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  1. Nice presentation Thank you for showing Regards Rick
  2. Slide show ok but you have to change the music, all my slide shows on ytube have been deleated because of the music
  3. Hi Maureen, Another great show from a master of the art of the AV, Rick
  4. Hi Maureen, Great images, your son seems to be a chip of the old block Rick
  5. Hi Maureen, Stunning images with great dissolves from one of the most beautiful areas of the world produced by the one person who truly does it justice. Maureen what camera system are you using and what lens to capture such beautiful images? Many many thanks for showing it. Rick
  6. Hi Maureen, Just brilliant, i love all your work but your shows on the lake district bring tears to my eyes, nobody portraits this beautiful area of the world as well as you. More Please. Thank You RICK
  7. Hi Maureen, Great show again. Thanks Rick
  8. Hi Maureen, Wonderful show, love your shows of the wild places. Thank you Rick
  9. Hi Maureen, Great show once again. Thank you Rick
  10. Great show with perfect music but so sad, God help us if we ever have to fight another war and use ships. Rick
  11. Hi Gerry, Good show but should move a little faster with more slides, sharp images with good colour saturation. Very good effort. Rick
  12. update email address

    1. rick235



  13. Hi Anginum, What a fantastic AV, great tack sharp images, beautiful transitions and panning and superb music, all in all one of the best AVs i have seen. Well done. Rick
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