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  1. Nice one Jill. Food for thought here.
  2. Thanks both. The screenshots are useful and I'll look closely at both uses. I guess the natural follow up would be the ability to save both of these settings to allow easy switching. Has this been suggested already?
  3. A general question - how do folks use the grids feature in the O&A section of PTE? Do people use the grids as a 'Rule of thirds' layout or for aligning text layout. I've never managed to find a suitable layout for 16:9 images, so any screenshots would be useful. I'm sure the grid feature is very useful but how best to use it?
  4. Thank you for the response Igor. At the moment we have a choice of 'white' or 'black', not exactly 'dark'! As you know Photoshop has several grey options. Any improvements to the background choices would lift PTE enormously.
  5. Whilst I can appreciate the welcome given to the dark theme, and it follows the trend in many other graphical applications, it seems far too severe in my opinion. Would it be possible to include a 'mid grey' between the light and dark extremes? Many have said they've grown to like the very dark colour but I feel either a lighter option or indeed a choice of colourways would bring PTE more into line with other successful software.
  6. Dave, You came through with your transition just as I had sussed it out using a white rectangle. I see you used a simpler way round for the fade through white. The only thing I didn't do was add the speed modifiers - brilliant, thanks again for putting me on the right track. Lin, I see where you're coming from too - thanks.
  7. I'm trying to alter the fade transition from fading through black to fading through white. I assume this needs a new custom transition to be generated but I'm not having any luck editing the existing (built in) fade. Any pointers please?
  8. My original question has certainly caused some interest! The downside of the software seems to be that the output does'n look like a 'genuine' signature, which I can understand. Maybe when new fonts are considered then 'handwriting' script fonts are chosen. This will give a closer approximation to a written signature. Well done Lin for your help and offer to produce video text for members. DW
  9. Thanks all for the information and comment. I'll take a look st the software you recommend Lin, even though it appears a little complicated. Would it work with a scanned signature or must we use one using an installed font?
  10. I wonder - is there a simple method of simulating the writing of a signature in PTE? Not unlike the moving route on a map I guess (which I've yet to master!).
  11. Thanks Dave - saved me again! I got as far as the flip3D transition but your style is far better, Many thanks Dennis
  12. In theory this should (and probably is) easy to do, but I'm struggling to rotate an image to have a second image appear - as if it were on the reverse of the main image. I can do this using separate slides, rotating one image 90deg then the next one another 90 to complete the 180deg transition but this seems clumsy and as I have rather a lot of such rotations to make - time consuming. Is there a custom transition out there to solve my problem? Dennis
  13. Thanks once again both of you. Settings are as you suggest DG. I think I've cracked the opening of .mp4 in VLC and set it's preferences to play full screen and exit as you suggest Jill. Many thanks for your patience
  14. Both these options have been set OK. I'm pressing on with tests. It seems that incorporating video into a manually controlled show is now proving problematic and more difficult to achieve - or am I just being pessimistic? After reading the piece about poor performance with Nvidia cards and W10 (1803), is this just a Windows thing that I can't alter?
  15. Yes Jill, I use this method for show menus and it works fine but not here I'm afraid - I just can't get the .mp4 to run at all. This is my setup, as you suggest, that should work - very frustrating! Thanks for your help so far Jill
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