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  1. Barry Beckham

    Increase of Slide Duration from O&A screen

    I’d just like a more direct option and not via a button
  2. I may have mentioned this before, I can't quite recall, but I keep finding myself in situations where increasing slide time while building animation would be great.
  3. Barry Beckham

    Names Not retained with Slide Styles

    Lin I Think I did save, but can't fully remember. I did it a few times thinking I had done something wrong, but recreating it for Igor gave the same results after it was saved Igor. I have sent two links in a PM, one to the re-created project as a BIZ and the slide style created from it. I got the same results this morning as yesterday Later. I took the BIZ to my W10 PC and tried creating the slide style there and when the style is reapplied it also gives the same results as previously, which was using W7
  4. I was doing a little PTE work today and in the O&A screen I changed the names of some images so they were more easily identified. See Below I then made a Slide Style, but when I re-apply the style the O&A screen reverts to this below. It retained the changed names of the text, but not the 4 bike images and the background. I sort of expected it to retain those names. A bug or is this how its designed to work?
  5. Barry Beckham

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    I tend to agree with Jill's view that the preview button is rather hidden away way over on the right. OK for those who know about it, but given that a preview is such an important part of creating a slideshow. I would place it on a button alongside the Objects and Animation screen, with the words Preview clearly on show
  6. Barry Beckham

    The Envelope Tool in PTE9 delux

    Igor That sounds good, thanks
  7. I have had a fair number of requests from PTE users over the past year or so that they cannot adjust the sound volume. I had another person approach me at a Camera Club last night with the same issue. I explained what the likely problem was and received this email. Thanks Barry I found the line, and that works of course, it's really in a way hard to find or to know to be honest, especially if one uses the program not on a regular basis….but anyway I won't forget this time for sure… The cause is always the same thing. For some reason the Envelope tool accidentally gets turned off and it's probably down to user error. However, if I have been asked 6 times about this in the past year or so, it's a fair bet others have had the same issue and perhaps found the answer themselves after some frustration. Turning off the Envelope tool by accident is a little easier to do if your are a graphics tablet user, because you don't have to physically click the option to turn it off. It can easily be done without realising it by dragging the pen across the icon. Firstly I would suggest that this line is left permanently on as I can see little reason to ever want to turn it off. However, knowing that there will always be someone who wants the option to turn it on or off, can I suggest it gets placed into the preferences where it's unlikely to be turned off in error.
  8. Exposure & Contrast I am not sure how relevant this is to member of this forum, but I use PTE to prep for a video like the one below. Everything can be produced at 16:9 so it matches YouTube and most other viewing platforms and I set the slide show up to change images on a keystroke. I then use this manual, user controlled set of images and/or graphics in PTE, but I use Camtasia 9 to record the screen and commentary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqTGWYFeXkE&t=143s
  9. Barry Beckham

    Photoshop News

    Good, onwards and upwards
  10. Barry Beckham

    A PicturesToExe Sample Wedding Show on SSC

    Fair enough, I’ll wait for the 4:3 come back
  11. Barry Beckham

    A PicturesToExe Sample Wedding Show on SSC

    Why not 16:9, it won't change the 3:2 images at all and the vast majority of the customers for the product will be viewing on a TV and that is likely to be 16:9. Rightly or wrongly, doesn't a slide show viewed on a TV with black bars left and right make it look a little dated? Like when we flick channels and drop onto an old TV program that doesn't fit the screen.
  12. Barry Beckham

    A PicturesToExe Sample Wedding Show on SSC

    Why not 16:9 ?
  13. Barry Beckham

    Moving a style

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to create sub-categories within a Style Category allowing drag and drop
  14. Barry Beckham

    A Little Promotion For PTE Demo

    I wonder if it is a PTE problem at all. When I played around with masks when PTE 9 was under test, I found that when I made two masks, where one was black and white and the other a direct opposite. I had to make the white parts of one mask a couple pixels larger or lines between the masks showed. However, I have seen Something similar in Photoshop when cutting and pasting a straight edged selection in layers. At some magnifications on screen it looks like there is a 1 pixel gap between my subject and the copied part on a new layer. Zoom in and it disappears. Is there a connection here and could it be more about how screen resolve fine detail?