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  1. There is no mac version but you can run PTE in VMware or Parallels which works just fine. It can output Mac shows which run on a Mac.
  2. I said what i said becaus you said tablets lack a cpu or operating system and can't run executable code and now you say Android and ipads can't run computer software. Thats crazy talk. How can a tablet run the millions of apps if there's no cpu or operating system? Whether WnSoft wants to support tablets is up to them but its something to consider because theyre everywhere. http://venturebeat.com/2013/05/06/tablets-will-outsell-laptops-6-to-1-by-2017-as-mobile-pc-market-hits-579-4-million/ This year, we’ll buy more tablets than notebooks for the first time ever. But by 2017, we’ll buy six times more tablets than laptops, according to market researcher NPD.
  3. LOL!!! that's certainly far out there. Wow. Android tablets and iPads have a CPU and an operating system and run executable code, just not Windows code. WnSoft could create slide shows for those if they wanted to and had the time. Maybe when th Mac version is done. LOL.
  4. The .exe's need Windows and the tablets run Android or ios, so no. Unless someone writes a windows emulator, it wont work, and even then it probably wont since the emulation will slow it down. you have to make a movie out of them.
  5. Get Handbrake and convert it to whatever format you prefer. Depending on your computer, it might take a while.It's completely free and runs on Mac, Windows and linux
  6. OSX 10.4 for a slide show and iPads must have movies (theyre not a mac). It wont work. You need a Mac with an Intel chip and anything that ran 9 doesn't have Intel inside.Its too old. It has to run OSX10.4 at least.
  7. PTE creates a Mac application but for an ipad or android tablet you need to make a movie.
  8. Boot Camp lets you boot into Windows and there will be no issues at all. Its now a Windows system. Parallels and VMware run Windows while running Mac OS and you don't need to reboot. Either way works but there's less hassle with not needing to reboot. How much memory is in the Mac and which Mac is it?
  9. He said "I have pictures in Dropbox and hard drive" To me, that says its his own photos in his own Dropbox account and they are already on his hard drive. All he needs to do is access them like any other folder. Youre talking about when someone publishes a Dropbox url.That is different. Obviously you have to download someone elses photos but thats not what he said.
  10. No you dont. Anything in Dropbox is already on the local hard drive including images.All Dropbox does is mark a particular folder on the hard drive to be synced to the cloud. Its still a local folder, with files on the hard drive and works like any other folder of images.
  11. Why not do that with iTunes? And copying stuff off the ipad, use iPhoto or Lightroom and then to pte.
  12. That was the first report. New information came out this past week and its a lot worse than thought. The sad part about this is how many stupid people use easy to guess passwords like 123456 (almost 2 million!) or password (almost 350000) or worse, put the password in the hint for all to see. That's just begging for problems. Here's the top 100 passwords used: http://stricture-gro...dobe-top100.txt
  13. why dont you tell Microsoft and Apple and Adobe they got it all wrong. Just give them the links to set them straight. LOL. Maybe if you could not be rude. When I learned to read, I learned that the word typically does not mean always. App is typically used for phone apps but it is not always used that way, like with Apple and Microsofts app stores. Today it means an executable program on a phone tablet or computer. you believe wrong. Im not arguing. I agree with your links. there weren't smartphones in 1985, so when it was coined it could only have meant one thing, something that runs on a computer. just goin by what your links said. Now back to the topic at hand. Hopefully there is a fix for this soon.
  14. Suit yourself. The rest of the world calls them apps, including Microsoft. Adobe Photoshop Express is an app: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-gb/app/adobe-photoshop-express/c08a0d72-28a1-465a-9e70-6a5b80b44d60 That says an application, or app for short, is a utility, programming tools, word processing, manipulate graphics (PTE) and more. If the Supreme Court says IE is an app, I'll go with that too. duno where you get your opinion but its not the links you gave. App is a new word to describe the same thing as executable or program. Get with the times. it also has nothing to do with the original topic anyway. You just want another argument. The problem is PTE slide shows aren't signed and causing headaches for users. That is what matters and it would be fantastic if it can be fixed.
  15. There is nothing authoritative about that link and it agrees with me anyway. So I am going to try to explain what an app is. The word app is a noun, and it’s short for “application.” Application in this case refers to a software application — in other words, a software program. The slide shows PTE makes are a software program, an app or application, just like any other app on a Mac or Windows system. App is the new popular word for what is also called programs or executables. There is no difference. "App Store" sounds better than "Executable Store". Final Cut for video editing is an app on apple's app store. Even the latest version of Mac OS is on the app store. Its not just phone apps or just apple. Microsoft has an app store for windows. App roundup: 4 great photo apps for Windows A world of apps in the Windows Store
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