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  1. Barry Beckham

    Red Balloons

    Audio Visual
  2. Barry Beckham

    Inconsistency in LightBox

    Ok, it’s not a big issue, in fact I like that it copies multiple files at the end because it suites the 2 slide shows I make each month for my Camera Club.
  3. When images are viewed full screen from the Slide List.(F4) If a single image is copied and pasted, it is pasted alongside the image it was copied from. If more than one image is copied and pasted, they appear at the end of the slide list. Just a small anomaly, that's all.
  4. If your images are all numbered in succession, which they appear to be, then as you drag them from the File List Holding area into the Slide List at the bottom f the screen they will retain that order. The software isn't designed to automatically sort your images, once they are in the project slide list. That's not how audio visual works. If you add images later, just drop them in the right position. Once you get used to the software you will see that is set out in a logical way.
  5. From what you have said, I cannot completely visualise what your doing, but I probably have a good idea. If the title slide is only to be shown for 1.5 seconds, it can't be more than author and title, but perhaps even that would be rushed with 1.5 seconds. I would use a slide style to create what I wanted with one image, then apply it to the remaining 199 in one go, but the image does need to be named with the text you wish to appear. That is what the text template I included draws on. Try the slide style below, import it and try it on a few images, it may help. Text over image Slide Style
  6. Barry Beckham

    Newsletter and Videos

    Open Pdf HERE
  7. Barry Beckham

    Zipped Slide Shows - Directory Paths

    I believe you are a Photoshop user and within Bridge is one of the best partners for PTE that I have found. Collections enable you to drag and drop images from as many different folders and locations as you require into the collection Then silmply select all Ctrl+A and copy them to your slide show folder. Just remember to remove the original images from the collection, don’t delete them from a collection or they will be deleted. Select all and remove. Its the quickest way I have found to locate images from various locations
  8. Barry Beckham

    Remote Backup

    What I want to do is back up my entire external backup hard drive to a remote location. Belt and braces Yes, you can do this with MediaFire and other similar services. I store the majority of my drives with MediaFire, but decided not to do that with Raw files as they take up more room, are bigger files and take a while to upload. However, uploading speeds improved for me last year, so now I am thinking of increasing my storage space with MediaFire and using that service for Raw files too. i store slide shows as BIZ, videos, completed images back to the late 90’s and all important work that I would not want to lose.
  9. Barry Beckham

    Remote Backup

    I am not sure if this will help and save me a bit of typing. It’s something from my YouTube channel
  10. Barry Beckham

    Sample video files

    Igor I sent you a link for some videos created with a Mavic Pro Drone. A couple at 4K and a HD video, but there is not a lot I can say about the camera model that isn't listed HERE
  11. Barry Beckham

    Slide Styles with Folding technique

    I just tested the link and its working OK. Once you have the the style downloaded. Open PicturesToExe and from the main screen and select - Slide Styles > Tools > Import Style Those styles should then appear in the list on the left side of the Slide Styles in a Category called Folding. (see below) There should be 5 Styles to select from. Hope this helps
  12. Barry Beckham

    Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    What other method could be as easier as that. Been doing it that way since the days of film and Kodak Carousel projectors, when to create a fade we moved a slider on an electronic box of tricks in time with the music, just like we do now really.
  13. Barry Beckham

    Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    I think people with common sense will see the point, but you don't have to recommend it. It's on YouTube so those who are interested will find it.
  14. Barry Beckham

    Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    Well, I never was a fence sitter Good Audio Visual takes effort, does anyone not accept that?
  15. Barry Beckham

    Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    Jt. Finding a good starting point and a natural end to a sequence within the music is part of the skill isn’t it. Are you really saying that working my way does not allow that to be achieved? It was quite easy to achieve here and I am sorry the slide changes are not where you would place them. But, guess what? I don’t care. The show was made for what I like. It’s a creative process you either enjoy it or not. If not? The world will keep turning. Point me to examples your best work and perhaps I can make a judgement, but I am not interested in seeing demos and samples and stuff made for fun. Wideangle. if you cannot clap in time to music, stay well away from creating AV in my view, I have seen the results . Having said that, all power to you in getting it included into the software, but be careful what you wish for. As soon as anything become easy to achieve, the human mind loses all respect and desire for it and it has little or no value. You only have to look at our throw away societies for evidence of that.