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  1. Hi John, I too switched completely to Mac 4 years ago and waited too for a true Mac Version of PTE. We build presentations for clients and in the the beginning made them using PTE but after switching to Mac we used Fotomagico Pro.. The quality of the presentations are just a good and infact are excellent when viewing on a Mac or HD tv, BUT it lacks some of the features of PTE. Fotomagico though has been slowly upgrading the features but still not quite where PTE is. Four years has been a long wait and in that time we built many presentations. I too don't want to run Windows on our Macs. I am sure there are Windows systems out there running great but the last 4 years with our Macs have been as close to prefect as I could hope for. Igor and his team have done excellent work with their product and if they came out with a true Mac version I still would consider returning to this excellent product. Regards Bill
  2. Hello Maureen, Just viewed your excellent Malta Presentation. Again, stunningly clear, colorful and well framed. Very interesting and as always you do such a great job. So appreciate your kindness in making a version for those of us using Macs. Thanks Bill
  3. Hello Maureen, Just watched the Mac version of Iceland. Just amazing and beautiful. Well done! Thanks you for providing it for the Mac users! Bill
  4. Hello Maureen, I just watched your presentation on my Mac. Thanks for making a Mac version!! Stunningly beautiful! You did an excellent job in form and function. Photographer is where the skill comes from but always interested which lens and camera used too. Bill
  5. Hello Ray, I am a Mac user and would really appreciate a Mac version of your presentation. Thanks so much Bill
  6. Hello Tony, Thanks for your comments and may I suggest you check here: http://boinx.com/fotomagico/homevspro/ and look which features you loose with the home version. I never used it knowing some of the features I wanted were missing on it compared to the Pro Version. Hope this helps. Bill
  7. First a big thanks to those who post their presentations here for we the Mac users to view! Barry, I always enjoy visiting your site too and looking at your fabulous presentations. Great job. Here is what I am doing to build presentations for my clients. First I too am a former PC/PTE user and was extremely delighted but since have been using Fotomagico Pro (Mac only software). The final output is also fabulous and honestly just like PTE when viewed on a HD TV from a laptop by HDMI cable. Where Fotomagico lacks is much better control of audio and having various animated layers within the software. I did though figure a work-around to add a second layer and animate it which helps considerably. The audio I must build and edit in Mac's Garageband and do a lot with Photoshop such as making a PNG file before using photos in the program. I have heard that Fotomagico is working on a new version because many have requested better audio control within Fotomagico Pro and most importantly being able to have multiple layering with animation. For you PC users you have a fantastic piece of Software by Wnsoft and I highly commend Igor and his fine team. Whether PC or Mac isn't it incredible the tools we have at our disposal these days!
  8. Hello Peter! Greetings from Pennsylvania! First, sorry to see your damage. I saw a news clip about that massive storm. We here on the east Coast of the USA are familiar with such storms too. I am a Mac owner and have missed so much PTE but I come back time to time to visit all you friends here on this forum. Your presentation played perfectly and the photos were excellent. Peter we are thankful you weren't injured from the storm. Thanks for offering it in a Mac version. Bill
  9. Hello Igor! I tested the clip on my 2009 MacPro Quad 2.93 and it runs fine. There was no sound but maybe your test clip didn't have sound. Bill
  10. Thanks Igor, great news! What a surprise it would be now to soon have a Mac version of PTE. Bill
  11. Hello Mr. H. Wnsoft PTE is written to "only" be installed and run on a Windows system. I too now am a Mac user and miss PTE. One can build a presentation on a PC to run on a Mac though. There have been some that have installed Windows on their Mac using Mac's Bootcamp or VMware Fusion or Parallels as a virtual machine. There has been info stating that they are working on a Mac stand-alone version but just recently the company announced that it could be another 1 or 2 years till that is ready.
  12. Hello Ken! Thanks so much for the links! What an interesting set up with the dual Fujis. Very interesting! Thanks Bill
  13. Hello Bernard! Thank you for posting your presentation "Seychelles" which I enjoyed very much. I watched it on the 24" Mac Cinema/Mac Pro and both audio and video worked perfectly. I am always interested which camera and lens combination was used so if you could post that I would be interested. The complete presentation was mastered perfectly! It was so kind to add the Mac version for those of us only on Macs! Thanks Bill
  14. Hello Igor, Greetings from Quarryville, PA!. I too downloaded Barry's "Good Housekeeping" file and I too found a white screen and no sound and could only advance with the horizontal arrow keys. I tried it on a MacBookPro 2009 Summer model and am running Snow Leopard's latest firmware update: 10.6.8. Bill
  15. Hello Lin, Greetings from Quarryville, PA. I know you wanted to know how this runs on the lower graphic card but my MAC 2.9 Quad single with the more powerful Radeon HD 4870 graphics card runs it fine and very smooth. Was this photographed in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado? I have been there a couple of times and it is beautiful. Bill
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