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  1. OUT AND ABOUT - New slideshow

    What can one say - just stunning! Mickp
  2. Rotate png

    You're right, how strange - one for the boffins. mickp
  3. Animated 3D Music Video using PicturesToExe

    Yes, as i said - 'a lifetimes work for me' but I'm sure some of our more knowledgeable members will find that fascinating. Mickp
  4. Animated 3D Music Video using PicturesToExe

    Wow! how long did that take - looks like a lifetimes work to me. Mickp
  5. Synchronising Images to Music - on the Fly

    I have to say that Barry's tutorial explained his method very well and having used it I am sure I will use it again although, depending on the music and if there is any voice over, it is not the only way of doing things. The end result is the important bit however it is achieved. Mickp
  6. From their info it would seem SRecorder is not yet compatible with W.10. It does download and will appear to record from YouTube but the saved file does not play. Mickp
  7. Basic Template Masking With PTE 9

    Another way which works for me for the centre image is 1) Blank image. 2) In O & A add image (any), adjust to size and apply border in properties with Framing checked 3) Add Mask Template to image and in pop up window shape to rectangle with square corners. 4) Click Mask (Rectangle) and re-size to fit inside of Border of image 5) Add image you want to Mask Content 6) You can do whatever you want to this image and it stays within the Border. No doubt you will advise on any unseen complications
  8. Framing......

    Thanks Dave, very well explained. Mickp
  9. Wedding AV's - How Long?

    For the Bride and Groom (and maybe Mums and Dads) it has to be 20 minutes minimum and I would probably not do an edited version for lesser relatives and friends but if I did it would be 10 minutes max., or as Ronnie says assuming that the quality of the video and the editing are up to it. When I have done these I usually start with some old photos from childhood etc. of the Bride and Groom, which tends to hold the interest and pad it out a bit. Mickp
  10. Slide Title Duration

    Me too
  11. ' Bloomin Battlefields '

    Hi Andrew, Nice to see your post and good to know you are still about. Very moving show especially if you have visited these vast cemeteries. Mickp
  12. An Audio Visual Journey

    Barry, an excellent interview with the best landscape photographer that I am happy to be acquainted with. Mickp

    Please see my previous post as FSD indication disappearing and reappearing follows a pattern. Again probably it is not meant to Mickp

    I have noticed, on my system at least, that if you add slides to Slides using the default time and transition time then the "Full Duration" disappears bottom left in Timeline. However, if you then alter the slide time and the transition time of a single slide by dragging in Timeline or altering the boxes in Slides, then the "full Duration" reappears for that slide and the slides adjacent to it. Not sure if that is what is meant to happen. Mickp
  15. My World

    As I tried to say - this forum and section is for discussing slideshows not politics. Mickp