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  1. Barry Beckham

    Flickr Replacement

    We went out for an unplanned lunch yesterday, very modest at a local tavern. A couple of beers and two quite cheap meals, yet I spent more than the annual cost of Flickr. I think we have to put these costs in context and when you do, it’s not a bad deal in my view
  2. Barry Beckham

    Flickr Replacement

    I've just signed up for the pro account. I actually don't think $50 a year is unreasonable given the service provided. Unlimited storage, so you get a backup as well as a display option and it's all so easy to upload and get images published. They look well presented too. I know we would always prefer free, but given the interest and purpose that photography gives me. I think it's a small price to pay. The Pro is Add free and with 10 minute videos allowed early in 2019. So, I can upload a lot of my videos that are under 10 minutes up there too.
  3. Barry Beckham

    Nov 2018 Newsletter and Videos

    Thank you for your support. It's a shame when you see a really great image spoilt for lack of a little knowledge. Everyone has to start somewhere for sure. We don't all start off expert, but month in month out the same errors crop up and the judges raise much the same comments. Yet, a brief look into the meta data often tells all you need to know. There are a few who would consider themselves expert who, as you say get a result despite the illogical settings, then so have I at times, if I'm honest I think many are suckered into looking for that secret sauce thinking the purchase of some wiz bang presets is all they need, or some secret exposure value.
  4. Barry Beckham

    Nov 2018 Newsletter and Videos

    No, those values didn’t relate to the image shown, and I thought I did mention that in the video. I used real examples of the settings, but it would be wrong to show other people’s images, even if they gave consent, especially when I’m saying the settings are illogical. However, I have to have something on screen at times Your right, there is no earthy need for a shutter speed of 2500 in the conditions I described, which the whole point I was trying to make. The image was a real good one, but had easily avoidable visual faults and not in a positive way and it isn’t an isolated example. If the person who used that 2500th of a second was jolting along in a 4 WD, then that may be an isolated exception, but the point of the article is these illogical settings are common, even from those who are not beginners. Now, I’m sure I don’t have to preface every sentence I write or every thing I say with: Although there may be isolated cases when these settings are right..........etc. I am trying to make a point and when we do that, there will always be isolated cases that buck the point, but in normal average conditions they are not right. I am saying to amateurs, particularly club photographers that here is something worth more attention, because it’s the cause of most, not all, but most of your visual and quality issues.
  5. Barry Beckham

    Nov 2018 Newsletter and Videos

    Open Pdf HERE NB. The Perspective Panning Video is different from the one already posted on this forum. I decided to revisit the technique in full HD resolution. There is also a slide style included too, but as the video explains, it can't be right in all situations because every image is unique. It could be used as a tester for the technique though
  6. Barry Beckham

    Wedding demo template

    Go to Slide Styles > Basic > Album That is the style featured in the wedding demo between 0:59 and 1:10
  7. Barry Beckham

    Magic Brush

    Mur This is an interesting concept and I have been working on this idea too. Using Photoshop and the brushes it offers. I have used Camtasia to record a screen video, but I didn't like the brush being seen in the video and also in PTE. Especially if you use one of the dry brush effect with a large brush. One way to get around that is to go into Photoshop preferences and set the painting cursors to precise. That reduces them to a small crosshair icon and then a slight blur of the video mask in PTE seems to be enough to hide the brush. But, I'm finding it hard to come up with something that is good enough to keep and perhaps assign to a slide style, but it's good fun A short Mp4 demo HERE
  8. Barry Beckham

    How many 64 bit installations of Windows?

    I have used 64bit computers for the past 10 years at least, probably longer, but I can't say I have a feel for how many may still use 32bit. I often wonder how long can you make software backwards compatible for the few who may use old computers. The move is towards bigger images, bigger slideshows, the addition and editing of video, 60p Mp4's. People who do that usually have reasonably up to date computers and in any case you can't stop progress because a small minority are out of step. In any change for the better, there are winners and losers, but I vote that the attention is forward, not backwards. IMHO of course
  9. Barry Beckham

    Png Images

    Thanks Igor, at least i've learned something. It seems that I reached the performance limit of this PC, one that I have been thinking of upgrading, because the same files work OK on my W10 computer with a later graphics card.
  10. Barry Beckham

    Png Images

    My PC is getting on a bit and has a Nvidia card with 2 gig of ram. The issue started when I recreated the perspective panning technique with an image 6000* 4000. The png part would not display in the O&A screen, but I overcame that by just reducing the resolution of that image by half. You don’t really need those 6000 pixels for the technique to work, so reducing to 3000 isn’t a great issue. The only reason it came up is that in the past I have always been on top of image size all the time, but now with Mp4 and 60p, my Way of working is evolving. When saving a png file there are three options in Photoshop, but whatever option you choose, small, medium or large. The file size for each is hardly much different, although I only tried it with one image. The save process for a png file takes considerably longer than for other file types, so it’s clear something is different with these files. I don’t now have a project that shows the issue, because I was just running through the procedure to familiarise myself with the technique and I suspect if I tried the same thing on my newer PC it would be fine. I just wondered why a picture with half the pixels on it, causes such a drain on the system. I wouldn’t worry about it Igor, it’s not an important issue for me, just interested that’s all
  11. Barry Beckham

    Png Images

    Igor Are you able to tell me why Png files appear to be such a drain on computer power. I tried Googling this, but too much dross to filter through. Recently an acquaintance had Png files not being displayed in PTE and that was a PC recourse issue. In the past few days looking at that Perspective Panning technique again, I have found the same thing. In the O&A screen the png will not always display. Especially if its used at 6000px on the long side. I had to close and open and fiddle a bit to see what I was doing. Now I am having to drop the size to 3000px, which still works fine, but I just wondered what it is about Png files that seem to put such a drain on PC power
  12. Barry Beckham

    Unable to Move Audio Files (SOLVED)

    This is issue is now solved. I never thought of locked tracks as I never use them personally
  13. Barry Beckham

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    Remove it and steer users towards Mp4 is my view. It’s had its day and it’s time to let it go.
  14. Barry Beckham

    Unable to Move Audio Files (SOLVED)

    Thanks Igor I'll pass a link to this forum and page to the PTE user who can those options. I know he has reinstalled, but maybe he imported settings
  15. Barry Beckham

    Unable to Move Audio Files (SOLVED)

    Can any technical guys make any suggestions with this issue that was sent to me by a PTE user today. On working on a new sequence I seem to have a couple of strange problems. 1. In the timeline I am unable to move the audio files with the mouse unless I hold the Shift or Ctrl keys down. 2. I cannot adjust the fade bars over the slides unless I do the same as above. 3. I am unable to lock the audio tracks even if I click Lock This Track or Lock All tracks. I can of course carry on with my project by doing the above but it is a bit annoying. I wondered if you have any ideas about this please. I think it is a computer problem and not a EXE one but you will know better than me. A re-install of PTE has been tried and a check of settings in Windows Control panel Any suggestions