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  1. Senior moment I think. Why did I think Jeff uploaded a Video? Ignore the post. It’s me trying to do things half hearted and getting it wrong. Maybe the personal icon made me think video
  2. I downloaded Jeff Lunts Mp4 video from SSC and was surprised to have Windows 10 warn me that running the video may put my PC at risk. (see screens below) I thought we were moving away from these types of warnings with the use of Mp4’s. While they are not an issue for those of us in the know, they are a huge problem to others who we know will take the safe option and delete the file. There has to be some impact on PTE if these warnings show up often Defender seems to step in because, as it says, it’s faced with an unrecognised app, so how does PTE-AV-Studio become a recognised app. Did this warning appear because the video Jeff made was via a beta version? Will this type of warning not be present when the final version is released? Is it caused by the fact the file was zipped? Or, is this something we need to live with and be aware of? The bottom image is what appears first and the top one appears when more info is selected and we can choose to run the file
  3. I didn’t have the time to start adding music. I can’t recall if I used HW acc or not to be honest, but would that affect quality ? I wouldn’t think so. I thought that just speeded up the process
  4. The videos are from a Mavic Drone so there is no sound. It was purely a test prompted by Igor mentioning 4K.
  5. I don't have a 4K TV at home, but in the past few days I have dragged 11 * 4K videos down into the slide list and output that as a 4K Mp4 video at 60p. Its a large file, but it plays perfectly on my PC which is not state of the art. (see spec below) Anyone who wants to try this 4K video on their system can download it Here
  6. I wasn't aware of that and have rarely saved a project for one slide style, but thinking about it, it's probably good practice to do that. Thanks for the tip. It will make a nice short video too at some stage
  7. I would like to be able to edit a slide style after it was made like we now can with Themes. I appreciate that we can make a copy and edit that, but you can't easily get to the author or comment section.
  8. Later today I took the same slide styles and theme to my other PC and they appear to be OK as well, so perhaps whatever gave me the issue with the crashes was unrelated.
  9. Later I was able to start a new test. I did an uninstall of beta 34 along with the documents/picturestoexe folder deleted. I then installed Beta 34 again and now cannot repeat the continuous crashes I experienced before and the blanks appear at the front and the end of the Theme as they should The only thing that has changed is my PC was turned off and re-booted for this later test.
  10. At first things seemed OK, so I went ahead and adjusted my slide styles to be more compatible with 3:2 and 16:9 AR and tried to make a new theme. PTE crashed and task manager was the only way out. I am getting so many lock ups that its making it difficult for me to record whats happening. Once a lock up occurs it seem to keep doing that until the software is uninstalled and reinstalled, then it clears for a while.
  11. Its looking good with the version above, will look again later
  12. Well, if it was easy to create great software, everyone would be doing it
  13. Just did a test at my end and this seems OK now
  14. I've tried the official beta 33 and get the same issue. No blank slide at the end of the Theme + difficulty in removing a Theme + Blank not easy to select in the Theme creation process https://www.mediafire.com/file/bi0bt1idn162ngd/beta_33c.mp4/file This was a fresh install with the Documents/PicturesToExe folder deleted before installation
  15. It’s the no style I was referring to. It’s hidden away a bit when I think it should be more prominent. Easy to find
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