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  1. Hello Gary I just checked with a small project including blank slides in the beginning and in the end, and got an error as well. But after applying a style to the first slide everything worked perfect. Peter
  2. Excellent, it works just fine. Thank you very much, it is very usefel and saves me lots of work. Peter
  3. Thank you Igor The script is password protected, so I cannot modify it, but I have contacted the author, and he has promissed to make the modification within a week or two. Regards Peter
  4. Hi Orizaba In 2014 PTE info could be downloaded from a posting from Cedric Dawnhawk in this forum, so hopefully it is all right to attach it here. The link from 2014 is not active anymore. In the meantime I found out that the missing "opt_sync_count" is part of the *.pte text file in version 8, but is not in version 9. The VBA code in PTE info is password protected, so I am not able to try to change it (my VBA abilites might not be sufficient anyway :-) Regards Peter PTE Info.zip
  5. In September 2014 Cedric Dawnhawk generously provided an Excel macro “PTE info” for making a list of files in a PTE file. Unfortunately it does not work with the PTE version 9.0.20, which I presently use. The result is an error code: “Error 3201, opt_synch_count not found”. I have checked with older version of PTE files, and they work just fine. Is there an updated version of PTE info available? Hopefully someone can help, I need it badly for a large 3D project. Best regards Peter
  6. PROBLEM SOLVED Thank you davegee and yachtsman 1 for dealing with my problem. As my small sample worked with O&A on davegee’s W10 computer I guessed that the problem was specific to my installation of PTE8, so before rolling back to PTE7 I tried to reinstall PTE8 and it worked! :-) I should have tried reinstalling from the beginning. As you both ask to the hardware configuration, here it is: Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 5500. The Matrox compability tool says ok to the resolution I use, which is 3840x1200 (or 2x1920x1200 as Matrox says). For projection: Matrox DualHeadToGo DP edition (digital + DisplayPort) connected to the DP ports on two Dell 7609WU DLP projectors (max. resolution 1920x1200). The Matrox box expands the 3840x1200 pictures over the two output ports, so the two projectors show left and right picture respectively. All the cabling is with DP cables (with MiniDP/DP adapter to the Lenovo T550 laptop). However, the problem with O&A freezing the PTE program and the computer occurred when opening PTE without the Matrox box being connected. Therefore I guessed that it must be a software problem. The small sample was made to demonstrate to the members of the Danish Stereoscopic Club how PTE works and to demonstrate how much difference a little digital manipulation can to to a 3D slide. That is why I used "Wait for Key Press" (right click for next and left click for previous). The option to make slide styles is a big help when making 3D slideshows because all the setting in O&A needed for stereoscopic pans, zooms, text etc. can be saved as slide styles. I would love to have more 3D functionality build into PTE, e.g. the ability to lock pans and zooms of two masks, so I only have to work on one mask when the left and right pictures are added. Also it would be great to be able to “Publish Show” for 3DTV with 50% horizontal compression. Again thank you for your help. Peter
  7. Here is a small sample: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z2nva2f14xxewvc/AAB1xStICpaw8bJbFM9UDOXIa?dl=0 The pte-file opens fine both on the Dell (Win 7/32) and the Lenovo (Win 10/64). Try to open the file, prewiev, right click for the final two slides. However, if I activate "Object and Animation" on the Lenovo (Win 10/64) the program freezes and can only be shut down with "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" Peter
  8. Hello again The Lenovo does not have two graphic cards, but execution of exe-file made with P2E runs perfectly smooth – no problems. It is only when P2E is running on the computer the program freezes when “Objects and Animation” is activated. And that is why I am sure that it must be a P2E/Win 10 compability problem. The Windows 10 is the latest version. The laptop is brand new, it came with Windows 10 preinstalled and Windows Update is activated. The C:\ drive is a 512GB SSD, and there is hardly anything on it, so there is plenty of capacity. Previously I used a Dell Latitude E6500 with Windows 7/32. There were no problems making slideshows with P2E, but the execution of exe-files was jumpy, and that is one of many reasons to upgrade to the more powerful Lenovo. Are there others having problems with P2E and Windows 10? Peter
  9. Thank you Yachtsman 1 The 3D projection is with a Matrox DualHeatToGo DP box connected to two Dell 7609WU projectors via mini DisplayPort. Matrox has a compability test and the Intel HD Graphics 5500 card showed a resolution up to 2x1920x1200, which I am using. Yesterday we had a meeting in the Danish Stereoscopic Club, and the projection for more than two hours were absolutely flawless, so the problem is not a hardware matter. If I open a *.pte file on the Lenovo (without being connected to the projectors) everything I have tried until now have worked fine EXCEPT when I try to open “Objects and Animation” and the computer freezes. So it must be a software problem with P2E and Win 10/64. Peter
  10. In order to get smooth fading, zooms etc. (and many other reasons) I upgraded to a powerful Lenovo T550 laptop with Windows 10, 64 bit expecting to have a future-proof combination. However, to my great dismay P2E does not work completely. *.pte files load without problems and obviously most functions are fine, but choosing “Objects and Animation” freeze to program completely, only ctrl-alt-delete can terminate the program. I use P2E to make stereoscopic slide shows for 3D projection with 3840x1200 window and files. All pans and zooms are made in two identical masks, so without the option to use “Objects and Animation” the program is useless on the new computer. The P2E version is PictureToExe Pro 8.0.18 registered with a valid license key. Any suggestions? Peter
  11. Thank you Shirley and mhwarner. The VBA routine PTE info.zip from Andrew does exactly what I need. The routine extracts a file list from a pte project, and the Excel spread sheet makes it easy to finalize the manuscript for a 3D lecture, and it is easy to make minor adjustments if few slides are moved in the Pte file. Reporter looks interesting and Works with Pte 8, but it does not make a file list which can be used for a manuscript. Print Print Maestro has many functions which I miss in Windows Pathfinder, but it does not extract a file list from a Pte project. Anyway, my problem has been solved, thanks to everybody for much inspiration. Best regards from cold Denmark Peter
  12. Thank you very much, Andrew. This is excactly what I need, the VBA routine Works just perfect. Peter
  13. Hi Andrew I am certainly very interested, our routine will be most helpful. I am partly familiar with VBA from Acces and Excel. Can you upload the routine to the forum, or should I post my email address? Regards Peter Randlov
  14. Is there a way to print a list of slides (filenames) in the order they appear in the slide list. Preferably in a text file with Number, Filename, Slide duration and a comment field for further editing in a text editor or spreadsheet resulting in a manuscript, which can be used during a slide show presentation. Thanks Peter Randlov
  15. Many of my slide shows are used with verbal comments. Due to my crumbling memory I need script. To create this an option to export a file list from a P2E project to e.g. a comma separated file for use in e.g. Word or Excel would be very fine. Thanks Peter R.
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