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  1. Yes, thank you Igor, I do not do enough style to remember this opportunity to use the crop ! In the instructions that came with my style, I said that the 3/2 ratio had to be very precise.
  2. Hi, The ratio of your pictures must be 3/2 to the nearest pixel. Check if this is the case.
  3. Hi, Enlarging the Timeline in O&A will be a great improvement, for example with a lot of keyframes on a long view - more than 30s
  4. Hi, In preview and in exe, « alt + enter » allows now to change from full screen to windowed mode (and reverse). A nice improvment. This is also valid using the « Fullscreen preview from current position » button. A double click does the same things in preview and in exe, but not with the « Fullscreen preview from current position » button. Is it voluntary ? Jean-Cyprien
  5. My project could be played in miniplayer and in preview and in exe only from the beginning of the project (first slide in my example), and not from an other slide, or any part of the project (as it was and is possible in version9.) Pierre et le LOUP_Sep23-2019_22-10-45.zip
  6. Thanks, Cor, and Igor. It was a simple observation, without any animosity, because I understand very well the difficulty of all these translations. Thank you for everything Jean-Cyprien
  7. Hi, To the left of the Styles and Themes buttons is a button that takes the name of -- "Outils" (Tools) if we chose Thèmes, and -- "Thèmes" if we chose Styles. This name "Thèmes" is not appropriate here and should be replaced by "Outils" (Tools) as in the English version (even if we do not use the same tools in both cases). Thank you
  8. me too, so that it is more visible.
  9. Thanks, Paul, good for you ! Jean-Cyprien
  10. Hi, Please precise what is wrong with the attached sound file to a specific view. For me, it's OK, with the buttons, or with right and left clics of the mouse. See my example. (Of course, it's not possible to have also a continous sound) AttachedSound_Aug5-2019_13-47-05.zip
  11. No problem for me Windows 7 Nvidia GTX 560 M
  12. Hi Igor, I have today no task with such extreme values. And 2% was to highlight the defect. So don't worry ! In the past, (2012) I've used a value of zoom of 7.5%. I've used a part of this old project with the version 9 for last Christmas, and it was OK. When I tried to read this 2018/version9 project with the version PTE10, I noted a weird jerk between two views. (And it was not easy to understand the reason !) As there was no problem with the version 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 I tought it was something to be said, in case... So, don't worry anymore. Thanks. Jean-Cyprien
  13. Hi, Well, I know that my way of doing things may seem completely crazy, but who knows what the observed defect can hide? I reduce the size of an image with the Zoom parameter, from 100% to 2% but I compensate for this reduction by bringing the image closer to me with the Pano Z parameter, from 0% to -339.48% Until version 8 everything was perfect and the transition from one state to another was not noticeable. For this reason, the attached .pte file has been made with this version 8, to be readable with this version 8 but also with versions 9 and 10 (It's quite easy to do the same thing with versions 9 and 10, to be sure !) With version 9, we notice towards the end (where the reduction is the most important) an upward movement of the image in the O & A window, but all is perfect in the mini-player, in preview and in an exe file. With the version 10, one also sees towards the end (strong reduction) a displacement, this time towards the bottom and the right of the image, in the O & A window, but also in the mini-player, and in preview, and which is more annoying, in the exe file. This is probably not a problem of prime importance, nor of first urgency. Thanks. Jean-Cyprien Calculation_with_PTE8_Aug1-2019_13-15-27.zip
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