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  1. Video Clip Won't Convert

    Lawrence You did email me with this issue and I did a lengthy reply to you, but the email came back to me saying there was a network issue at your end.
  2. This is a low level small point re text

    I have overseas visitors staying with me right now, so I don't have so much time on my hands at the moment, but I tried with two already made projects and the copy and paste from the O&A screen seems to work fine. As soon as time permits I will try again, but it looks like you have a good solution there, many thanks
  3. Acces Violation Error

    I have also experienced this using the wait for a key press, but like you I cannot pin down the cause or repeat it to be able to report it. The errors I experience was also slightly different to what you post above . It was a small square window with an frame error message. Sometimes when I try to go backwards in the slide show using the keys, I get a black screen and have to exit and go back to the slide I was on
  4. Demo and slide styles available HERE
  5. Creative Cropping Slide Styles

    Demo and Slide Styles HERE
  6. Chess Board Slide Styles

    Chess Board Slide Styles demo + Styles
  7. This is a low level small point re text

    Ok thanks
  8. Burning to mp4

    If you use Audacity, try opening the music tracks and saving then through Audacity. That might do it
  9. Burning to mp4

    Try making an Mp4 with a different project. Make a test project with just 6 images and see if you can create an Mp4. If it does, then perhaps there is something in the other project that sticks at 6%. Perhaps a sound fault issue, but just a guess. You could also try a new install of PTE-9, it's not a long process and make sure you have the latest version from HERE - It's the Try it Free button and a fresh install will remember your product key
  10. I have had a need recently to copy text out of the PicturesToExe O&A screen into my word program, but only the first line copies out. If this is easy to accomodate, could it be considered please
  11. Moving slides in timeline view

    JEB My excuse is I was answering on the iPad and did think of firing up the PC to check, but my beer might have warmed up
  12. Moving slides in timeline view

    JEB I suspect you do mean the Time Line and yes there is a tab on each thumbnail that will allow you to change the position or even change the running order. I do my PTE work almost exclusively in the Time Line these days, but I have no idea why you don't see the same tag I do. It's never been something you have to turn on.
  13. Error message

    Ok, no worries
  14. Error message

    I was working tonight on a Powerpoint type presentation using PTE with a lot of slides, but no music. Its set up for keyboard operation. I adjusted some text with PTE 9.0.12 and saved the project. The attached error message appeared when I went to publish a show for PC and overwrite the previous exe. The only way I could stop this error message appearing was to re-boot my PC. The save of the project file was fine. It's only happened this one time and I have been working on this project for 2 weeks on and off at least. The only difference is, this morning I installed the test version 9.0.12 Windows 7
  15. Text Issue [SOLVED]

    I tried it on the same project that I found it and all is well. The cursor stays where I place it Many thanks