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  1. Thanks, look forward to it
  2. Just picked up on this topic, Just installed crossover and the latest trial version of P2E (27th Jan 2019). All seems to work OK except the P2E app file for Mac will not run on my Mac. Error message says cannot read the file. Created a mp4 video and runs OK. I cannot test a win .exe file as I do not have a windows machine. Any ideas?
  3. I find this a pleasant show without being stunning. The pan and zooms are subtle, perhaps just too subtle for some slides where it is almost but not quite static, but I don't find them intrusive. Well done John
  4. Been away for a while, so thanks for all the feedback. Ideally I should add the border when preparing the image in PS, but will have a go at both methods mentioned here. Thanks John
  5. Maybe a bit late but what I would try is to divide the number of slides into the music duration, viz 232 seconds/63 slides = 3secs and 683milli secs. then set the slide duration for this part of the show at this 3.682 secs, you can then make fine adjustments by dragging a few slides to match. You can then repeat for other sections. John
  6. Just recently started to use V6, Thought I'd try and add borders. I seems to me that borders have to be added to individual slides, with no option to add to ALL slides, is this correct or am I missing something. John
  7. Great show, super pics. You say they can be freely downloaded from authors site, but what is the url of the site ?? John
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