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  1. I’ve used that shift key method for some time and I find it really good. It’s quick and easy and it’s surprising too how many images can be distorted in this way and show little or no evidence. I use it more often than many would know.
  2. No need to thank me really, it gives me something to do while trapped in the house. , but I do appreciate the thanks. I should be thanking you for the great software and hours of fun you’ve given me and others
  3. I hadn’t given that option much thought to be honest. I only mentioned SSC, because that statistic was a bit of an eye opener for me. It seemed to be saying even enthusiasts are either nervous of downloading, or couldn’t be bothered. I’ll give it a try one day.
  4. I’m only part of the way through the posting of videos on YouTube. There are more to come and I add a few each day. On my website you can view the video on YouTube right on that same page, which is very convenient, or download the video to keep if its on a subject you’re keen on. Having said that, I’m convinced most people find viewing them as a streaming video the best choice. Especially with the quality we can now achieve. I recall a stat I discovered on SSC a while back. For every 100 views of a slide show, only 14 downloads were made and that’s on an enthusiasts site.
  5. Will it be possible to make speed modifiers quicker to set. Right click the Keyframe and have the speed options available there perhaps A Keystroke on a selected keyframe to set one of the speed options. Ctrl+ Could we set speed for multiple keyframes Maybe a global preference setting, so a user who knows they will mostly use the smooth speed can set it for all
  6. It’s so quick to create, I didn’t follow through and create a style
  7. How about creating a Slide Style that just contains the text, but perhaps leaves the text transparent. (0 opacity.) Apply the slide style first and then your images and commentary. You could then go to any image that requires text and bring up the opacity and adjust the wording.
  8. Better late than never, they say
  9. That’s great. Thanks Dave and Igor, Glenn is a huge fan of PTE-AV-Studio.
  10. Tom, Australia is a big place and bush fires are part and parcel of how it all developed. Although it must be devastating for those who lose a home to fire. We are pretty secure where we are and are not in danger. If you have audio points in PTE-AV-Studio 10, then they are worth a look
  11. I have a friend who may have contacted you. (Glenn Rossiter) He has an old project and was updating it OK until he installed 10.0.2, then he experienced one of those issues we saw in beta testing where slide styles could not be selected. The buttons just fail to work. He wanted to try the original 10.0.0 to see if that cleared the issue and contacted me to see if I had a copy. Unfortunately I don't
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