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  1. I would like to update the PTE AV Studio 10 Pro online guide in Italian, so I kindly ask you to insert all the sections related to the new software version. Thanks Carmelo
  2. I have been trying for some time to get in touch with TheDom to buy his 2012 "The Day of ..." template for PicturesToExe, but every attempt was useless. I therefore kindly ask if any of the PTE users are in possession of it and would like to give it to me, logically following a regular payment. Thank you in advance
  3. I would like to thank Jkb for the detailed description of the procedure to solve my problem! Only now I realized that all the others who answered me also said the same thing, but I couldn't understand it! Now everything works perfectly !!
  4. I'm sorry I didn't understand the two suggestions given to me at all. I probably couldn't explain myself well. I try to clarify the concept. Example: 15 second video clip followed by 4 second photo clip with 2 second crossfade transition interposed between the two clips. In the visualization, the video stops at the end of its duration, also interrupting the movement present in the video, then the fade is displayed with the passage to the photo clip. I would like to have a fade that starts two seconds before the end of the video so as not to see the interruption of the movement since it is covered by the fading of the photo clip that follows. Despite changing the fading time I always see the interruption of the movement! I didn't understand Orizaba's advice: I should make the duration of the video clip equal to the duration of the transition; but how do I reduce the video clip from the example shown above to 2 seconds? Do I have to cut the last two seconds of the video? I hope I have been clearer, otherwise I will try to send a very short project with a video and a photo and an interposed transition.
  5. I recently started introducing short videos in my photo slideshows, but I find a problem that I don't know how to solve. When switching from a video clip to a photo clip even if I introduce a cross-fade or other transition, the transition starts only after the video clip is finished and this results in the sudden stop of any movement in the video. This is very annoying to see. Now since it is not possible to use multiple video tracks that would allow you to apply a true crossfade transition by eliminating the display of the motion stop, I would like to know if there is a way to solve this problem. Thank you Carmelo
  6. Fantastic! I was waiting with trepidation for the arrival of the Mac version, since a few years I moved to this system. However, since I could not give up PTE I was forced to use a PC laptop just to use PTE. Furthermore, improvements in video codecs and video processing will surely solve the problems that I have sometimes encountered when inserting videos in slideshows. Surely version 10 and that for Mac will make PTE, even more strongly, the top software to create slideshows. Thanks again Igor!
  7. Thanks, but there are no contact details on the site.
  8. I would like to buy or download TheDom's "The Day of .." templare for PTE presented in this forum two years ago. But I do not know how to contact the author. Your current site does not indicate any contact methods. I hope the author can come to my aid!
  9. Hi Dave, After some time, due to family problems, I wanted to resume online PTE manual update in Italian, but I found several problems with the operation of the pages. In fact, when you switch to Edit mode, white pages often appear, but if you return to normal viewing, the content appears again. Other times, while editing, all content disappears and "-false-" appears, with the final deletion of all content. Finally, I can not make links with other help pages because the message page appears that the link page does not exist and I have to create it, but instead the page is present. I'm locked up because I'm afraid to ruin everything done. I would like some clarification. Carmelo
  10. Hi Dave, I'm trying PTE 9, I was waiting for some time. I saw that were already included in the online Help pages for version 9, I therefore would ask you to enter them also in the Italian version, so that it can translate them, so they will be ready when the final version will be released 9 PTE. Carmelo Battaglia
  11. I wanted to know what happened to the site TheDom.fr?
  12. Hello Dave I upgraded in Italian, the new article "Styles for Multi Aspect Ratio" already added to the Italian Help page, but I do not know how to translate the title of the page in the index. I had some difficulties in adapting to new ways of editing the Help page, but definitely present ones seem more simple and intuitive. I failed to find differences in your latest updates of May, with previous versions, despite having shown the specific pages. Carmelo
  13. Hello Dave Please enter the new topic "Open a project PTE" in the online help in Italian so that I can translate it.Thanks Carmelo
  14. Hi Dave, I saw that were performed several insertions of new topics to the online help in December.You could also put them in the version in Italian so I can translate and update so that version?To avoid constant demands of the genre, I would like to know if I can run it myself, this procedure of inserting new topics, by copying them from the English version.Greetings Carmelo
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