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  1. David, I like the menu driven presentation. Works well. Keep up the good work on DigiDaub!
  2. Hello David, I must say I Very much liked your new PTE. I especially liked the mood you reated. Well Done! George H.
  3. Davy, Thanks for you support and kind comments. George
  4. Rick, Thanks for the hint. George
  5. David, Thank you for the kind comments. My Best to you! George
  6. Davy, Only one word describes this show and it is Stunning. Well Done! Regards, George
  7. My PC Club will be having it annual photo contest March 19th and Tthe South West Computer Conference in San Diego will be having it's contest June 3-5. I Have tanken the photos my wife and I are submitting and made a PTE show. As always comennts are appreciated. Download PC Size 16.1MB Time: 2:26 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Enjoy! Regards George
  8. Malcolm, Truely awsum photography. Nice use of the rippling water of the boat sceen. I almost dod not catch it. Thanks for sharing, Regards, George
  9. Mark, I am glad you liked my show. There is perhaps som noise on some of the images and will keep this in mind in the future. Regards, George
  10. Bert, I am sorry you gave up on it. As with any software there is a learning curve. Honestly the manual is not that long. I hope you will give it another try. Regards, George
  11. Dom, Thanks for you comments and I will look into new shape to replace circle. Regards, George
  12. Thanks Greg, I am not perfect [who is], persistince I can do. The "twirly image animation" Is one of the things I liked. I can see it may not bee everyone's cup of tea. Cheers, George
  13. Mick, Thank you for the nice comments. The mind unlocked and got around the problem I was having. Cheers, George
  14. I'm here.

    Greg Gordon

  15. Rick, Thanks so much. Looking forward to San Diego. Look Me up and we will have a beer! Regards, George
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