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  1. Thanks, Igor. Looking forward to it. Jeff
  2. Thanks Igor. Closed. My workaround was to duplicate the slide with the Button and add the audio on the second slide, playing the audio straight after the transition. It gives the effect I wanted. A candidate for a future version.might be allowing audio as well as video and images in O&A. Regards, Jeff
  3. Hello all, I want to play a recording (mp3) in a PTE Window opened from a slide (Show Window in .O&A Properties). When I try to add the recording using the Editor it seems that only video formats are accepted. I have made a Window with a bit of (invisible) text and want the audio to play as soon as it opens. Please help, Regards, Jeff
  4. I toggle often between the main screen and O&A screens. In O&A I can drag the cursor with the mouse by clicking anywhere on the red line (cursor). In the main view the red line is showing but is not 'draggable' and I have to click on the top end of the cursor to move it. I would like the cursor in the main view to behave like it does in O&A. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Hello Igor, Thanks. A very good solution. Jeff
  6. Thank you, Igor. I miss the sliders for changing blur and opacity. Up- down- arrows are not as elegant. Maybe I am missing something. Regards, Jeff
  7. Thanks guys. Quite correct. It is not my day today !
  8. Opacity change to a parent object does not change that of child, as it should. Blur change of parent changes blur of child the same amount and I don't see a way to un-blur a child that I want sharp with blurred background. Please help! Jeff
  9. Hi Dave, Thank you very much. I will change my workflow. No problem. Best wishes, Jeff
  10. Dave, Here are shots from v9 and two from v8. Desktop with Win10. I don't see SELECT ALL. Regards, Jeff
  11. Hello Dave,, PTE9 needs updating, I think. Not the manual. Regards, Jeff
  12. Hello Dave, Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing to update the manual.. Right click on a video object in v8 between Order and Cut there is an option for Convert video clip. In v9 there is no such option. Regards, Jeff
  13. I upgraded to v9.0.4 yesterday from using v8. Missed all the debugging so new to v9. I follow the link to Help Igor gave and then PTE Online Help 9/v9 How to/Techniques and How to/Add a video object.... because I was having trouble getting a video clip added. The screen shot has tabs for Properties/Common/Animation whereas v9 seems to always have Properties/Animation (am I missing something basic?) v9 did not ask about optimization of video clips (just tried with the same clip on v8 and I get the popup box). Best regards, Jeff
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