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  1. An amazing collection with wonderful memories. Mickp
  2. Any why is it that many phone photographers always shoot in portrait mode when landscape would be FAR more suitable for the subject and would sit much better when viewing on a monitor or TV set. Do they not realise that you can turn the phone through 90 degrees? Mickp
  3. I also prefer to fade into a pan shot just after the pan has started and fade out just before it finishes which together with Barry's suggestion gives a very smooth flow. Mickp
  4. A lovely show and as always expertly done. The eye might not be working so well but the grey matter is certainly in tact. Christmas wishes and I hope you have a healthier New Year. Mickp
  5. Not that I know much about video but reading this thread I guess the reason PTE does not offer it is that there is no advantage in it. If you think there is please say what it is. Mickp.
  6. Hi Maureen, Tried to review on SSC but could not get typing to work in the box. Anyway, I thought the early morning shots, presumably from the upper deck on your cruise liner were exceptional. The extra height gave you a really different view from many of the pictures you see. The rest of the show was as usual excellent and brought back many memories - I'll have to go there again. Mickp
  7. I concur with Igor as I only use Microsoft antivirus and have never had a problem. Mickp
  8. You're right, how strange - one for the boffins. mickp
  9. Yes, as i said - 'a lifetimes work for me' but I'm sure some of our more knowledgeable members will find that fascinating. Mickp
  10. Wow! how long did that take - looks like a lifetimes work to me. Mickp
  11. I have to say that Barry's tutorial explained his method very well and having used it I am sure I will use it again although, depending on the music and if there is any voice over, it is not the only way of doing things. The end result is the important bit however it is achieved. Mickp
  12. From their info it would seem SRecorder is not yet compatible with W.10. It does download and will appear to record from YouTube but the saved file does not play. Mickp
  13. Another way which works for me for the centre image is 1) Blank image. 2) In O & A add image (any), adjust to size and apply border in properties with Framing checked 3) Add Mask Template to image and in pop up window shape to rectangle with square corners. 4) Click Mask (Rectangle) and re-size to fit inside of Border of image 5) Add image you want to Mask Content 6) You can do whatever you want to this image and it stays within the Border. No doubt you will advise on any unseen complications
  14. Thanks Dave, very well explained. Mickp
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