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  1. My belief is that most slide options could usefully be allowed as project options, and vice versa. Life could be easier that way. Ken T.
  2. In my first attempt to organise a fully manual show, I discovered some PTE quirks. Here is one of them. Thinking slide durations were not wanted, I tried to set them all to zero. However, PTE adjusts the time for each slide to 0.001 seconds. However, in Project Options it is possible to set Default Slide Duration to zero, and then to Apply to all slides. If I then try to Preview from a particular side, the program appears to lock up, preventing any further interaction other than closing.
  3. Thank you all for trying to help. Here is what I have now found; No other program interfering. In Project Options/Control/Keyboard, both "Wait for keypress …" and "Permit control …" are ticked. Most slides have "Wait for keypress to show next slide" ticked. Is this bunch of settings appropriate for a show where I want to linger on each slide, and be able to go forward to next slide, or back to previous slide? Thanks again Ken T.
  4. My exe show has been behaving quite erratically. Sometimes left/right/up/down keys work, sometimes not. (Windows 10) Ken T.
  5. I must be getting older AND dumber! I cannot seem to control a show using keyboard to go back as well as forward. Is there a way to define key actions as there is for mouse control? Ken Travers.
  6. Suppose we have a slide presentation that flows nicely without intervention, except for certain slides that may sometimes need to wait for a keystroke. I would like the ability (in Project Options) to specify that a visible sign must appear on the screen when an individual slide is waiting. Please help if you can suggest a convenient way to achieve this.
  7. I've been out of action a while, so not familiar enough with Version 9. In O&A, when I add a frame, I want to adjust width an height independently, using the handles on top and sides. The aspect ratio of the frame seems to be maintained, regardless of the setting of the sync X/Y control. Am I missing something? Thanks to all. Ken.
  8. My PTE usage is almost entirely for producing travelogues from my trip photos.. I use one audio track for background music, another for my voice commentary. These productions tend to be shown to local senior folk, some of whom have better hearing than others. Some audiences are more interested in the scenery, others in my voice commentary. Some appreciate the background music, for others it is irrelevant. Often I find myself wishing for the ability to adjust the volume of a single track while the show is running. May I request this feature please? Or is it achievable in a way I have not thought of?
  9. I refer to the audio file time shown when we click (in the toolbar of the main screen) on the audio file name attached to a slide. It shows the duration of the audio clip only to whole seconds. It would use up very little extra screen space to show a couple of decimal places of seconds. May I request that please? Thanks! Ken T. (aplman)
  10. May I please request that the item "Add audio or record voice" in Preferences / Toolbars should be separated into two distinct options: "Add audio file" and "Record voice". I am currently using several hundred audio files with eight PTE projects. It has been tedious having to click "Add audio or record voice" and then click "Add audio file". As I never need to record audio whilst in PTE, I would like to simplify my Toolbar and save myself hundreds or thousands of clicks. Thank you Igor! Ken T. (aplman)
  11. Ken, I wish you had not done that! My original post was a request for help. Most of the replies relate to my original query, and are not about suggestions for new versions. I have now started a new thread under Suggestions. Are you able please to put the old thread back where it belongs? Thanks ... Ken T.
  12. Hi again Dave ... I will happily settle for drag-and-drop or right-click. I see advantages in both. From a programming viewpoint, I would think that when either method is implemented, the other would be very simple. Let's have both please. Ken T. (aplman)
  13. Thank you Barry, interesting thought (as always!) My work pattern goes the other way, actually. I record a single commentary in one session, to get uniformity of sound volume Then I chop it up using AVS Audio Editor. There are two reasons I prefer individual clips attached to slides. One is that I often need to produce multiple projects of different lengths, to suit different audiences. Creating the long version to my satisfaction then allows me easily to pick and choose for each shorter version. The second reason is that I often find a need to make minor alterations to timing and to slide sequence. For these reasons, I am totally addicted to separate voice clips attached to slides. By the way, I have just posted my suggestion in the "Suggestions for Next Versions" sub-forum. Cheers! Ken T. (aplman)
  14. Dear Igor and Wnsoft ... There are at least two ways to add an audio file to a slide, e.g. the "Add Audio or Voice" button on the main screen, or right-click on a slide, "Audio Comment / Add Audio File". The drawback with both of these, however, is that one has to find the audio file in the list of files presented in a new dialogue box. As one can already display a list of audio files in PTE's File List, I would really appreciate being able to right-click there to choose a file. Currently the right-click menu offers "Add All Files to Project" and "Add Selected Files to Project". The latter would seem to be appropriate in my case, but it does not link the audio file to a slide. May I please suggest an extra right-click option for audio files in the File List: "Link file to current slide". That would save me much time and annoyance in future projects. Presumably many other folks would benefit too! With great appreciation for your superb efforts ... Regards Ken Travers (aplman)
  15. Hi Lin ... Thank you for your interest. What you suggest is exactly what I have been doing. However, after hundreds of repetitions involving multiple mouse clicks, and often time-consuming scrolling through the list of audio files, I felt there must be a better way. I shall try to put forward a good suggestion in the appropriate sub-forum. Regards ... Ken T. (aplman)
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