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  1. Error message

    I was working tonight on a Powerpoint type presentation using PTE with a lot of slides, but no music. Its set up for keyboard operation. I adjusted some text with PTE 9.0.12 and saved the project. The attached error message appeared when I went to publish a show for PC and overwrite the previous exe. The only way I could stop this error message appearing was to re-boot my PC. The save of the project file was fine. It's only happened this one time and I have been working on this project for 2 weeks on and off at least. The only difference is, this morning I installed the test version 9.0.12 Windows 7
  2. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    I tried it on the same project that I found it and all is well. The cursor stays where I place it Many thanks
  3. Convert Videos-Allow rotation

    Yes I did minimise what you requested, but we all can't think alike can we. I think there are much bigger fish to fry.
  4. Convert Videos-Allow rotation

    Gary Mate, you're too touchy by half, relax a bit.
  5. Convert Videos-Allow rotation

    Is it really a high priority to have software designed to fix a mistake? Use the workaround and shoot the video up the right way next time
  6. Slide Styles [SOLVED]

    It's working OK now, thanks
  7. Slide Styles [SOLVED]

    I think that is an important point. Slide Styles also need subcategories as I have suggested before. Already mine are becoming a bit of a mess and I am fairly organised as a rule.
  8. Slide Styles [SOLVED]

    For speed today I went to use a PTE slide styles to create a caption. I started a new project with a Ctrl+S blank. Then tried to apply a title using the slide style > Captions and Selected either Blank - Caption Pan or Zoom. Going to the Caption panel under the options I typed the title I wanted, but it still showed Your Caption Here on the blank slide
  9. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    Great Many thanks
  10. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    Thank you for all the comments, but it does leave things a little up in the air. As soon as as I get a chance I will try the same project on another W7 computer and a W10 I am not sure it's right though. Never noticed this prior to PTE 9 and W7 is hardly obsolete, yet
  11. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    I am using PTE in the way we would have used Powerpoint in the past and from time to time I want to go back into already created text on a slide and make an adjustment to that text. Let's assume there are a couple of lines of text and I want to add a word at the very start of the text. I click to place the cursor in that precise place, but the cursor jumps to a different position. it does not remain where I have placed it and I have to return to the text box and move the cursor again. Windows 7 - PTE 9.0.11 Does anyone else see this effect
  12. Sand Soda and Limestone - Glass

    Thank you
  13. Essentials

    Intended to encourage digital photographers to take the plunge into the AV world
  14. Transition image size

    RobC My guess is that your main images resolution/aspect ratio is less than the default aspect ratio of your slideshow. Your image size looks to be 3:2, which we would expect from most SLR's. The slide show software (current PTE9) defaults to create a 16:9 slide show. This mismatch between 3:2 and 16:9 doesn't show itself to you, until you apply animation where the images now need to be bigger to allow a zoom out/in. Go to Project options > Main tab and change the show aspect ratio to 3:2 and if I have understood your query right, your zoomed images should remain the same size as your other images
  15. Video Editing Made Easy in Lightroom

    Adding and Editing Video