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  1. canico

    Publishing a sequence

    I decided to revisit an old sequence made on PTE 8 and made a small change and then tried to go into the Publish sequence to burn a DVD. This did not work this time and at the top of the screen it says WN Soft Video Builder ( not responding) Can some one please advise what the problem is ?
  2. canico

    Do you burn DVD video in PTE?

    I use DVDs all the time and would be lost without this facility . I find the best way to view photos and sequences is on a large screen TV via a dvd player. This way friends and family can view together.
  3. canico

    Sound Problem

    Thank you Jill and jt49 for your help Canico
  4. canico

    Sound Problem

    Many thanks Jill. If you later decide to reposition it do you right click again to release it ? Canico
  5. canico

    Sound Problem

    Is it possible to 'lock' vocal and music sections when you get them in the right positions on the time lines. I find that when I am maneuvering a section of audio on either at one end of the sequence or the other another section has sometimes moved out of the desired position on either the music or vocal track. Thank you Canico
  6. canico


    I have one of the early versions of PTE9, please advise how I can upgrade to the latest modified version. Thank you Canico
  7. canico

    PTE 9 Questions

    Many thanks Lin - very helpful. Canico
  8. canico

    PTE 9 Questions

    I have just started using the latest version and in the new features listed is the ability to adjust picture brightness,contrast etc. but I cannot find anywhere that explains where to get into this. I can see this being advantageous by avoiding the need to go into Photoshop.Also there are references to upgrades to keyframes, I have never used keyframes , what are typical applications please ? Thank you Canico
  9. canico

    Sound Editing

    Hello George Thank you for your comments Canico
  10. canico

    Sound Editing

    Thank you for the replies - I currently do as davegee says but was looking for a step up without the complexity of Audacity or Audition. Perhaps I will stick with what I have as it seems no-one in this community is using Serif. Canico
  11. canico

    Sound Editing

    I have tried Audacity but found it too difficult to use so I am interested in something simpler. Canico
  12. canico

    Sound Editing

    Hello Barry The write - up says it is easy to edit and mix and edit from different tracks and also do time stretching. I usually have a problem with the length of a music track, either too long or too short. Canico
  13. canico

    Sound Editing

    Has anyone experience of using Serif Extra's Acoustica Standard Edition 6 music editing software ? It looks as though it would be useful but I would be pleased to hear any comments before investing. Thank you Canico
  14. canico

    DVD for HDTV

    Thanks Dave for your work on this. I find viewing on a TV the best home option and of course this enables a group of people a better view than a computer screen. However when I take a sequence to our AV club and see it projected onto a big screen I am blown away by the difference - the good bits and the bad bits ! Canico
  15. canico

    Publishing Problem

    Hello Phil Thank you for giving your time and thoughts on this, however I am pleased to say that I have solved the problem although I am not sure why it happened . I had several older versions and I decided to clear them in case they were somehow overloading the program ( the completed sequence is 371KB ) and one these ,an abandoned start only 2KB, refused to open but a message appeared that said it was already open. It refused to close so I moved it out of PTE to another folder and then everything was back to normal ! So I am pleased to say job done and on to the next one where no doubt some other problem will arise but I guess this is how we learn. Canico