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  1. Hi Dave, after much scratching and gnashing of teeth, I figured out that with video already in the timeline and then converting the soundtrack to MP3 it also converts the video track into the MP3!!! So when I tried to play it without the video track even tho I had ticked the mute box, the MP3 still played the video soundtrack. I hop this makes sense the way I've explained it. So I have it working to my preference now without the video soundtrack. Thank you for taking the time to offer help. I do so appreciate it. Don't know what the hell I've done here but this funny line has appeared and I can't get rid of it. (edited by Lin to remove strike through).. Some forum software issue - just retyped and deleted... Andrew
  2. I tried to post this question on the Facebook Group but it keeps getting marked as spam and blocked... I've added several video clips to a set and want to mute the video's in favour of the soundtrack [ MP3 ]. However when I play the preview, the video still has sound but after the transition time. I cant seem to mute the video even after ticking the mute box. Any ideas please?
  3. I was invited to travel back to Auschwitz as a guest of the Ayrshire [ Earl of Carrick's Own ] Yeomanry at the end of October 2017. Having been once before [ 2009 ] I accepted gratefully. The museum has evolved by some margin and communication is now electronic which is most welcome. Nothing however can diminish the feelings of horror from that place. The educational aspect is without question the most important thing they can do to try to avoid the mistakes of the past. I have a feeling that we'll be back... https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/499-auschwitz-revisited/
  4. Glad you enjoyed it Lin. Quite an experience... especially the temperature down there.... HOT!
  5. Thank you Jill. I knew there had to be a way, but was a bit lost. Many thanks. Yours Aye Andrew
  6. This will be very simple for you guys. I went to adjust the transition time from the default as it was almost instant [ v 9.013 ] and I discovered that to do so I had to alter each slide individually. Is there a way to set the default as another time and transition...? I may not have explained that properly but hope you can get what I mean.. Yours Aye Andrew
  7. On the 31st of October as part of our Pilgrimage to Auschwitz and Birkenau, we [ The Old Comrades of the Ayrshire [ ECO ] Yeomanry, visited the Salt mines in the suburbs of Krakow. The experience was incredible, almost 500ft below the surface was a labyrinth of caverns and chambers with intricate carvings and statues made entirely from salt. On my last visit to Auschwith [ 2009 ] I didnt get to see this, but thankfully we did this time.. This is my interpretation of that visit..
  8. Great idea John. Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it. It makes perfect sense. Again John, another very relevant pointer. It always amazes me how come I didn't see that at the time. Every days a school day. Thank you so much for the help. Andrew.
  9. This is to big for the slideshow club, so I'll include it here if I may. I was privileged to be able to attend the 100th Anniversary Service of the Battles of Arras and Vimy during WW1. There was a service in the Scottish War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle followed by the band of HM Royal Marines and the Royal British Legion ' Beating Retreat ' on the Esplanade. Despite being bitterly cold there was a good attendance of old comrades and public. I do hope you see something you may like. Thanks to Lin Evans for talking me thro the sound issues.
  10. Well, I've got my sound track done and I have to say, v9.5 is an awesome piece of kit. Being able to use my video soundtracks in the presentation really gives it ' Authenticity ' and ' Reality '. Thank you Lin for pointing me in the right direction [ again ]. Andrew.
  11. Thank you Lin, I'm getting onto that now. I'm beginning to see it. I might just get it before I turn 80!!! Thank you for your patience. Andrew.
  12. I have mastered [ said with tongue in cheek ] that issue and could use a leg up with the next phase.... adding a track to play during the non video slides. That is a ' main ' track which I can ' mute ' during the video's. Do I just add another track? Does it appear on the timeline above or below the video tracks? I'm a bit lost. Andrew.
  13. wow. Thanks Lin, thats exactly what I wanted. I'd never have figured that one out.
  14. I have added some video to a number of slides in v9.5. However when they transition, the sound in the video starts rather abruptly. Is there a way to fade in the sound with the transition so as not to ' shock ' the viewer. I do hope I've explained that correctly. Kindest regards Andrew.
  15. Thanks Mick, yep, still plodding on mate. We visit the Ypres area every year and plan to do so for many yet [ if we're lucky ]. This year we're heading for the Somme. Hopefully get some good material. Andrew.
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