most creative part of the AV process automated. You would expect enthusiasts on a forum like this to stand up and say. No, that’s not a good way to go and suggest ways to achieve what they want. But, in an effort “not to offend” We make excuses and pander to it, we shouldn’t. I am also a little bored with the idea of all these alleged poor people who never have time to do anything to a good standard. Come off it again. That’s the excuse we give when we can’t be bothered to do something, or we have forgotten to do it. Those who have neither the time nor the inclination to learn to use the software. You will always get some people who fall into this category, but we shouldnt encourage it. Suggesting that it’s all far too hard for some is nonsense. My Son visiting Australia from the UK put a slide show together last week using PTE for the first time without any help from me. I didn’t even know he was doing it till I saw the result. The video is perfectly timed to the music. If you can clap in time to a beat, you can sync images/video to music.
  9. Beat matching feature

    Come off it. If you can clap in time to music you can make a synchronised slide show. (I know some can’t do this because I have stood beside them at a concert ) This is a creative medium. Name something creative and unique that has been improved by an automatic process? No. Any slide shows worth watching have one thing that is special to them. It’s called “Making an Effort” Those who are not willing to add that special ingredient should get out of Dodge.
  10. Beat matching feature

    Beat matching software? What’s next, picture generating slide shows, so we don’t have to create anything.
  11. EXE format is not smooth on laptop (SOLVED)

    I have had issues with a laptop so I took it back to factory spec via the recovery. At first it cleared the problem, but because the laptop was a few years old, Windows took some days to get up to date with its updates and when it finally did, my old issue returned. That issue is it takes minutes for programs to load up When the laptop boots. Once the programs are loaded and closed they will open up normally. Still a pain in the rear
  12. PTE 9 on laptops with dual graphics

    Igor wouldnt the laptop use the main card while plugged into a mains electric supply anyway ?
  13. FLAC and AAC

    Could you both be a little more specific on this request? For example, what experiences have led to the suggestion.

    I tend to look at this differently. You say some people may be attracted to PTE by the fact a DVD is possible. How many would be tempted by obsolete technology from all those who view the software as potential customers? Impossible to guess? How many would be turned off by the fact that old, out of date technology is still included. You could make an argument that keeping DVD authoring can make the software look dated and old. How much time, money and effort should go into making it work efficiently, when the ground beneath your feet is constantly changing? It makes no sense and we also know that from questions on this forum and elsewhere about quality. Most who do use a DVD are surprised by the quality of the result they get. It has to go. DVD RIP

    The only problem with plugging into a blue ray player is if it’s in a cabinet and the back is not easy to get to, but if you will do this often a USB male to female connection lead will do it a treat