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  1. Jean-Cyprien

    Threshold Mask Transitions

    Hi Pascal, Thanks Pascal for your tutorial and congratulation for the way you've used to obtain an image in grayscale. If you don't mind, I'll use it to propose here (and in the French forum Diapositif) several styles. Best regards Jean-Cyprien
  2. Hi Lin, I wanted to use Google Translator for Firefox, but it is written that it is no longer updated, and it is recommended to no longer use it. I downloaded the Chrome browser, which includes a translator, and after indicating English as a language, I had no problem with the Diapositif forum and its topics in English. As written previously, I put all your tutorial in this topic: http://diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=42084 Thanks again. Best regards, Jean-Cyprien
  3. Thank you, Lin, for this tutorial, and its translation in French. I've copied/pasted all the text in Diapositif forum, there : http://diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=42084 Could you explain what kind of problem you are experiencing ?
  4. Jean-Cyprien

    A Living Painting - Song of the Wilderness

    Very well done Lin ! JPD must rejoice to see all those paintings from where he is now. Next time, the dog (wolf ?) will jump outside the frame to come for a caress !! Best regards Jean-Cyprien
  5. Jean-Cyprien

    On Easel Painting Simulation, etc.

    Thanks A LOT, Lin ! It's not easy during Chritsmas Time to find time enough to play with PTE ! But I'll try.
  6. Jean-Cyprien

    Korolev Cross transition and new website

    Nice idea Tom, and very good work ! bravo, thanks !
  7. Jean-Cyprien

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and your dear ones
  8. Jean-Cyprien

    Blocks set' style

    Hi, Thank you for your kind comments, Lin, Judy, Barry, Nelson, Bert, Tom, MUR, et merci Pascal. I'm glad you like it. But it is PTE (and Igor) that deserves praise for all its beautiful possibilities and accuracy Kinds regards - Jean-Cyprien
  9. Jean-Cyprien

    Blocks set' style

    Diolch yn fawr, davegee, a phob dymuniad gorau i chi a'ch teulu (a PTE!) Thanks to you too, wideangle !
  10. Jean-Cyprien

    Blocks set' style

    Hi, As he had promised me, Santa Claus brought me a small gift: a blocks set . You will find a style (made with and for PTE9) to play with me, with 7 horizontal images (1920x1080 pixels for example). In the unzipped folder you'll find : "Explanations Blocks set" (. doc or .pdf, it's the same thing.) - A Black Background.jpg, In fact a completely black image. - Most important: the style file, Blocks set.ptestyle To sumarise : - Drag and drop 6 images of 16/9 horizontal format (for the six faces of the cubes) into the editing table. - Then drag and drop a seventh horizontal image - the same format (in principle 16/9) as the screen. (It is mandatory) This image will be seen in the background of the screen. - (Import, the first time, the style) Apply the style. Add salt, pepper, condiments and other spices... Please, excuse my english mistakes And sorry, I'm not able to put here an exemple. Too heavy (9 Mo), but I think you could see it there : http://diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=42012 Blocks set style.zip
  11. Jean-Cyprien

    Text Object

    Hi, BE CAREFULL ! (Unless I'm mistaken) If you use the comment box to add your texts in several slides, you'll NOT be able to add - thereafter - the slide numbers. If you try to do this, all your texts will be lost, and changed by the slide numbers. If necessary, I do as jkb does : " to set up a text object once, then copy & paste that object to the other slides " Jean-Cyprien
  12. Jean-Cyprien

    What is a Slide Style

    Very good and simple summary, wideangle, but you should insist on the benefits of a style (easy for a begginers, save a lot of time)
  13. Jean-Cyprien

    What is a Slide Style

    I agree with you, davegee, transistion is not the first aim of a style. Animation ? Why not. Simple and complex animation.
  14. Jean-Cyprien

    What is a Slide Style

    a first draft A slide style is the ability for everyone (including beginners) to use their own images to achieve instantly (or almost instantly) an effect (transition...) that would normally require time, and a little (or a lot !) of experience. It saves generally a lot of time if you have to reuse this effect very often. (Now, what is an effect...? ! )
  15. Jean-Cyprien

    Help with a printer style

    Hi Tom, Here my suggestion epson_printer_b_JCV_Oct26-2018_10-10-42.zip