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  1. Isn’t it best to just spend a few minutes adding trusted apps to gain that extra level of safety. Even for those of us who are computer savvy. All it takes is a moments lack of concentration and you open a zipped file that you shouldn’t and bam, you have ransomware encrypting all your files.
  2. Just tried to access the above and got a server error. Sat 23rd feb 10:20 pm Australia time
  3. Personally, I would slow down the reveal a little, but I doubt you would get much better than that this third party software would you? Looked fine to me.
  4. Mick because they are not photographers, they are snappers. Those who approach you when your out shooting with your own camera is on a tripod. They thrust their iPhone under your nose and say, What’s wrong with this then? ‘They are showing a terrible sunset that is just colour and blackness and it’s their slightly less than subtle way of saying. You don’t need that camera, I can do it all with this If one is comfortable with the camera being used, why do some think there is a need to continually justifying that use to others. Seems more like lack of confidence to me
  5. Ghulya I'm still not entirely sure what your point is, but it appears to be, why bother with anything other than Smart Phone Photography. So forgive me if I am answering the wrong question. All people around the world see, watch the "multimedia" content as Jepg on tiny smartphone. That's clearly an incorrect statement, because why would so many people choose to use a multi-million pixel camera over a Smart Phone and view their images on 27in monitors or via huge screens via a PC projector. They either know something you don't about photography or they are extremely foolish at wasting all that money on cameras. If you're suggesting that any photography above the Smart Phones is a waste of time, because you, or as you suggest, "all people" can't tell the difference then I suggest you stay with that sort of Photography. You have every right to hold that view and you probably can't tell a Hasselblad from an iphone image at 5 inches in length. Who would want to try and distinguish what camera was used while viewing thumbnails anyway? Remember too that Smart Phone images are meant to be viewed on the Smart Phone and the internal software of that phone adjusts the image to present it in the best possible way on that Phone. Take that image off the phone for use elsewhere (like a slide show perhaps) and it can be a different story. In the hands of a good photographer and in certain conditions a Smart Phone can turn in pretty good results, but a decent camera in the hands of the same photographer will turn out even better results. By chance, last night I judged a Photo competition and there were three Smart Phone images entered. Those Smart Phone images stood out from the rest of the images, but for all the wrong reasons. They lacked any vision, inspiration, interest, colour, clarity, or composition. Other than that they were great :-) Smart Phone photography is a great advance and I'm sure sometime in the future we'll all use those and nothing else, be we aren't there yet and some of us don't want to view the world through a small letterbox.
  6. I am sorry, but I didn’t understand much, if any of what you have said. Can you write it again in your own language and I’ll use a translator so I can understand your point.
  7. Denisb i use the option your asking for, particularly with landscape and seascape. Most of the time I will do it in Photoshop, but I’ve used PTE too. Why not set yourself up a slide style to do this rather than a preset that will distort the image. I think the decision to do what you suggest is a valid technique, but a preset is just that. Pre set, how will it know how far to distort the image. Some images can take quite a bit, some with people can’t . Personally speaking, I want that choice manually
  8. Orizaba I must get back to my dreadful projects !! Why do you have to take a well known fact within AV circles and take it personally. Long slide shows suck, you know it and so does everyone else here know it. Of course there will be an exception to the rule, but generallly we have to keep them short, unless they are instructional or documentary. ‘Why should you be interested in changing my mind ? Because you’re suggesting I have it all wrong, that your long shows are different, so show me, convince me? If you’ve found a way to break the mould and create hour long slide shows people adore, educate those of us who haven’t yet. Help us out, what’s your secret? Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence
  9. Orizaba. Thanks, I feel much better now, but better than feeling sorry for me. Get your big show posted somewhere so we can see it. If i’m wrong I’m the sort of person who will admit to it in public. So, the balls in your court. I’m open to having my mind changed, although one show that breaks the norm is hardly representative of the majority. Why do people get so upset about this, the solution is easy. Put your money where you mouth is. That’s an English saying, which basically means prove me wrong.
  10. The thing is we are running out of these great old musicians who have entertained us for years. There are only a few left and they are getting on. Will today’s rappers or pop stars be doing an acoustic set at the Albert Hall and the American equivalent in 20 years time. I sort of have my doubts. I think from a music point of view, those of us at a certain age have lived through rather good times, that seem to be at an end, or does every generation say that. I still sit at my PC creating images and slide shows listening to the old greats. Johnny Cash and the American man series is superb. Even some early Dolly Parton and others. My daughter went to a Phil Collins (Genesis) concert in Brisbane last weekend. He still has it, but can’t play the drums or stand through the whole show, just age catching up, but he can still sing great and belt out the old classics.
  11. No problem, I always seem to have trouble with searches
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