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  1. Been some years since I last posted on this forum and since upgrading to PTE v9, have decided to use this fantastic product and share. It has been my life long dream to go to St Maarten in the Caribbean and and I spent 2 wonderful weeks there. The island is shared and administered by both France and Holland, very unique. Size of file: 19,3mb Length: 3mins Link: https://www.slideshowclub.com/files/file/459-st-maarten-caribbean/
  2. 4 days ago I uploaded my presentation to slideshowclub and to date it is still not showing. I have since uploaded it another 2 times and still nothing. How long does it take for any upload to be accepted? link:
  3. Hi Lin, Brilliant piece of work. You sure know how to push the limits of this wonderful product. Well done! Colin
  4. Hi Don, Brilliant shots of aircraft. Being an aviation enthuisiast, I would love to attend the Farnborough Airshow. Colin
  5. Mick, A very enjoyable show and a great contrast of colours. It looks like you also had good weather whilst in Venice. Your night shots were excellent. Thank you for sharing, Colin
  6. Looking forward to that, thank you
  7. Hi Jim, An excellent show, with once again, good narrative. So nice to see a show which depicts shots taken here in the magnificent Kruger National Park. Having been there myself, I could relate to a lot of your shots. There are some excellent camps in the park and the game viewing is superb. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Colin
  8. Hi Bill, Had no issues running the show, ran smoothly for me on my W7 desktop. What a stunning show with excellent photography. As has been mentioned, your shots on the beach with the dark clouds were excellent. I also enjoyed the video inserts inbetween your beautiful, colourful pictures. Definately a keeper for me and thank you for sharing a beautiful paradise with us. Regards, Colin
  9. Jim, Have seen your "African Flowers",it was a superb show. Colin
  10. Hi Mick, One word can explain it all and yes, encouragement from fellow forum members does go a long way. Thank you, Colin
  11. Thank you Robert for your comment. It is GREATLY appreciated Colin
  12. Hi Eric, I have no problem at all regarding you expressing your opinion. Thank you as well for your constructive comments regarding my other shows, much appreciated. Colin
  13. Hi Dave, Your comments really gave me some upliftment and therefore the hours that I have spent producing my presentations in order to share my memories with the forum members now seem worth the effort. Choosing the right music for each presentation was a challenge and trying to synchronize the slides with the music an even bigger challenge. This was the first time I had the opportunity to really get to grips with my new Nikon DSLR camera and was very impressed with the results. My pictures may not have been the very best, but I personnaly was pleased with them. Yes i did take all my images in JPEG and in future will experiment with taking them in RAW. You are absolutely right on this point. Once again, many thanks for your kind comments. Colin
  14. Jim, Very informative presentation and good commentary. I now know what goes into making maple syrup. Thank you for sharing. Colin
  15. Thank you for the tip. I have been aware of transitions to music throughout my 12 presentations recently uploaded to the forum. My transitions may differ in length in any one particular presentation due to the next slide to be shown or the tempo in the music at that particular point. I am aware that all may not be perfect, but as they say "practice makes perfect". Your comment is appreciated as is any other in order for me to improve. regards, Colin
  16. Thank you for your great comment. Confused about "only seem to meet incidentally" There is nothing incidental about this.
  17. Hi Bill, Thank you for your kind comments. I have only recently discovered Yanni and have purchased a number of his albums. Colin
  18. Ken, Thank you for your comment. Colin
  19. Hi all, This is my 12th and last presentation on my visit to Perth. For those members who have watched my series, I hope I have been able to give you some insight to this beautiful city and its surroundings. This presentation is a mix of my best pictures taken during my 6 week stay and were taken mainly in and around Ellenbrook where we stayed and the Swan Valley. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to watch and to comment, it is appreciated. http://www.mediafire.com/?d974xphc8ew67qd Colin
  20. Hi all, Just a small, short presentation on a beautiful beach and marina called Hillary's. The beach is situated north of Perth in a very nice upmarket area. We visited the beach on 3 occasions and spent many sunfilled days wading in the water and relaxing on the beach. Hillary's consists of a small, protected inlet of sea with the beach on one side and shops and restaurant's on the other side. There are also kiddies amusement areas and holiday accommodation. Had the best burgers I have ever tasted at one of the restaurants. Hope you enjoy and as usual, comments are welcome. http://www.mediafire.com/?mauvc9vj0cvs5fm Colin
  21. Hi Mick, Thank you so much for your kind comments. Sitting on the beach and watching that Sun slowly set with the glorious clouds turning gold in colour,was an amazing experience for me. Personally, I too agree that this show probably is the best so far and I just loved the piece of music when I first heard it and had to use it for this show. I am coming to the end of my journay of my trip to Perth, with probabaly one more which will cover a wide variety of places and subjects. I will definately uncheck "Fixed size of slides in pixels" in my next show and please let me know if it works for you. So glad you enjoyed and once again, appreciate your comments. Colin
  22. Hi Ken, Thank you for your comment, Yes the guys did catch fish, some they returned back into the ocean. Colin
  23. Hi all, A number of days over the weekend was spent at the beach during our stay in Perth. The one Sunday we arrived at the beach at 6.00am and left after 8.00pm after having watched the most beautiful sunset over the Indian Ocean. In between cooling off in the ocean and suntanning on the beach, I was able to get hold of my camera and capture a number of candid shots using my 200mm lens. Towards the late afternoon as the sun was setting, the fishermen arrived and started casting into the cool ocean from the shore. Of over 200 photographs I took that day, I have tried to put together my best to produce this presentation. Hope you enjoy. Comments are welcome. http://www.mediafire.com/?x2j4ls6k6058nlx Colin
  24. Hi all, This presentation is somewhat different from my previous on my trip to Perth. We were lucky to obtain tickets to a T20 cricket match at Perth's WACA Cricket Ground between the Perth Scorchers and Melbourne Renegades. For those who do not follow cricket, T20 is a twenty twenty over match between two opposing sides. Each side must score as many runs as possible in twenty overs. T20 matches are a festive occasion the world over with music and fun for the spectators. All my photographs were taken with my 200mm Nikon lens with no tripod. I was very surprised at the quality, especially those taken under spotlights in the ground. The match was won by the Perth Scorchers and we had great fun. We even appeared on the grounds big screen and on the broadcast of the match on national TV. As usual, comments are welcome. http://www.mediafire.com/?4mb7iedkpl63cav Colin
  25. Hi all, One of our highlights to our visit to Perth was a day spent on Rottnest Island. The island is situated off the coast of Fremantle and we caught the ferry across to the island. A unique feature of the island is that no cars are allowed. The main form of transport is either a hop on hop off bus service or bicycle. Bicycles can be hired from the ferry service and are yours to explore the island for the duration of your stay. The island has many beautiful bays with crystal clear waters for diving if so desired. I have attached a link to wikipedia which gives a detailed description of the island. Comments are welcome. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rottnest_Island Download for PC http://www.mediafire.com/?nr1jvs698be5wug Colin
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