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  1. Gilio, this is a test done for PTE and with the PTE converter. I know how to do conversions by reducing the format and the bitrate ...
  2. Igor, Video 4k made this morning with my drone Mavic ... Duration 4'40. Converted with PTE (quality : 50%), but in the same format. Final : 2.03 GB ... Creat exe : 1920x1080... PTE does not create the exe. Is this due to the 4K format? Edit : convert MP4 HD or 4K : no problem...
  3. I created a 2.7 GB exe without problems ... Everything works well.
  4. todo list PTE 10 : Blu-Ray Video 4k H265 64Bits ...
  5. Point of view, members Diapositif forum (http://www.diapositif.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=39355) : 1. The demos (like Barry's one) are useful to help discover the different PTE functions and capabilities 2. They could be accompanied by a downloadable folder containing projects to better understand how it works 3. Demos and folders must be on a web page (page Learn more already existing, or the Online Help already linked) and not directly in the software. Demos and folders can then be in one (as it is now) or in several languages.
  6. Désolé Igor, mais c'est ignorer ceux qui ne parlent pas anglais... et ils sont nombreux ! Pour nous c'est sans intérêt... Donner la possibilité de télécharger ce projet, ok, mais l'imposer, non... Translate Google, sorry... Sorry Igor, but ignore those who do not speak English ... and they are many ! For us it is uninteresting ... Give the opportunity to download this project, ok, but impose no ...
  7. Yes Igor, Thanks you ...
  8. Hello Igor, Why he has two tabs Users styles ?
  9. Gary, Mercalli is a plug-in for Premiere Pro (and other software) .... not Prodrenalin ... But Prodrenalin allows, in addition, to correct the defects of curvature of the Go Pro
  10. I would like to participate in this discussion .... Sorry for my bad english ... Barry, here's a test for stabilizing a video made in ULM, with ProDrenalin software ... And a video clip (freehand), stabilized and slow motion ...
  11. No, actually, I did not add tag.... Thank you .... i start... PS: it is impossible to upload other file (180MB) .. The download stops almost at the beginning
  12. Hello there, I sent an assembly ("Voyage") twice (the first time Sunday, July 6, the second time yesterday), I have followed the procedure and installation is still not released ... Normal?
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