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  1. FLAC and AAC

    Could you both be a little more specific on this request? For example, what experiences have led to the suggestion.

    I tend to look at this differently. You say some people may be attracted to PTE by the fact a DVD is possible. How many would be tempted by obsolete technology from all those who view the software as potential customers? Impossible to guess? How many would be turned off by the fact that old, out of date technology is still included. You could make an argument that keeping DVD authoring can make the software look dated and old. How much time, money and effort should go into making it work efficiently, when the ground beneath your feet is constantly changing? It makes no sense and we also know that from questions on this forum and elsewhere about quality. Most who do use a DVD are surprised by the quality of the result they get. It has to go. DVD RIP

    The only problem with plugging into a blue ray player is if it’s in a cabinet and the back is not easy to get to, but if you will do this often a USB male to female connection lead will do it a treat

    A survey on here is hardly representative of general use, quite the opposite in my view, but then my view doesn’t matter either. Igor will make his own decisions based on cost/benefit. We could have a bet on it You are around this forum enough to know that DVD production causes a great deal of frustration for those least likely to be able to resolve it. Remove it, spare people the issues and steer them towards an MP4 instead. Oh and save development time and cost at the same time.

    Well, let’s see if Igor wants to develop DVD options in PTE for the future, especially when a Mac version is considered. It’s old hat and even if a few die hards would like it, it will have to go.

    In my view, the DVD option needs to be removed from PTE. It’s old, it’s poor quality, it causes most of the issues people seem to have. It makes no sense to spend hard earned time and money creating updated software for a defunct technology. So, make a Mp4 JEB and at least retain the nice quality you have worked to achieve
  7. More text options

    I always find these questions difficult to answer, because you never really know for sure. Not until the concept can be tried out in real life situations. However, off the top of my head, I would have the green box for current use and then the same box, same colour with Ctrl key for extra space for text
  8. More text options

    I’ll look forward to that. As I posted my original thoughts above I sort of guessed it wasn’t anything you had missed. It’s a logical step forward
  9. More text options

    Igor i have been using PTE quite a bit lately in a PowerPoint type presentation. It’s great because it can be presented live, or easily made automatic. I also use it as a basis of a Camtasia screen recording. I am finding the text options a bit limiting. I love the flexibility of live text in PTE, but would like to see that expanded a bit. Easy outlines, bevels, gradient colour etc
  10. Advanced Options

    That sounds great, especially selecting the window from a drop down list.
  11. Serif Affinity Photo

    Judy 99 days away from an internet connection is some travelling.
  12. Serif Affinity Photo

    I fail to see the obsession with subject selections where photographer after photographer seems to spend their time trying to cut out the blond model from a black background to place her on a white one. Shoot the girl on a white background is the better option if that's what was wanted. How many times does and amateur photographer want to do this that it warrants such interest and time? Is it ever going be possible to the standard you would require for a large print for example. Blond hair will always have traces of the background. It has to be said that many cutouts I have seen in slide shows and demos here, have not been very good even with straight edges.
  13. Advanced Options

    Just took one last look at your example and I discovered why mine doesn't work If a user types window1 with a lower case "w" in the actions on mouse click, instead of Window1 with an upper case "W" the button to take you to the window doesn't work.
  14. Advanced Options

    Igor Thanks for that demo, but I am struggling to re-create it. I set up a button to call for window1 and created window1 in the advanced options, but I cannot get it to do anything. I have been here 40 minutes struggling with it and still cannot create what I want. I am going to walk away and leave it a day or so and come back later and try again. I wonder if anything can be read into the fact that 76 people viewed my thread and yet not one replied. Either they are as baffled as I am and their keeping their head down till they understand it or Its me. Either way I am sufficiently pissed with it right now to walk away and forget it. At least for a while
  15. Advanced Options

    In Project Options - Advanced Tab we have an option to create Custom Windows and it's a feature I have used a fair bit in the past with no problems. However, I am either missing something simple in PTE-9 or it doesn't work as it used to. It used to create a sample with text and buttons, but I can't get it to do anything now, even if I customize the window. Any ideas?